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Dominion scales are the representation of the effect that the belief in one’s pretender god affects not only the populace but the very fabric of a province. When creating a pretender, you choose the way in which your religious belief changes the cosmic forces in provinces where your dominion holds sway.

Each scale has a favorable side and an unfavorable side. For example, Growth is the favorable side of the Growth/Death scale. You can guess which side Death is. For each tip of the scale, bonuses or penalties accrue to the province under the sway of that dominion.

You can gain extra points for pretender creation by choosing unfavorable scales. Scales tip both ways, which is why they're called scales.

Scales are influenced by magic sites in a province, even if the site has not been discovered. Random events can often cause temporary changes in scales, as well as some events requiring certain scales to occur.

Scale Effects

Scale Effect Effect in hostile dominion
Order scales Order Increases income by 3%. Resources +3%. Recruitment +10%. None
Unrest reduction +1. 2% fewer random events.† Same
Turmoil scales Turmoil Decreases income by 3%. Resources -3%. Recruitment -10%. Same
Unrest reduction -1. 2% more random events.† Same
Productivity scales Productivity Increases income by 3% and resources by 15%. None
Sloth scales Sloth Decreases income by 3% and resources by 15%. Same
Heat scales Heat/Cold Cold scales Each step of heat/cold level away from a nation's ideal level decreases income by 5% and supplies by 10%. Same, based on your nation's preferences.
Growth scales Growth Increases population growth by 0.2% per month. Same
Increases supplies by 15%. Same
Increases income by 2%. Same
Death scales Death Decreases population growth by 0.2% per month. Same
Decreases supplies by 15%. Same
Decreases income by 2%. Same
Luck scales Luck 5% more random events.† Same
Chance of a random event being good increased by 10%. None
Misfortune scales Misfortune 5% more random events.† Same
Chance of a random event being good decreased by 10%. Same
Magic scales Magic Makes spells harder to resist (-0.5 MR per scale rounded down, to all units in a province). Same
All spellcasting generates 10% less fatigue per scale. Same
Gives all mages +1 research points per scale. None
+50 points of starting research per scale. n/a
Drain scales Drain Makes spells easier to resist (+0.5 MR per scale rounded down, to all units in a province). Same
All spellcasting generates 10% more fatigue per scale. Same
Gives all mages -1 research points per scale. Same
-50 points of starting research per scale. n/a

†The amount of random events a nation gets (disregarding Bringers of Fortune/Misfortune) is affected only by the scales in their capital. These events are then doled out to random provinces the nation has, and the event that occurs is then determined by the scales in the province selected. More research has to be done to determine if this stays true while the capital is held by another nation.

Effects of Hostile Scales

Your opponents' dominion spread their hostile scales, just as your dominion spreads yours. No difference is made in how scales came to be, be it from friendly dominion, hostile dominion, random events, magic sites, etc. However, scales affect a province differently depending on whether the current dominion is friendly or hostile, i.e. if the candles are white or black.

A general rule of thumb is that you only get negative effects from scales in hostile dominion. The growth scale is the exception to this rule.

Other Effects

The chosen scales also affect the game in a few other ways:

  • The local scales in a province governs which random events are available.
  • The local temperature governs whether rivers and mountain passes can be crossed. Provinces with cold scales suffer snow, which increases movement costs.
  • Some blesses require certain scale choices.
  • The chosen Luck/Misfortune scale governs the chances of heroes showing up at your capital.

Tipping Scales

The scales in a province under your dominion will likely not initially exactly correspond to the scales you’ve chosen. This is because the dominion scales in a province change more slowly than the level of dominion. It may take several turns of strong dominion over a province to tip the scales to the settings you chose at the outset. If you have low dominion over a province, your scales will likely never ramp up to full value.

When you create your pretender, the dominion scales you choose will spread with your dominion. This does not all occur at once – if you have Order 3, provinces with low friendly dominion may only gain Order 1 or 2. Over time, they will reflect your chosen scales. Each turn a province has your dominion in it there will be a small chance for each scale to tip one step towards your chosen dominion. The chance for this to happen is (5% multiplied by the dominion level in the province) plus (10% multiplied by the difference between the actual scale and your nation's scale).

Thus, a big difference between your scales and the scales in a province makes the provincial scales react more quickly. Once the difference has become small, the chance of tipping the scales is reduced. Likewise, having a strong dominion in a province makes the provincial scales change faster (but this is only half as important as the difference in scales is).

Frequently Asked Questions and Common Misunderstandings

  • Do you get the income boost from Growth if there are black candles in your province?
    • Yes! You don't get the income boosts from Order or Productivity scales, though.
  • How do multiple scales interact? The Pretender Screen adds them together
    • This is false. Scales are actually multiplied. Taking Order 1 and Production 1 doesn't give a 6% bonus to income as shown, but instead, it's a 6.09% boost. When Sloth and Order interact, it doesn't zero out, but instead you gain 99.9% of the income you excepted. The end result is that multiplying negative scales won't be a drastic as it appears while multiplying positive scales will be slightly better than it seems. The biggest change is that that negative and positive scales will result in slightly worse income (or Production) than it appears.
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