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Stealthy units can move without being seen on the strategic map. This allows them to try to infiltrate hostile territories. Patrolling units and the inherent patrol effect from province defense can however discover them.

Stealth strength = (Leader's stealth ability) - (number of stealthy units under their command with stealth ability < 50)

Destealth strength = (Sum of patrolling units' patrol strengths) - min(unrest, 100)/2 + max(0, province defense - 14)

Sneaking units are discovered if:

Destealth + 2d25 > Stealth + 2d25

Both of these rolls are open-ended.

Practicalities of Stealth

A stealthy commander has a number of interesting uses, such as being able to ferry and carry gems and items for an army. A commander set to perform a stealthy order does so before other orders such as rituals or assassinations, which can make them very difficult to catch, and rather effective at raiding. Using a ritual such as Teleport or Cloud Trapeze on top of a stealthy raider that has switched orders to hide or sneak will therefore not initiate combat.

Commanders set on stealthy orders (hide or sneak) are unaffected by:

  • Conventional assassination by units with the assassin ability
  • Remote assassination spells such as Earth Attack or Manifestation
  • Seeking Arrow

Commanders set on stealthy orders are still affected by:

  • Mind Hunt, both as a valid target and protecting astral mage
  • Vengeful Water
  • Vengeance of the Dead
  • Murdering Winter
  • Using the wish spell to wish for friends, and being in the affected province
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