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Scout Reports

Scout Reports are descriptions of the military contents of a given province that are displayed upon selecting the province. They contain a list of the most prominent unit types seen in the province, along with a total quantity of units which may be inaccurate based on various factors. Additionally, scouts may sometimes report units of note in the province, such as beings that radiate power, are capable of Flying, or that are especially large.

Units that are performing Stealthy actions are never shown in scout reports. Units with Glamour are only visible to scouts if the player viewing the report has a unit with Spirit Sight in the province.

There are a variety of conditions which cause a player to receieve a scout report for a province:

  • Any province adjacent to a friendly province
  • Any province with a friendly commander in it, such a scout
  • Any province with a friendly scrying spell cast upon it
  • Any friendly fortress under siege provides a scout report of the sieging army
  • Any province under friendly dominion, if playing any age of Arcoscephale or owning The Eye of God


Various means of obtaining scout reports have different degrees of inaccuracy associated with them1). Reported unit counts are modified by some percentage in either direction, and typically display unit counts as a multiple of ten.

Method Inaccuracy Show known Magic Sites
The Eyes of God global 0% Yes
Arcoscephale dominion effect 40% No
Scrying 0% Yes
Spy in the province 10% Yes
Any commander 30% No
Other cases 50% No

If the inaccuracy percentage is less than 30%, the scout report text will additionally display "The army appears to be commanded by <Name> the <unit type>."

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