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Global Enchantments

Global enchantments, or "globals," are a special category of ritual spells that produce an effect which takes up one of a limited number of slots (by default 5, but this can be changed in the game's settings) and continues to work until the global is removed. The effect is usually tied to the player who cast it, although a few globals are symmetrical and affect everyone equally. Globals can be very useful and potentially game-changing, but are also expensive and risky, since they are public knowledge and there are a number of ways to remove them. Whenever another player casts a global enchantment, all other players will be given a notification in the form of a dire portent.

In disciples games, any global enchantment that has an effect on the caster's dominion applies to the entire team, no matter whether the owner is a pretender or disciple. Gem generating effects still only apply to the caster, though.

Casting and Dispelling Globals

Casting a global generally requires at least level 5 in a given path and several dozen gems. Every global has a minimum cost, but more gems can be used, with an upper limit of 100 times the caster's level in the relevant path. The number of gems spent over the minimum is known as the "overcast"; blood slaves count as only half a gem for overcast value. When the spell is cast, if no one else has already cast the same global, it will look for an empty slot, and if no empty slots exist, it will pick a preexisting global at random and attempt to dispel it. If the same global is already up, it will always attempt to dispel the previous copy.

When a dispel attempt occurs, whether due to one global attempting to overwrite another or as a result of the Dispel spell (which simply targets a global and attempts to remove it), the two spells' overcast values are compared; every level of skill in a path over the casting requirement adds 5 to the overcast, and both sides add an exploding d20 to their result. The higher value wins; if the new global or dispel attempt wins, it will remove its target, while if the existing global wins, it stays in place.

Globals are also tied to the unit that cast them. This means that the death of the caster will also remove any globals tied to them. A mage that has cast a global enchantment will have it indicated by a green pentagram icon in their traits when they are inspected. A mage who is Twiceborn will not lose their globals upon dying in their natural shape, unless they are killed by Soul Slay. Similarly, an immortal caster's globals are only removed when killed by Soul Slay.

Additionally, a casting unit which becomes feebleminded due to head injury or effects such as failed Mind Hunting, Nether Darts or Black Bow of Botulf will also lose all global enchantments tied to it.

Globals by Path


The Kindly Ones (fire 66nature 44, Conjuration 8, 40firegem)

Causes assassination battles for random enemies throughout the world with one of three Erinyes. Tisiphone targets commanders with high kill counts, and Alecto and Megeara targets blood mages. They do not attack underwater provinces. The Erinyes can be permanently killed in these battles, and the global is automatically dispelled if all of them die.

They don't tend to do anything very useful, can upset people with their random targeting, and aren't very hard to kill. They will punish the global caster's blood mages as well, and that including the caster of the global itself! Only Tisiphone does not target the caster's commanders.

Pretender has called upon the three Kindly Ones and unleashed them upon his enemies. These three spirits are not kind at all and are a serious threat to our heroes and mages.

You must put an end to the three vengeful spirits by killing them or dispelling the enchantment. This must be done as quickly as possible before the armies lose faith when our greatest heroes are slain and laid down before Pretender's throne.

Second Sun (fire 88, Evocation 8, 80firegem)

Creates a second sun that increases heat and death scales globally. Not generally useful for anyone except Abysia, who really loves it, or for some niche interactions with other globals.

As a sign of his coming reign Pretender of Nation has thrust a ball of fire into the sky to rival the light of the sun itself, slaying the shadows and the night, and exposing the base deeds of the wicked and faithless to the merciless glare of the burning eye of Pretender Title.

This must stop, Pretender's brazen display of power is beating down on your subjects and their lands, wilting their crops and drying out their rivers. How can your flock remain faithful when the sign of Pretender is hanging so unopposed in the sky, dispelling shade but causing the shadow of doubt to darken the minds of your faithful. Tear down this insult that has been hung above your head, dispel this merciless light and usher back the coolness of the night.

Eternal Pyre (fire 66, Enchantment 6, 80firegem):

Generates 20firegem per turn for the owner. This is a fairly standard gem generator global, although it comes earlier in research than most others. Fire gems aren't generally especially valuable, but there's no reason not to cast it.

Pretender has acquired a kindling of the fire that fell from the sun. There is no nobler flame on this or any other earth. Such a fire that burns in Pretender's pyre is surely an omen of ascendancy to the divine, why else would the sun that begets all life bless Pretender so.

Fire is a fickle element. Prove to Pretender the fickleness of flame. Quench the fire that came from the sun. For if Pretender was once graced by this gift from the sun, how much more cursed would Pretender be for losing it.

Purgatory (fire 66, Thaumaturgy 7, 60firegem):

Has a 10% chance per dominion candle in the province to do 6 armor piercing fire damage to any hostile undead in a province with friendly dominion. This is holy damage, so the damage will be tripled, but fire resistance reduces the damage before that. Thugs and large summons rarely care, and it's useless against anything living, but this makes the caster incredibly hard to invade for enemies making heavy use of undead infantry. It triggers at the end of the turn (so after all combats & movements are done).

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.


Fata Morgana (air 77, Alteration 8, 90airgem):

Adds small numbers of phantasmal troops to province defense, causes scouting reports to show friendly provinces as empty and unowned unless there's an actual scout there, and reduces unrest in owned provinces by 10 per turn. Generally considered to be heavily overcosted; the phantasmal units are weak and few in number, and the other benefits are niche.

The prophecies of Nation tell of how the ascendancy of Pretender over the real shall be preceded by his ascendance over the unreal. Pretender now has wrested from the world the allegiance of that which is not. The inhabitants of the unreal guard his borders, plows his fields and mans his furnaces.

Prove to Pretender the flimisiness of the unreal, riddle the lord of Nation the enigma of steel.

Perpetual Storm (air 55, Evocation 6, 70airgem):

Causes the effects of Storm in all battles worldwide, increases map movement costs marginally (about as much as snow), reduces income by 20% in all land provinces, and gives ranged attack rituals a 25% chance to miss their targets (75% for Seeking Arrow). All mountain paths become unusable, and disable Flying (unless they have Storm Immunity ability) and Sailing on map movement as well. Can be very useful lategame, as it shuts down the majority of fliers in all battles, weakens missiles, and disrupts ritual attacks such as Flames from the Sky, all of which can be lethal to large quantities of squishy mages.

In the prophecies of Nation it is said that there will be a great war that will lead to the dominance of Pretender, the Pretender Title over all that is. During this great war Nation will break the shackles that restrains the four winds, in roaring delight the four winds with savage the lands, uprooting trees and wrecking ships. Now that war is upon us, and Nation has unleashed the four winds. Boreas, Eurus, Notus and Zephyr can all be heard roaring outside your halls, their fury heralds the ascendancy of Nation.

Still these winds, quell this omen, prove to faithful and faithless alike that the feeble prophecies of Nation holds no sway over one such as you.

Dark Skies (air 55, Thaumaturgy 7, 50airgem):

Causes slight darkness (a -1 penalty to attack and defense for units with no darkvision) in all battles in the caster's dominion and, more importantly, lowers enemy morale by Dominion Strength minus 1 for every friendly dominion candle in a province. Only works in friendly dominion, but strongly enables morale-based strategies for nations which can couple this with things like Wailing Winds or Blood Rain in combat. This enchantment has synergy with various non-combat abilities (such as seduction) and rituals (such as Beckoning) as well.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Gale Gate (air 55, Thaumaturgy 8, 60airgem):

Generates 20airgem a turn for the owner, as well as causing random negative weather events in enemy provinces. An excellent deal overall, cheap for a gem generator, with bad things happening to the caster's enemies into the bargain.

Those that speak with the winds have always claimed that no man, beast or spirit can truly claim to be fit to sit on the throne of the world without first claiming homage of the storm. Now Pretender has opened up the gale gate and storm, gate and hurricane have all bent their knees and yielded up their tributes.

A pitiful prophesy for a pitiful would be God. Close the gale gate, set free the storm and lay to rest these nursery tales once and for all.


Guardians of the Deep (water 66, Conjuration 8, 60watergem):

Adds sea monsters to underwater province defense in owned provinces and occasionally spawns sea monster attacks in enemy underwater provinces in friendly dominion. 1 PD is enough to function. Composition of monsters are random, and varies greatly every time: from weak Sea Dog/Sea Stag to mighty Asp Turtle/Monster Fish. Like pretty much all of the province defense globals, this is fairly underwhelming, even moreso because any nations likely to hold enough underwater provinces to get much use out of it already have an overwhelming advantage in defending them.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Sea of Ice (water 66, Alteration 7, 80watergem):

Prevents standard map movement between underwater and land provinces. The sailing unit ability also becomes unusable, but all rivers become frozen regardless to Heat/Cold scale and able to pass freely. Ghost Ship Armada and Lure of the Deep do nothing while Sea of Ice is active.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Maelstrom (water 66, Evocation 8, 80watergem):

Generates 15watergem5astralpearl3airgem1firegem1earthgem1deathgem1naturegem per month.

Long ago it was prophesied that Charybdis of the sea would open her jaw and suck down all riches of the world and yield it unto her master Pretender as a fitting gift to the lord of all. Now the maw of Charybdis has opened and the riches that are found in the sea is being pulled towards her master.

Charybdis the great maelstrom has been enslaved by Pretender of Nation and is tributing Pretender with enormous wealth. If this tribute is allowed to continue its magnitude might spell the doom of your aspirations and lead to the ascendancy of Pretender. Unless you wish to end your days a lapdog, chained to Pretender, now is the time to close the maw of Charybdis.

Celestial Rainbow (water 77nature 55, Evocation 9, 80watergem):

Increases the luck scales in its owner's provinces. Provides additional gold every turn. Has a chance to block hostile rituals targeting the owner's provinces based on the strength of the luck scales. Unlike anti-magic domes (Such as Dome of Arcane Warding), this protection do not interfere to friendly remote rituals.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Ghost Ship Armada (water 44death 33, Enchantment 7, 60watergem):

Creates a ghostly armada led by a ghost admiral. The armada will attack and plunder random enemy-held coastal provinces, killing the defenders, reducing population, and giving the caster gold based on the population killed. The initial army is led by Admiral Torgrin, but once it's won enough battles, it will create another army led by one of his lieutenants, up to a total of three armies which will attack three separate provinces a turn. If one of the secondary armies is defeated, Torgrin can recreate it; if all of them are defeated, Torgrin included, the global ends. Although not of great strategic value, the armies this creates are pretty tough, and it gives a small income to go with it. Essentially, this is continuous, no-effort raiding against any opponent with coastal territory.

Pretender has awakened the once famous Admiral Torgrin who won countless battles for the old Pantokrator.

Even though the Admiral and his undead crew should be of no match for your armies it's surely a bad sign that he fights for the enemy. You must defeat the Admiral or the population will believe that Torgrin is coming for your head to put it at the feet of Nation's Pretender.

Thetis' Blessing (water 55, Enchantment 7, 50watergem):

Every land unit becomes a poor amphibian. This can be a way for a land nation to enable a mass invasion of an underwater opponent they'd otherwise be severely limited in their access to. On the other hand, it has a few glaring problems. It only grants poor amphibian, which means land units are still fighting at a disadvantage underwater; it requires high water access and lots of watergem, meaning that other water breathing sources could be forged as an alternative; and although it's probably cheaper than making enough water breathing items to take multiple armies underwater, it can be dispelled, and if that happens, any units underwater that shouldn't be there instantly drown.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Wrath of the Sea (water 55, Enchantment 8, 70watergem):

Reduces income in all coastal and freshwater provinces by 30%. This is usually outright counterproductive, since the nations with the most water access and gem income tend to be underwater nations, who also tend to hold more coastal provinces than their enemies.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Vengeful Water (water 77, Thaumaturgy 7, 70watergem):

Water elementals will attack enemy commanders in friendly dominion, including commanders which are stealthy. The chance of an elemental attack is 5% plus 2% per candle of dominion. Ice elementals will spawn in place of water elementals in provinces with cold scales 2 or 3. Size of the Water Elemental depend on province's humidity. Most of land provinces generate size 2, but sea and coastal provinces generate size 5, and swamp generate size 6. Fresh water will increase size by 1 (up to size 6). Unlike Water cousins, Ice Elemental depend on cold scale only. Cold 2 generate size 4, and Cold 3 generate size 5.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Lure of the Deep (water 66, Thaumaturgy 8, 70watergem):


Pretender has cast a global enchantment.


Forge of the Ancients (earth 55, Construction 7, 80earthgem):

Reduces the cost of all magic items forged by the owner by 20% and increases all of their mages' effective path levels for forging by 1. Essentially, this is a gem generator that also helps boost paths. In practice, it's rarely cost effective; a truly tremendous amount of forging is required for the savings to compare to an actual gem generator, and it's almost always cheaper to empower one a mage than to cast this just to get access to an item.

This is the time of the war to end all wars, the time of the war to settle all disputes, the war from which one winner will emerge to lay claim to all. To wage such a war one needs weapons. Now Pretender has acquired the means to create those weapons. Pretender has recreated the forge of the now gone ruler of all, and is using this forge to recreate the implements of destruction once wielded by the servants of the great one.

The reopening of the forge of the ancients poses a terrible threat to your plans, who knows what terrible weapons and devices Pretender will be able to produce with its aid. If you are to win this war and emerge as the one to whom everyone must bow you cannot allow the forge to remain intact. Destroy the forge before the creations of the forge help Pretender of Nation shatter your dreams of divinity.

Mechanical Militia (earth 55, Construction 9, 80earthgem):

Adds Mechanical Man (as the spell Mechanical Men) and, at high PD levels, Iron Fly to the caster's PD. This is expensive, comes at a research level with very little to recommend it, and has minimal benefits, making it a rarely worthwhile spell to cast.

Scouts and spies have reported that clicking, clonking and ticking has been heard from the lands of Nation. Rumors are spreading that Pretender is marshaling a metal army to defend his/her lands while he ascends to the heavens.

Pretender's metal militia might prove to be a serious obstacle if the need should arise to strike quick and deep inside his/her territory. Unravel the foul magic of Pretender and leave his/her metal men to rust in the rain that comes to wash away his false faith.

Riches from Beneath (earth 55, Enchantment 6, 70earthgem):

Increases resources and income in owned provinces in friendly dominion, as well as boosting income from mine sites in those provinces. The multiplier depends on dominion in the province; provinces gain 20% more resources per candle, 4% of the total resources as income per candle, and 20% more gold income from mine sites per candle. All of these bonuses cap out at 5 dominion candles in a province, at which point it doubles resources and not insignificantly increases gold income. The main reason to cast this is if consistently limited by resources in recruiting desirable units; there are probably better uses for the gems than casting it just for the gold.

The people of Nation are truly blessed amongst the peoples of the world. Their lord, Pretender, has commanded the earth to yield up its treasures to his/her faithful. As a result his armies are more well equipped and numerous than ever before.

While this trick of calling forth the treasures of the earth is not the most spectacular of miracles, the increased quality and quantity of Nation's armies poses a threat to your realm, people and faith, so it is of paramount that you return the riches from beneath to the earth from which they once came.

Earth Blood Deep Well (earth 66, Enchantment 7, 80earthgem):

Generates 20earthgem a turn for the caster. A bog-standard gem generator global, this is a staple of nations with high earth access; MA Ulm can make very good use of it.

Pretender has wounded the earth, he/she has drilled a well of such depth it has tapped into an artery of the earth itself. This well yields not water but the very blood of the earth, a substance of enormous magical puissance.

Not only has Pretender wounded the mother of all, no doubt he/she also plans to use the power drawn from her blood against you, adding insult to injury. Close the wound of the mother, soothe her pain, squash the leech that feeds upon her and show that it is you that deserve to hold sway over her and all that she begot.


Stellar Focus (astral 55, Enchantment 7, 30astralpearl):

Generates 5astralpearl each turn.

All light from the night sky shines down upon Pretender when he sits on his throne. What a truly magnificent sight for the entire world to behold. It takes no oracle to interpret this as a sign of true divinity.

This is not one of the more potent magic rituals, but the astral power harvested from the night sky will surely be used against you. The enchantment must be destroyed before it is too late.

The Eyes of God (astral 55, Enchantment 5, 50astralpearl):

Shows you the entire map and all score graphs, and lets you view the stat sheets of everyone in the Hall of Fame; units and battle reports are only shown within your Dominion, however. In your Dominion, this has the added effect of making constant Disbelieve checks against your foes in battle, and provides a flat +25 Patrol Strength bonus to each province where you have someone patrolling.

Unlike other global enchantments, this can also be removed by casting Fate of Oedipus.

At the beginning of this month Pretender cast a great enchantment upon the sky, an enchantment that holds the seed of the omniscience reserved for %s that is to rule all. That which is hidden has been revealed to Pretender, that which is forgotten will be found.

You are being watched. Your servants are being watched. Your slaves are being watched. The unblinking eyes of the lord of Nation is ever watching your moves, peering over your shoulders, glaring at you from the sun, watching you from the shadows. By taking the first step towards omniscience Pretender has set Nation upon a path, that if not blocked, will lead Pretender to ascension. Obviously there is only one fitting punishment for this grotesque arrogance, you must blind these ever-present eyes.

The Wrath of God (astral 55air 33, Evocation 6, 70astralpearl):

Hostile units have a chance to be struck with a lightning bolt which inflicts 9 armor negating shock damage. The chance to be stuck is 2% plus 2% per candle, with an additional modifier based on turmoil or order scales in the province.

There is no fury like that of a divinity scorned. Pretender has decided to punish those that reject his/her promises by calling down lightning from the sky. His/her fury, while most manifest inside his/her dominion, strikes mercilessly in all four corners of the world, thus Pretender of Nation has claimed rulership of all the lands.

This insult is unacceptable, the lightning of Pretender strikes with impunity at your faithful mocking your stewardship of their destiny. Quell the fury of Pretender before your flock lose faith in your power and divine right.

Strands of Arcane Power (astral 77, Evocation 9, 70astralpearl):

Every province in the caster's Dominion is searched for Sites each turn, but only in paths & levels the caster has, and only up to a level decided by an exploding d10 with the relevant path level added. A result of 11 or higher checks for Level 1 sites of that path, a result of 16 or higher also checks for Level 2 sites of that path, and a result of 21 or higher also checks for Level 3 sites of that path. Each province (and each path within that province) gets its own roll.

The caster also checks for hostile non-Mindless mages within their Dominion. Targets can avoid detection if they succeed in a Magic Resistance roll (with DRN) versus 10, winning ties, and what happens to those who fail this roll depends on their levels:

  • Targets without Astral levels take 10 magical AN damage to the head, unless they succeed in a separate roll against the caster's Penetration. This is technically not the caster attacking them, so kills don't give Experience and Blood Vengeance doesn't apply.
  • Targets with Astral levels engage in a Magic Duel with the caster, with several key differences; path-boosters (both positive and negative) are counted, the loser is only Feebleminded, and the caster wins ties. This can end the Enchantment before everyone is checked.

Targets are picked in a semi-random order, with mages from nations lower on the list of nations being checked after mages from nations higher on the list; for example, an Arcoscephalian will always be checked before someone from R'lyeh.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Arcane Nexus (astral 88, Enchantment 9, 150astralpearl):

Returns astralpearl equal to a quarter of the total gems used in rituals and forging. This does not include used astral pearls or blood slaves.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.


Burden of Time (death 55, Thaumaturgy 5, 70deathgem):

Every turn, each province in the world lose about 2% population and gains 1-4 unrest. Every turn, around 40% of units age by 1-4 years.

Deadly to old-age units and short-lived fire mages, including most human and bird slow-to-recruits. Useful for undead nations such as Ermor and Sceleria, as they don't mind aging, but also usable by long-lived elven Death nations like Fomoria and Helheim. For living nations, it's sometimes better to cast Burden of Time with a cheap death mage who can be suicided to take the global down once human nations crumble.

Rarely cast immediately at Thaum 5 because of its high price and tendency to attract large dispel attempts and coalitions. Later in the game this can be used to bait dispels, to pick off a target human nation, or can be backed by globals like Utterdark to cripple living attackers.

Population loss is 2% +/- 0.25% per death/growth scale. Risk to age is 41% +/- 4% per death/growth scale.

Pretender has committed the act of ultimate evil against the world of the living by putting the Burden of Time upon the world. As long as this enchantment is active every living being will grow old and die in a few years time.

This spell must be dispelled at once or you can only hope to become God of a world devoid of living beings.

Foul Air (death 66air 11, Thaumaturgy 6, 75deathgem):

All provinces gain d4 unrest per turn. Injured units will become diseased.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Well of Misery (death 66, Conjuration 8, 80deathgem):

Generates 21deathgem per turn. Increases income worldwide by 10%.

An unnatural vigor has come upon the people of the world, their woes, their pains, their very mortality is being sucked away from them. The black lamb, Pretender, has opened the well of misery, making him/herself the sacrifice, drawing all ills to his/her throne providing false hopes to the righteously smitten. The coming of the black lamb of Nation is one of the omens of the end. Unless the unholy well dries out the prophecies state that Pretender will ascend the heavens and lock all pretenders' souls and bodies in the pit of Tartarus.

Destroy the well of misery, give back the mortals their woes and ailments, do not let them cling to the false hope promised by the sacrifice of the black lamb.

Utterdark (death 99, Alteration 9, 100deathgem):

Massively reduces all gold income and resources by 90%, except in caves and deep seas. All battles take place in darkness with a penalty of 6.

Additionally, four random provinces of the caster's enemies are attacked each turn by either a Fiend of Darkness, or a Shade Beast with 1d6 Shades, or a Shade Lord with 1d4 Shades and a Shadow Soldier.

The last few seasons blind soothsayers have been roaming the street bemoaning the end of time and the coming slaying of the sun. Now the unthinkable has come to pass, the last sign of the end of all is upon us. The lord of Nation has opened the gates to the shadow hell and made the sun an offering to its forces. Darkness covers the land, crops wither and die, and high and low alike hide from the things that go bump in the night. This is indeed a sign of the ascendancy of Pretender, who shall lay waste to the world. Unless the other pretenders can pierce the shadow and reclaim the sun for their people all will be lost, and Pretender will rule this world, and the next, from his/her throne.


Mother Oak (nature 55, Alteration 5, 50naturegem):

Generates 10naturegem per turn.

Pretender, lord of Nation, Pretender Title has proclaimed that the oak growing in his/her sacred grove is the Mother Oak, the oak that stands at the heart of the world.

The possession of this oak is surely a sign that Pretender is the rightful ruler of this world, thus the oak must burn.

Haunted Forest (nature 55death 11, Enchantment 8, 60naturegem):


Who can rightfully claim to be master of all without first mastering both that which grows and that which decays. Pretender the god of Nation has now proven his/her mastery of the two aspects of life by forcing the lifeless husks of his/her enemies to be reanimated by his/her energy and that of the vines that serve Nation. Surely, says the wise old seers and oracles, such mastery must herald the mastery of all.

Pretender is a foolish God of a foolish people. Paltry tricks and conjurations like these might impress feeble old soothsayers, but you know that your might is unmatched and should prove it by ripping this enchantment to shreds before it spawns more such mistaken heresies.

Gift of Health (nature 66, Enchantment 7, 50naturegem):

Friendly units gain +10% HP per dominion in their province. Afflictions have a roughly 10% chance per dominion to be healed, including undead units which cannot usually have afflictions removed from them. Friendly units have their aging rate halved.

Notable as one of the only ways to heal the many afflictions Tartarians start with since they're undead.

It is foretold in the prophecies of Nation that before their lord and master Pretender finally vanquishes his/her enemies and ascends to the throne celestial, he/she shall grant all of his/her faithful long and prosperous lives, all ills shall be cured and good health shall be enjoyed by everyone, that prophesy is now fulfilled.

The false god of Nation has blessed his/her followers with supernatural health and stamina, this sets a bad example for your faithful whom have not received a similar benefit from their worship, thus this unseemly generosity on Pretender's part must be stopped.

Wild Hunt (nature 66, Conjuration 7, 50naturegem):


Pretender the lord of Nation has blown in the horn of the hunt. The Wild Hunt once more, as it once did, roams the glades and forests. The Hunter has heeded the call of the Pretender Titles and haunts the forests of the world in search for the servants of his master's enemies. The priests of other pretenders huddle in fear and their subjects, noting they cannot protect them, whisper heretical lies amongst themselves.

You must silence the horn of the hunt, and mount the Hunters head above your throne, how else can you show that the right to true divinity is yours and yours alone. You must not let this omen of the upstart of Nation remain.

Enchanted Forests (nature 77, Conjuration 9, 90naturegem):

All forests not under the caster's dominion act as if they contain a temple of the caster.

When under the caster's dominion, they spawn attacks from forest beings into the forest or an adjacent province. Wastes cannot be attacked in this way. Growth scales and higher dominion strength increases the numbers of creatures spawned. All creatures spawned in this way do not persist beyond the end of the turn, and as such cannot siege forts.

The ancient vine creatures that dwell within the deep forest have been awakened by the lord of %s. The awakened vines have sworn their fealty to Pretender and the seers that read the future in the turnings of the seasons and the rustlings of the leaves claims that this is one of the signs long awaited that heralds the ascendancy of Pretender.

This must not come to pass, you must shatter this treaty and prove the omens wrong before your subjects lose faith in your right to divinity.

Gift of Nature's Bounty (nature 77, Enchantment 9, 70naturegem):

Province income is increased by 20% per point of dominion.

As Pretender declared the inhabitants of Nation his/her chosen people he/she promised them that he/she should bless their land, turn it into a land of milk and honey. Pretender has now fulfilled that promise, no land has richer crops than Nation, in no other land are the sow's litter bigger, Pretender's people are truly blessed.

Such abundance is unseemly amongst mortals, prove to the people of Nation that this extravagance is fleeting and that the promises of Pretender are hollow lies, prove to them that there is but one truth and one path to bliss, and that truth and that path is you.


Astral Corruption (blood 66astral 66, Blood 7, 166bloodslave):

FIXME Add brief description
See the dedicated page here

From time to time seers skilled in the astral ways are visited by terrible dreams of a coming atrocity. An atrocity that will pour poison into the very veins of magic, pollute the astral wellsprings and call upon the slaves of unreason to prey upon seers, sages and sorcerers alike. That atrocity has now been committed, Pretender has performed an impure sacrifice of unheard magnitude, using the power of blood he/she has twisted the fabric of magic itself filling it with the impure energies upon which the slaves of unreason feast. The sooth- and doomsayers wail and cry that this must be that terrible time of which the prophecies speak, the time when no magic can be safely practiced save for the impure path of blood, the time that ushers in the rule of Pretender, the time of the reign of blood.

With one blow Pretender has crippled much of your forces, your loyal mages brood useless in their towers dreading even to try the most basic of charms, your seers and soothsayers dare not gaze too long into the void lest they find eyes in the void gazing back at them. Such arrogance from the upstart of Nation. Has Pretender forgotten the treaty in which this abomination was forbidden? Your path is clear, purify the world from this taint, cleanse the world of this corruption, wash the world pure with the blood of Pretender.

Blood Vortex (blood 77, Blood 8, 166bloodslave):

Blood Vortex remembers where you cast it. Makes 3 remote checks, the first of which will always be an adjacent province to where it was cast. Further checks are provinces picked at random, that have nonzero population and are not UW. (Population here refers to /10 from the displayed game values)

  • Remote checks contribute (pop/20) + d50+, capped to the province's pop. This is halved if order 2 or 3, and doubled if turmoil 2 or 3. Affected provinces gain 1d10 nonexploding unrest and have their population reduced appropriately. Final population contribution to the vortex is half of what is drained.
  • Local province: pop/10 + d100+, capped to pop. Population is drained, but scales have no impact.
  • Final slave total = (local contribution + 3x remote contribution + d10 nonexploding - 1)/9

Depending on the age, this means that most of the contribution will come from the province where it was cast, which won't suffer negative consequences. A 30k pop province will yield around 33 blood slaves per turn.


As nothing in Dominions comes without cost, up to 3 commanders in the local and neighboring province may be attacked and killed by deadly Erinya.

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

The Looming Hell (blood 88, Blood 9, 150bloodslave):


Long ago it was prophesied that during the final battle which decides the fate of all Pretender will call upon the denizens of the lower layers of hell to help spread the word of Pretender. Now that prophesy has been fulfilled and devils haunt the dreams of his/her enemies, threatening and cajoling the weakest of their flocks to turn against their masters.

An outrage has been committed against your divine person. The godling of Nation has invited devils into the dreams of your subjects, in order to steal them away from you. While the devils can only haunt your subjects inside Pretender's dominion, the threat and the insult of Pretender's infernal dealings cannot be born. Tear apart this hellish compact, cleanse the dreams of your subjects from this impure presence and visit your vengeance upon Pretender's body and mind.


End of Culture (fire 55, Thaumaturgy 6, 60firegem):

Available to EA Yomi. FIXME

Pretender has cast a global enchantment.

Theft of the Sun (death 66fire 33, Enchantment 8, 70deathgem):

Available to EA Xibalba. FIXME

An odd mix of a national gemgen spell and a Dark Skies-esque global penalty. Also grants Awe to Xibalban Sun Guides and Ah K'in. The economic effects counter and are countered by Second Sun, leaving a neutral result.

Pretender has stolen the Sun and trapped it in the labyrinthine caverns of Xibalba. The World is cast in everlasting darkness and only the moon and the stars are visible in the sky. This spell must be dispelled or a new Sun created lest the world will suffer.

Illwinter (blood 55water 33, Blood 6, 120bloodslave):

Available to EA Niefelheim, MA Jotunheim, LA Utgård, and LA Vaettiheim.

Allows Niefelheim, Jotunheim, and Utgard to recruit one Niefel Giant per fort. Allows Jotunheim, Utgard, and Vaettiheim to cast Winter's Call. Cold scales worldwide increase by +1 per 4 months, and this can override shifts from seasons, so that eventually the world will be cold3. Causes minor unrest and occasional attacks on enemy provinces by Wolf, Winter Wolf, Jotun Wolf, Dire Wolf, and Niefel Giant; these are stronger in colder provinces.

Ancient forces, that have long lain dormant, are stirring once again. Pretender has performed an immense sacrifice in order to rouse the Rimtursar. These are the ancient giants that lie sleeping in the glaciers, giants that when last awakened lay waste to the earth and turned it into a frozen tundra devoid of life. You must stop this, the Rimtursar have once before slain both man and Gods. Their hearts are frozen and feelings of pity or mercy never stir their blood. If they are allowed to wake once again all your hopes of divinity will surely be smothered in snow.

Gigantomachia (earth 55fire 44, Thaumaturgy 7, 60earthgem):

Available to EA Mekone, and both MA and LA Phlegra.
Increases recruitment limits & Dominion power, & decreases costs. A not-often-mentioned bonus of this spell is that it can benefit the disciples or master of the caster as well; for example, it can act as a substitute to the Illwinter, if all one wants from that spell is the Niefel Giants. It also allows LA Phlegra to recruit Laestrygonian troops from their capital, once the Burning Mountain has exploded (1/turn).

Pretender has declared the war upon Gods. The false pretenders are trembling in fear and their confidence is quickly diminishing. People across the world are losing faith and doubt that anyone, God or man, can stand up against the approaching armies of the God-Slayer.

This spell must be dispelled quickly before all Dominion belongs to the God-Slayer of Mekone.

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