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Mind Hunt

Mind Hunt is a spell which requires Evocation 6 and astral 44 to cast, consuming 2astralpearl in the process. The spell causes the mage to attempt to pick a random hostile commander in the target province, and then attempt to attack them. This attack comes in the form of a Mind Burn or more potent Soul Slay, depending on Thaumaturgy research progress. If neither spell is available, the mind hunter is unable to carry out any attack. This spell cannot be cast by, nor affect, a commander that is mindless.

Additionally, each hostile astral mage in the targeted province has a 40% chance per astral level to discover a mind hunter, which will prevent the attack and result in the attacker becoming feebleminded. Additionally, the message describing this reveals the mind hunter's name.

Unlike most other rituals that target a random hostile commander, those with stealthy orders can be targets of this spell. Similarly, an astral mage who is stealthy (such as one equipped with a Shademail Haubergeon) may discover hostile mind hunters.


Mind Hunt can provide a cost-efficient way to snipe raiding thugs without astral magic, even normally elusive ones that stealth after attacking. It is even better at killing mundane commanders of small raiding armies, stranding them.

It is common to equip mind hunters with items providing bonuses to magic penetration in order to increase their chances of success by making the opponent's magic resistance check less favourable. Typical items used for this purpose are the Rune Smasher, Spell Focus, and Eye of the Void.

Since the best mind hunters are valuable high-path astral mages, it is usually best to be careful to avoid mind hunting provinces containing astral mages. Nations with easy access to healers, like EA Ermor and any age of Arcosephale, can be somewhat less careful since they can heal feebleminded mages.


As with other ritual spells, there are a variety of messages associated with both mind hunting and being hunted:

There was insufficient Thaumaturgy research to perform either Mind Burn or Soul Slay. An enemy commander was found, but Caster has no mental attack spell.

The named victim was the subject of a mind hunt, but made a successful magic resistance check. Commander was mentally attacked by an enemy mage, but he/she managed to resist the attack.

The equivalent message to the above, from the caster's point of view. An enemy commander called Commander was mentally attacked, but he/she managed to resist the spell.

The named victim was a victim of a successful mind hunt which resulted in their death. Commander was mentally attacked by an enemy mage. Commander was killed by the attack.

The above message, from the caster's point of view. The mental attack on Commander was successful. Commander was killed by the attack.

A mind hunter is discovered by a hostile astral mage and becomes feebleminded. Despite the text, the affliction can be healed by various means. A hostile mage discovered Commander's astral cord and severed it. He/she became feeble minded and will probably never fully recover.

A mage discovers a hostile mind hunter. Despite the text, this applies feeblemindedness and not insanity. Note that this message also occurs with a hostile caster of Astral Projection. Discovering Mage discovered a hostile mage scrying upon your land. He/she severed the astral cord of the mage called Mind Hunter. This will probably render the enemy insane for life.

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