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Release Lord of Civilization

The caster performs a vast sacrifice of blood to release one of the six Grigori from their infernal prison. The Grigori, or Watchers, were angelic beings who taught the forbidden lore of civilization, warcraft and magic to the Avvim at the dawn of time. The Grigori are still worshiped by the Avvim as bringers of civilization and fathers of the Nephilim.

Release Lord of Civilization is a Blood 9 blood 88 ritual for 177bloodslave that summons one of the six Grigori. The volume and intensity of the sacrifice is so huge that the caster loses 10 years of their life in return for releasing a Watcher's power. It is available only to EA Hinnom and MA Ind.

The Grigori are unique, powerful mage-priests with excellent combat stats and a plethora of strong abilities. They are one of the few units with the nowish tag, alongside EA Agartha's God Vessels and the Legion of Gods. As blood slaves are much easier to gather than other kinds of gems, these summons are absolutely worth the ostensible cost; however, the spell's location at the lofty height of Blood 9 means that being able to cast it often means you are already winning the game!

A Watcher's presence in a province enables the generation of a common good event in which they sire a blood 33holy 11random4400% Nephil son. These tainted offspring of the angels are essentially naked versions of Hinnom's heroes, and are just as powerful as that comparison suggests.

At base, the Grigori have the following abilities. Some have more for flavor or due to their paths.

The possible Grigori summons are listed below:

  • Azazel - Grigori fire 33earth 22astral 44blood 55holy 44
    Has Corruptor (morale vs 15), Fear (15), & Invulnerability (35) due to being the original defector, and Resist Fire (20) from his magic paths. Has the most diverse paths of all the Grigori, comes with pretty decent gear (armor and an Armor-Piercing Sword) due to "inventing" war, and has holy 44 due to being the father of Hinnom's strongest bloodline.
  • Semyaza - Grigori astral 44nature 44blood 44holy 33
    Has Corruptor (morale vs 14) due to being the second defector (and the one who made the four after him swear oaths of sin), and Supply Bonus (40) from his magic paths. His mastery over medicine is represented by the Healer (3) trait. Can hold the major nature globals with a few boosters.
  • Ezekiel - Grigori air 44astral 44blood 44holy 33
    Has Resist Shock (22) due to magic paths. Can cast The Wrath of God with an astral booster.
  • Shamshiel - Grigori fire 44astral 44blood 44holy 33
    Has Resist Fire (22) due to magic paths.
  • Kokabel - Grigori astral 55blood 44holy 33
    Has the fewest total magic paths, but gains an additional level in astral magic.
  • Arakiel - Grigori earth 44astral 44blood 44holy 33
    Has Natural Protection (14) due to his knowledge of the earth.
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