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Summon Spells

Many of the most useful units and commanders in the game aren't bought with gold; they are summoned with gems or blood slaves. These have a variety of different roles; units range from cheap patrol chaff (Pack of Wolves summoning Wolf) to elite shock troops (Demon Knights), and commanders range from humble scouts (Black Servant) to high-end mages (Queen of Elemental Air) and powerful supercombatant chassis (Wraith Lord).

Like with some other kinds of spells, stuff acquired earlier in research tends to be inefficient or sub-optimal compared to later stuff. For example, Ogres are generally only worth summoning if a low-research nation needs to convert earth gems into an army urgently. On the other hand, later stuff might be too niche, difficult, or impractical to use, such as the Giant Monsters or the Seasonal Spirits. Some other summons are a crucial part of a nation's strategy, such as Ozelotls.

Most commander summons create only one commander; most unit summons create several (sometimes scaling with the caster's paths).

This pages details ritual summons which create permanent units; a separate page details combat summons.



Summon Fire Drake Conjuration 4 fire 226firegem Fire Drake
Fire Drakes emit a "beam" of fire, which covers multiple squares and can deeply penetrates enemy ranks (or hit allies). Unfortunately, Drakes are somewhat unreliable; they're slow, Undisciplined, and are vulnerable to Charm Animal. They're also Cold-Blooded, even though they breath Fire.
Drakes can be summoned in greater numbers by a Dragon Master, making them substantially cheaper and more turn-efficient.
Summon Flame Jelly Conjuration 4 fire 226firegem Flame Jelly x10+
Underwater Only.The rare underwater Fire mage can efficiently summon these interesting creatures. Flame jellies have a Fire Shield that works Underwater for defense, and perhaps the highest magic resistance of any unit in the game. Their attacks are an interesting AOE1 fire/poison attack. While ineffective against targets with fire resistance, massed flame jellies can be effective against an enemy using Mass Protection underwater.
Summon Summer Lions Conjuration 5 fire 3320firegem Summer Lion x5 +1/2
Like other seasonal spirits, these are Ethereal Mindless Magic Beings Animals with Spirit Sight, high magic resistance, and modest seasonal variation in HP. Summon lions have a heat aura and have remarkably high HP for their size (55 HP in Summer; 33 in Winter).
Summon Fire Snakes Conjuration 6 fire 227firegem Fire Snake x5 +1/2
An offense focused unit, with an AOE1 Fire Flare attack and a Poisonous Bite. These are often used as a fire gem dump, because they can very quickly destroy targets without fire resistance. They do better in Heat Scales, thanks to their Fire Power. They are undisciplined, but less vulnerable to Charm Animal than most other units with the Animal tag due to their high magic resistance.
Summon Flame Spirit Conjuration 6 fire 3330firegem Flame Spirit
An fire 33 mage with a retinue of 1d6 Will o' the Wisps. Commonly summoned by nations with limited access to break more deeply into fire magic. Vulnerable to cold damage and has no boots slot, which limits map movement.
King of Elemental Fire Conjuration 8 fire 5550firegem One of: Pyriphlogos - King of FlamesRhuax - King of Magma
Summons one of the Elemental Royalty, high-end Mages that might be able to serve as heavy thugs or supercombatants.
Rhuax is the better of the two for thugging, given his Earth Magic level and his higher toughness. You don't get to choose which King you get, though, and you can't get duplicates. Both have fire 55. If one "dies", that simply frees them up for re-summoning, by anyone.


Bind Scorpion Beast Conjuration 3 fire 11earth 112firegem Scorpion Beast
Scorpion beasts are size 5 beasts with with darkvision, good protection, and an impressive scorpion tail attack, which deals 35 poison damage if it pierces protection. These capabilities are offset by being undisciplined and thus hard to buff, and being an animal with only 5 magic resistance. This spell would likely be used more if it were more mage turn efficient.
Terracotta Army Enchantment 4 fire 11earth 1110firegem Terracotta Soldier x10 +1/lv
Clay pikemen that can be summoned quickly with firegem. While their combat skills and hit points are worse than human infantry, the combination of mindless, spirit sight, fire resistance, poison resistance, immunity to Rigor Mortis, and physical resistances provide multiple reasons to summon these. Like the more durable Living status, they do not heal after battles.


Summon Fire Ants Conjuration 2 fire 22nature 1110firegem Fire Ant x10 +1/lv



Call of the Winds Conjuration 3 air 2210airgem Great HawkBlack Hawk x41
An early remote magic phase attack spell that can be used to snipe weakly-defended provinces (and unprotected mages in them) with a range of 5 provinces. The Black Hawks have only one good attack (their first one), and the Great Hawk rarely fights, so can lose to 6 PD.
Surviving birds are valuable as patrollers or distraction chaff. Can be cast on a friendly province to just summon the birds.
Summon Wyverns Conjuration 4 air 223airgem Wyvern x2
Wyverns are flying, cold-blooded animals with good poison resistance and shock resistance. In contrast with other Drakes, Wyverns are Disciplined and have good combat stats, but they don't get a Breath weapon, having two melee attacks instead.
The second melee attack deals an impressive 50 Fatiguing Poison Damage if it deals actual damage and the target fails a magic resistance check. Their modest strength means this attack can have trouble piercing protection, though buffs like Strength of Giants, Enlarge/Army of Giants, and Weapons of Sharpness can solve that problem.
Drakes can be summoned in greater numbers by a Dragon Master, making them substantially cheaper and more turn-efficient.
Summon Gryphons Conjuration 4 air 229airgem Gryphon x5 +1/2
Gryphons are undisciplined Flying animals with high magic resistance. This spell requires the same research level and path cost as Summon Wyverns with a similar per-unit cost. While they have a little more HP and damage output, mage turn efficiency and the lack of cold-blooded are the main reasons to prefer Gryphons.
Summon Spring Hawks Conjuration 5 air 3320airgem Spring Hawk x5 +1/2
Like other seasonal spirits, these are Ethereal Mindless Magic Beings Animals with Spirit Sight, high magic resistance, and modest seasonal variation in HP. Spring hawks have high combat skills (especially in Darkness) and are notable for their shock damage attack. While they are ethereal, the combination of no protection, low hit points, and low damage output limits their effectiveness when used unbuffed. One possible role for Spring Hawks is to counter enemy thugs with shock vulnerability (e.g., countering a thug who you expect to have negative shock vulnerability after casting Ironskin).
Contact Draconians Conjuration 5 air 3330airgem Draconian ChiefDraconian x15
Draconians are large flying cold-blooded humanoids with a poisonous bite. The Draconian Chief can summon more Draconians each turn via the Summon Allies order, making this spell one of the ways to invest gems to create a freespawn economy. This spell is also one of the more mage-turn efficient ways to generate siege strength.
Queen of Elemental Air Conjuration 8 air 5550airgem One of: Aella - Queen of StormsThuella - Queen of ThunderNephele - Queen of Clouds
Summons one of the three Air Queens; they're probably the best of the Elemental Royalty, due to their extreme mobility, and due to the demand for high-end Air battlefield spells like Mass Flight and Fog Warriors.
All three are mostly identical, but Thuella has the best combat power in exchange for lacking allies to summon; not that summoning allies is a great use of time for such powerful Mages. All three have air 55


Watcher Enchantment 5 air 33earth 115airgem Watcher
May cast underwater. Durable immobile unit with a very high damage lightning attack and very high Patrol bonus. Watchers are not commanders, so a commander with magic leadership must patrol in order to benefit from the patrol bonus.


Corpse Man Construction Construction 1 air 11death 111airgem Corpse Construct
Corpse constructs are interesting chaff. Because this spell costs only one gem, and its output can be boosted by a Lightning Rod (+3 constructs) and Storm Spool (+2 constructs), it is one of the most efficient ways to turn gems into HP and siege strength. They have a built-in Charged Body effect that can stun attackers in melee, which is important because their combat skills are abysmal. Notably have high elemental resistances, but no protection and only 4 MR.


Summon Amphiptere Conjuration 3 air 22nature 113airgem Amphiptere
A flying cold-blooded creature, superficially similar to a Wyvern. The Amphiptere is tougher, with special features on both attacks: "death poison" (35 damage) when its fangs pierce protection, and a 15 damage ranged poison spray attack. The combination of undisciplined, a rare cross path, and only being summonable one at a time means these are rarely used in any numbers. A potential use case is to embed within a flying raiding force as a counter to thugs.



Call Kraken Conjuration 3 water 331watergem Kraken
Underwater Only. A huge beast with four armor piercing attacks for just one water gem. A Kraken could be a strong combatant with enough buffs, but they suffer from a poor comparison with Summon Water Elemental as well as poor magic resistance.
Summon Ice Drake Conjuration 4 water 227watergem Ice Drake x1
Ice Drakes emit a "beam" of armor negating cold damage that lingers for a bit, capable of penetrating deep into enemy lines and freezing opponents with insufficient Cold Resistance. Ice Drakes are undisciplined, can inflict friendly fire, and have poor melee skills, so are best used in combination with undead or other cold-resistant allies.
Drakes can be summoned in greater numbers by a Dragon Master, making them substantially cheaper and more turn-efficient.
Summon Sea Serpent Conjuration 4 water 224watergem Sea Serpent x1
Underwater Only. These enormous aquatic Drakes are notable for having enormous hp, fear, and inflicting death poison if their fangs deal damage. As an undisciplined unit with high combat speed and modest protection, they are likely to die quickly unless supported by other undisciplined troops (like province defense). Beware nature mages: An 8 MR Animal is a prime Charm Animal target.
Drakes can be summoned in greater numbers by a Dragon Master, making them substantially cheaper and more turn-efficient.
Contact Sea Trolls Conjuration 5 water 3315watergem Sea Troll x5 +1/2 lv
Sea trolls are excellent late-game blockers, with built-in regeneration (doubled underwater!), high hit points, and good magic resistance. Lacking the weapon and armor of the land Troll, they also lack its extreme fire vulnerability. Each sea troll has the upkeep of a 50 Gold unit. This spell is much less economical than Sea King's Court.
Summon Winter Wolves Conjuration 5 water 338watergem Winter Wolfx5 +1/2 lv
Like other seasonal spirits, these are Ethereal Mindless Magic Beings Animals with Spirit Sight, high magic resistance, and modest seasonal variation in HP. Winter wolves are notable for their high combat speed, AOE1 cold damage attack (similar to a Frost Brand) and large cold aura. Winter wolves have modest HP and no protection (relaying on Ethereal for defense), but can very rapidly kill or freeze targets that are vulnerable to cold, either natively (Imp, Devil, Fire Elemental) or due to Marble Warriors
Summon Bishop Fish Conjuration 6 water 3315watergem Bishop Fish
Underwater Only. The Bishop Fish is the primary non-national holy 33 summon. With a Shambler Skin Armor or Amulet of the Fish, can be used on land for Divine Blessing and claiming Thrones. Bishop fish lack a boot slot and have low map movement, so you need a Flying Carpet to boost their mobility.
Sea King's Court Conjuration 6 water 3355watergem Sea King x1 • Sea Troll x15 • Troll Guard x5
The Sea King is a powerful underwater troll with water 33, good resistances, 15-25% Regeneration, and the ability to generate a free water gem each month. While worth casting just for the Sea King, the army of sea trolls are solid troops who unfortunately have the upkeep of a 50+ Gold unit.
Often part of climbing Water: a water 22 Mage forges a Water Bracelet and casts this spell to summon the water 33 Sea King.
Summon Asp Turtle Conjuration 7 water 3313watergem Asp Turtlex1
Underwater only. An enormous aquatic trampler with very high natural protection and fear. While 13 magic resistance is far above that of the Kraken or Sea serpent, Asp Turtles suffer from being deeper in the research tree than both Charm Animal and Enslave Mind.
Queen of Elemental Water Conjuration 8 water 5550watergem Thalassa - Queen of the SeaBathusma - Queen of the DeepsLimne - Queen of the Lake
Underwater only. The water Elemental Royalty, all of these have water 55, incredible underwater regeneration, recuperation, and built-in Liquid body, giving them the potential to be mighty underwater supercombatants (ideally with fluffers). Only the Queen of the Lake is naturally amphibious.


Manifest Vitriol Alteration 6 water 22fire 113watergem Green Lion
Mages with the rare fire/water cross path can summon the mighty Green Lion. Like the Seasonal Spirits, Green lions are ethereal magic beings with spirit sight and excellent magic resistance. They are notable for their high precision armor piercing and corrosive ranged attack.


Summon Yetis Conjuration 3 water 22air 1113watergem Yeti x5 +1/2 lv
Yetis are winter giants, surrounded by a cold aura. They are notable for being the strongest creature in Dominions with the Sticks and Stones attack, throwing two 19-damage projectiles per round with very low precision. These ranged attacks benefit fully from buffs like Strength of Giants and Army of Giants. Despite their resemblance to the great apes of Bandar Log, Yetis have high magic resistance and are not Animals.


Summon Cave Cows Conjuration 3 water 22earth 223watergem Cave Cow x5 +1/2 lv
Cave only. Cave cows are an inexpensive summon that can ruin the day of armored knights with their highly acidic spit, which deals 10 armor-piercing damage (increasing to 17 with Enlarge and Strength of Giants) and corrodes armor.
Claymen Enchantment 3 water 11earth 115watergem Clayman x5 +1/2 lv
Claymen are mindless constructs, notable for their built-in Regeneration and 20 damage hammer attack. With mediocre combat skills and low protection, they are primarily useful once defensive buffs like Fog Warriors are available.


Streams from Hades Conjuration 6 water 44death 1140watergem Kokythiad
May use underwater. A water mage with some death access can summon this amphibious water 33death 33 mage using just water gems. The Kokythiad has high Fear, spirit sight, excellent magic resistance, and some invulnerability, but only human hit points. Useful for breaking into death 33 and as a Stygian Rains caster.
Summon Catoblepas Conjuration 7 water 33death 2215watergem Catoblepas
Catoblepas are famous for their Gaze of Death attack, which deals 10 armor-negating damage in an enormous area (AOE 20; magic resistance negates) and thus can annihilate entire formations of low MR troops. Friendly fire can be a major problem, both with the Gaze of Death and the poison cloud that surrounds these deadly bulls. Mindless units like constructs and longdead are immune to the Gaze of Death.
Hidden in Snow Enchantment 6 water 33death 1175watergem Various
Mountains and Highlands only, Summons an army of tough undead. See Hidden in Terrain for details.


Contact Naiad Conjuration 5 water 33nature 1135watergem Naiad
Naiads are powerful amphibious water 33nature 33 mages with many useful abilities, including stealth, Recuperation, and very high Awe and magic resistance. Naiads suffer from homesickness, and will die if away from their home province for long, but can be quite useful both for rituals and Foul Vapors. Homesickness can be removed using Transformation.
Naiad Warriors Conjuration 5 water 33nature 1118watergem Kydnid x15
Kydnids are efficiently summoned amphibious troops, with decent skills, bronze gear and high Awe. With their low strength, they won't kill much, but they can be valuable as amphibious blockers and bodyguards.
Call Ancient Presence Conjuration 9 water 66nature 4425watergem Ancient Presence
An enormous swamp monster with fear and 40 Regeneration per turn, the Ancient Presence can devour whole any creature smaller than it (growing in strength as it does so). Unfortunately, comes as a unit, not a commander. While this monster has some physical resistances, it is much tougher when targeted by protection buffs and/or other fluffing.
A Naiad can summon this monster with Construction 6 boosters.



Summon Cave Grubs Conjuration 1 earth 116earthgem Cave Grub x5 +1/2 lv
Cave only. An early game way to get 60 siege strength worth of siege chaff given a earth 11 in cave province lab. Their slow combat speed is a feature, since it makes these weak combatants easier to keep alive.
Summon Ogres Conjuration 2 earth 1110earthgem Ogre x5 +1/2 lv
Ogres are one of the game's most accessible summons. While their cold resistance is somewhat notable, their main use case is as a quickly massed source of 30 damage attacks in early game warfare.
Summon Cave Drake Conjuration 4 earth 224earthgem Cave Drake
Cave drakes are earth Drakes. A cave drake is a cold-blooded animal notable for its resistance to physical damage, with 22 protection and 58 hit points. Cave drakes have high strength but poor combat skills, so they combine well with immobilizing spells like Web and Earth Meld. Drakes can be summoned in greater numbers by a Dragon Master, making them substantially cheaper and more turn-efficient.
Summon Fall Bears Conjuration 5 earth 3312earthgem Fall Bear x5 +1/2 lv
Like other seasonal spirits, these are Ethereal Mindless Magic Beings Animals with Spirit Sight, high magic resistance, and modest seasonal variation in HP. Notable for their built-in Regeneration and high HP, Fall Bears can be very effective blockers against targets without magic weapons, especially with protection buffs and/or Fog Warriors.
Contact Trolls Conjuration 5 earth 3315earthgem Troll x5 +1/2 lv
Trolls are an expensive but powerful troop summon, with high magic resistance, high durability, a very high damage great club, and built-in Regeneration. Especially with buffs, they can be quite strong in combat against opponents that are unable to exploit their high fire vulnerability. Note that unlike most summons, trolls have high gold upkeep.
Contact Hill Giant Conjuration 6 earth 333earthgem Hill Giant
Hill giants are undisciplined size 6 giant units with a remarkable 106 hp, an extremely high damage great club, and 9 magic resistance. Their grab and swallow attack has a role in killing size 2 thugs. Their magic vulnerability is a major problem in combat, as they will be targeted by spells like Soul Slay, but makes them ideal as bait when fighting masses of mind blasters.
Troll King's Court Conjuration 6 earth 3355earthgem Troll KingTroll x10 • War Troll x5 • Troll Moose Knight x2
The Troll King is a useful summon, often used as a thug chassis or a caster for big earth spells like Army of Gold and Weapons of Sharpness. He comes with an army of trolls, which is a great bonus but makes this spell more expensive than many other mage summons. Troll Kings are important for path-boosting earth magic, since an earth 22 mage with Earth Boots can cast this spell and then give the Troll king his boots to create a earth 44 mage. Note that unlike most summons, trolls have high gold upkeep.
King of Elemental Earth Conjuration 8 earth 5550earthgem One of: Barathrus - King of Deeper EarthOreigenes - King of Mountains
Elemental Royalty
Clockwork Soldiers Construction 3 earth 225earthgem Clockwork Soldier x5 +1/2 lv
Clockwork soldiers are a mechanical version of human infantry, with high resistances to all elements and high protection. They fatigue out very quickly (-15 reinvigoration), and thus will actively fight for at most 7 rounds of battle. All constructs are mindless and have spirit sight, though clockwork troops only have a few turns of activity after the casting time of Darkness would complete.
Clockwork Horrors Construction 5 earth 229earthgem Clockwork Horror x10 +1/lv
Improves on the similar Clockwork soldier by having two attacks and higher combat speed (thus wasting less of their limited combat value moving).
Crusher Construction Construction 5 earth 3315earthgem Crusher
The Crusher is a tough blocker, with high hp, protection, and pierce/slash resistances. Consider fluffing your Crusher with defensive spells like Mossbody and Body Ethereal. Its very low combat stats mean that it will primarily crush targets that have been immobilized by spells like Earth Grip or Web.
Mechanical Men Construction 7 earth 2215earthgem Mechanical Man x10+ 1/lv
Mechanical men are similar to the clockwork soldier in having very high resistances to elemental magic, without the reinvigoration penalty. Their direct combat ability is modest, with just 8 hit points and human level combat stats, but they have some of the best resistances of any troop in the game.
Siege Golem Construction 9 earth 3320earthgem Siege Golem
Similar to a Crusher but with a large siege bonus, better resistances, and duel Shatterfist attacks (basically a built-in Smasher). Siege golems compete with both Crumble and Gate Cleaver as ways to transform earthgem into siege strength. They are quite durable, with high hp, protection, and elemental resistances, but comes as a unit (not a commander), and their modest magic resistance makes them a target for spells like Disintegrate.
Enliven Statues Enchantment 6 earth 3320earthgem Living Statue x10 +1/lv
A mage turn efficient way to summon. Living statues are substantially better combatants than mechanical men, but lack the elemental resistances and do not heal between battles. All constructs have spirit sight, and Living Statues in particular have high attack/defense stats, which means they have very high relative stats in Darkness.


Iron Dragon Construction 9 earth 44fire 2230earthgem Iron Dragon
Durable fire-breathing unit with full elemental resistances, trample, fear, and a fire breath attack. mindless and thus immune to spells like soul slay, but the low MR for a late game summon means it will be targeted by spells like Disintegrate.


Enliven Gargoyles Enchantment 5 earth 33air 1110earthgem Gargoyle x5 +1/2 lv
May cast underwater. With this rare cross path, you can summon a group of durable flyers with two attacks and similar attributes to the Living Statue. Because of their built-in physical resistances and small size, gargoyles can be efficiently buffed with AOE 1 spells like Mossbody to create very durable flyers.


Summon Cave Crab Conjuration 3 earth 11water 114earthgem Cave Crab
Cave only.


Iron Pigs Alteration 6 earth 33nature 119earthgem Iron Pig x7


Hidden Underearth Enchantment 6 earth 33death 1175earthgem Various
Cave only. Summons an army. See Hidden in Terrain
Hidden in Sand Enchantment 6 earth 33death 1175earthgem Various
Waste only. Summons an army. See Hidden in Terrain



Juggernaut Construction Construction 9 astral 5525astralpearl Juggernaut
Juggernauts are very durable size 6 Sacred construct, notable for being a unit (not a commander!) that spreads Dominion like a temple. They are one of the slowest units in the game, and thus their trample ability is of limited use.
Telestic Animation Thaumaturgy 5 astral 335astralpearl Telestic Animate
Cheap holy 22 immobile priest statue. One of the very few units with Innate spellcaster, though you'd need to empower in order to use that ability.


Call Abomination Conjuration 9 astral 55water 2225astralpearl Abomination x1
A big monster that needs point buffs to survive late-game battles,
but is an artiliry weapon that fires AOS instant death Mind blast (Magic Negates).
Comes too late game to be the most useful thing to spend pearls on.


Golem Construction Construction 7 astral 33earth 2230astralpearl Golem
May cast underwater. Golems are one of the defining summons of the late game, because they are a durable mindless astral mage. Mindless mages cannot be targeted by Magic Duel, making golems the preferred caster for important battlefield spells like Antimagic, Doom, and Will of the Fates when fighting a nation with far more astral access than you. Mindless mages are also immune to Soul Slay, Charm, Enslave Mind, and similar spells.

These features, combined with the ability to move during the Magic phase with a Starshine Skullcap, make golems an important late game thug chassis despite their low combat skills. While astral 22 offers limited buff options, golems can be geared, fluffed, or (at great expense) empowered for use as a thug against armies.

Golems have a key role during Astral Corruption and the Cataclysm, because horrors do not hunt mindless mages.


Ether Gate Conjuration 6 astral 44death 1190astralpearl Ether LordEther Warrior x15
May use underwater. The princely sum pays for dumping Magic3 on the province you cast it in, along with Magic half-giants armed with Moon Blades. The commander has astral 33death 22random1100%, possibly busting you into a path/level you're missing.
The troops are well-armored, and all of them are Ethereal, Amphibious, and possessing Spirit Sight. They perform better in Magic scales, too. The price is often far too high if you're needing only one feature of this Ritual, though.
Call the Eater of the Dead Conjuration 8 astral 44death 4450astralpearl Eater of the Dead
Essentially an Ancient Presence with better ramp-up between battles, due to its Trample-and-Swallow method of feeding and its Corpse Eater trait, but worse initial stats and a Disease aura. It can at least damage Size 6 foes.
The Eater gets progressively better as it eats more, up until it becomes the Unfettered and turns against you; not that the added attacks matter a whole lot, unless the Eater finds itself next to Size 6 supercombatants.



Summon Animals Conjuration 1 nature 2210naturegem Various
See Animal Summons.
Pack of Wolves Conjuration 2 nature 112naturegem Wolf x10 +1/lv
Wolves are a very cheap animal summon. As fast undisciplined units that are substantially weaker than many PD troops, their combat effectiveness is typically limited to serving as a distraction. A popular use case is as early game patrol chaff for blood hunting.
Summon Horned Serpents Conjuration 2 nature 114naturegem Horned Serpent x5 +1/2 lv
Horned serpents are easily massed undisciplined cold-blooded animals with a poisonous bite. While 29HP may seem impressive, their low defense skill and modest protection mean they trade poorly with many basic units, like province defense. However, their low cost, high attack skill, high MR, and 15AN poison mean they can have a useful role as a tool against thugs or other elites lacking high poison resistance.
Summon Killer Mantis Conjuration 2 nature 224naturegem Killer Mantis x5 +1/2 lv
Killer mantis have the rare combination of being both a magic being and an animal. They are notable for having two decent attacks and unbreakable morale.
Awaken Vine Men Conjuration 3 nature 111naturegem Vine Man x3
Mindless, poison resistant chaff. With two very weak attacks, unbreakable morale, some physical resistances, and awful combat stats, vine men are typically used as blockers or as bodyguard "batteries" for a mage casting soul vortex.
Spell scales with the Ivy Lord ability, which is most easily obtained by forging an Ivy Crown or summoning an Ivy Lord.
Awaken Algae Men Conjuration 3 nature 111naturegem Algae Man x3
An amphibious variant of the vine man, with higher protection but lower HP.
Call of the Wild Conjuration 3 nature 4412naturegem Werewolf x1 • Wolf x30
Technically a remote attack, this spell can be cast in friendly territory as a remote summon. Gives less wolves outside forests. Less efficient as a summoning spell than Pack of Wolves, but the Werewolf can summon 3 wolves per turn. It takes ten months for the werewolf to produce an equal amount of wolves per nature gem, assuming the spell was used in a forest.
Summon Leogryphs Conjuration 4 nature 2212naturegem Leogryph x10 +1/lv
Leogryphs are fast, undisciplined animals with high attack skill and two attacks. Unlike many animals, they have decent magic resistance.
Awaken Vine Ogres Conjuration 4 nature 333naturegem Vine Ogre x2
Vine Ogres are inexpensive mindless magic being plants with an impressive 55 hit points. Because of their low cost, they can be cost-effectively used in many ways, including as siege chaff, evocation bait, blockers, or soul vortex batteries for powerful death mages. Spell scales with the Ivy Lord ability, which is most easily obtained by forging an Ivy Crown or summoning a Vine Lord.
Spirits of the Wood Conjuration 5 nature 338naturegem Woodland Spirit x10 +1/lv
Woodland spirits are fragile homesick ethereal spirits with high awe and 20% regeneration, but unfortunately no protection. Their attack permanently steals strength (magic resistance negates). They are moderately effective blockers against foes lacking magic weapons or having low morale; with powerful buffs (such as Fog Warriors), they might be able to block foes lacking magic weapons for a very long time.
Contact Forest Trolls Conjuration 5 nature 3310naturegem Forest Troll x5 +1/2 lv
Trolls descrip
Awaken Sleeper Conjuration 5 nature 4410naturegem Sleeper x1
Forest Troll Tribe Conjuration 6 nature 3337naturegem Troll Shaman x1 • Forest Troll x15
Trolls descrip
Contact Forest Giant Conjuration 6 nature 332naturegem Forest Giant x1
Contact Lamias Conjuration 6 nature 335naturegem Lamia x5 +1/2 lv
Animal Horde Conjuration 7 nature 4415naturegem Various
Animal Summons
Awaken Ivy King Conjuration 7 nature 4430naturegem Ivy King x1
Faerie Court Conjuration 8 nature 5540naturegem Faery Queen x1 • Sprite x15
Awaken Tarrasque Conjuration 9 nature 6625naturegem Tarrasque x1
A super tough regenerating dragon with a big poison cloud.
Comes too late in research to be useful, as you would prefer a fully slotted super-combatant chassis at Conj 9
Wooden Construction Construction 5 nature 333naturegem Lumber Construct x1
Poorer Golem. If you get one during a random event, it's tradition to thug it out for good luck.
Awaken Treelord Enchantment 7 nature 5535naturegem One of: Treelord • Treelord • Dying Treelord
Call the Worm That Walks Thaumaturgy 8 nature 5530naturegem Worm Mage
Immortals descrip


Summon Sea Dogs Conjuration 1 nature 11water 112naturegem Sea Dog x5 +1/2 lv
Summon Crocodiles Conjuration 1 nature 11water 114naturegem Crocodile x5 +1/2 lv
Summon Sea Lions Conjuration 3 nature 22water 1110naturegem Leocampus x10 +l/lv
Underwater only.
Summon Sea Lions Conjuration 3 nature 22water 227naturegem Bog Beast x5 +1/2 lv
Underwater only.
Summon Swamp Drake Conjuration 4 nature 22water 117naturegem Swamp Drake x1
Swamp drakes are slow cold-blooded animals with a poison gas beam attack. Because of their poor combat skills and modest protection, they are best used in combination with poison immune troops, such as undead. Like Bog beasts, Swamp Drakes can be an effective way to field poison damage for nations with limited access to the poison cross path. Drakes can be summoned in greater numbers by a Dragon Master, making them substantially cheaper and more turn-efficient.


Summon Kithaironic Lion Conjuration 4 nature 33earth 115naturegem Kithaironic Lion
Summon Manticore Conjuration 6 nature 22earth 115naturegem Manticore


Contact Lamia Queen Conjuration 6 nature 55death 2225naturegem Lamia Queen
Construct Manikin Construction 3 nature 11death 119naturegem Manikin x10 +2/lv
Construct Mandragora Construction 6 nature 22death 1110naturegem Mandragora x5 +2/lv



Black Servant Conjuration 1 death 225deathgem Black Servant
A scout. Useful if you need an amphibious scout or need a scout with spirit sight.
Summon Shades Conjuration 2 death 228deathgem Shade x5 +1/2 lv
Rarely used.
Revive Wights Conjuration 3 death 2220deathgem Wight x5
May use underwater. Descr
Revive Bane Conjuration 3 death 227deathgem Bane
May use underwater. Descr
Summon Shade Beasts Conjuration 4 death 3315deathgem Shade Beast x15 +2/lvl
May use underwater. Descr
Spirit Mastery Conjuration 5 death 114deathgem Dispossessed Spirit x15+
May use underwater. Descr
Revive Bane Lord Conjuration 5 death 4412deathgem Bane Lord
May use underwater. Descr
Summon Ghosts Conjuration 6 death 2214deathgem Ghost x5 +1/2 lv
May use underwater. Descr
Summon Spectre Conjuration 6 death 3322deathgem Spectral Mage
May use underwater. Descr
Summon Mound Fiend Conjuration 7 death 3328deathgem Mound Fiend
May use underwater. Descr
Harvester of Sorrows Conjuration 7 death 3328deathgem Harvester of Sorrows
May use underwater. Practically summoning a thugable Banevenom Charm.
Kills about 5% of the current pop as an anonymous event every turn.
Can dispatch light PD and patrols that were expecting a scout with a charm.
More of a Troll tool for its price than an actually win strategy.
Call Wraith Lord Conjuration 7 death 5540deathgem Wraith Lord
May use underwater. Descr
Legion of Wights Conjuration 9 death 6630deathgem Wight x20 +3/lv]
May use underwater. Descr
Tartarian Gate Conjuration 9 death 7710deathgem Summons a Tartarian
See the Tartarian Gate page for a complete description of this endgame spell.
Reanimation Enchantment 1 death 1110deathgem Longdeadx10
May use underwater.
Revive King Enchantment 2 death 223deathgem Mound King
May use underwater.
Create Revenant Enchantment 3 death 229deathgem Revenant
May use underwater. Turns Death gems into Researchers. Probably only needs some early game to spam death magic and dedicated death site searching.
Behemoth Enchantment 4 death 337deathgem Behemoth
May use underwater. An undead elephant. Decent MR and morale mean these do not share some of the weaknesses of other elephant units; low defense and protection mean that these perform substantially better with defensive buffs.
Pale Riders Enchantment 5 death 3310deathgem Longdead Horseman x20+ 2/lv
May use underwater. descrip
Carrion Reanimation Enchantment 7 death 3310deathgem Soulless Ghost x100 +2/lv
May use underwater. descrip
Ritual of Rebirth Enchantment 7 death 4415deathgem Revives a hero as a Mummy
May use underwater. descrip
Lichcraft Enchantment 8 death 5530deathgem Lich
May use underwater. descrip


King of Banefires Conjuration 8 death 33fire 4450deathgem Antrax - King of Banefires
Elemental Royalty. descrip
Reanimate Archers Enchantment 6 death 22fire 115deathgem Longdead Archer x10


Ziz Construction 6 death 33air 224airgem Ziz
An undead version of the Great Eagle. More expensive and harder to mass, but the greater cost pays for complete elemental resistances, spirit sight, Storm immunity, and Fear.


Leviathan Enchantment 7 death 33water 1112deathgem Leviathan
Underwater only, A giant undead turtle with trample and fear. Comes with very high protection but very low combat speed.


Poison Golem Construction 5 death 44earth 2235deathgem Poison Golem
A tough thug chassis with Reaper and Banefire shield but no magic paths.


Despite the high numbers, Blood slaves are fairly easy to collect and considered cheaper to spend then gems.

A main downside for A lot of Blood summon troops, is that you have to summon them one of time until you get to the late game horde versions.

In addition, Unique Demon commanders return to the summoning pool when killed.


Bind Shadow Imp Blood 1 blood 111bloodslave Shadow Imp
Cheap scouts that take mage turns instead of fort turns.
Bind Spine Devil Blood 2 blood 223bloodslave Spine Devil
Solid two poison attack chaff with high Prot and Poison barbs.
Bind Fiend Blood 2 blood 225bloodslave Fiend of Darkness
Sneaky Flyers with Darkness Power and two solid poison attacks.
Bind Serpent Fiend Blood 4 blood 112bloodslave Serpent Fiend
Horde from Hell Blood 5 blood 4444bloodslave Devil (commander) • DevilImp x25
Bind Succubus Blood 5 blood 4466bloodslave Succubus
Ritual of Five Gates Blood 6 blood 5539bloodslave Fiend of DarknessDevilFrost FiendStorm DemonDemon Knight
Plague of Locusts Blood 7 blood 5588bloodslave Demonic Locust (commander) • Demonic Locust x8
Bind Heliophagus Blood 8 blood 55111bloodslave One of: Mastema - HeliophagusAmaimon - HeliophagusGorilon - HeliophagusMabakiel - Heliophagus
Summons one of four unique commanders. descrip
Forces of Darkness Blood 9 blood 6650bloodslave Fiend of Darkness x14 +1/lvl
Summons one of four unique commanders. descrip
Bind Demon Lord Blood 9 blood 88150bloodslave One of: Pazuzu - Lord of the Plague WindBelphegor - Lord of HellBelial - Lord of CorruptionBuer - Goat SunGeryon - Monster of FraudAshmedai - Prince of Lust
Summons one of six unique commanders. descrip


Bind Fiery Imps Blood 1 blood 11fire 116bloodslave Fiery Imp x5 +1/2 lv
Their ranged fire attacks benefit from strength buffs.
Bind Devil Blood 3 blood 22fire 227bloodslave Devil
Fairly strong shock troop summon. Flyers with Two attacks (one inflicts paralyze) and a heat aura.
Bind Arch Devil Blood 7 blood 44fire 2299bloodslave One of: Buriol - Arch DevilEthanim - Arch DevilFurcas - Arch DevilMagoth - Arch DevilIgarak - Arch Devil
Summone one of five unique commanders. Descr
Infernal Forces Blood 9 blood 55fire 2250bloodslave Devilx7 +1/lvl • Impx20
A more efficient late-game way to amass Devils, while also getting a lot of imps for practically a steal.


Bind Storm Demon Blood 4 blood 22air 2210bloodslave Storm Demon
Ethereal Lighting throwers with shock fist attacks in melee. Can be very efficient under the right circumstances.
Infernal Tempest Blood 9 blood 55air 2250bloodslave Storm Demon x7 +1/lv
More Storm Demons for less slaves and mage turns.


Bind Frost Fiend Blood 3 blood 22water 228bloodslave Frost Fiend
Low Prot but decent HP and high Defense Skill. Primarily a shooter but becomes a flying melee fighter if you buff their prot.
Bind Ice Devil Blood 6 blood 33water 3388bloodslave One of: Nycafor - Ice DevilOriax - Ice Devil • ??Gaap - Ice Devil? • Bifrons - Ice DevilCimejes - Ice DevilBune - Ice Devil
Summons one of six unique commanders. Descr
Forces of Ice Blood 9 blood 55water 2250bloodslave Frost Fiend x8+ 1/lv
Summon Fiends more Efficently


Bind Demon Knight Blood 5 blood 22earth 2215bloodslave Demon Knight
Summons a strong knight with Fear. Very good demon summon. Fill the role of hard-to-kill flankers.
Father Illearth Blood 7 blood 33earth 44105bloodslave Pedoseion - Father Illearth
Summons a unique commander. See Elemental Royalty for more.
Infernal Crusade Blood 9 blood 55earth 2250bloodslave Demon Knight x10 +1/lv
Efficient way to summon tons of Knights in the late game.


Cross Breeding Blood 3 blood 11nature 1115bloodslave Cross breeding x20 +1/lv
Awaken Dark Vines Blood 5 blood 11nature 3312bloodslave Dark Vines x2
Cross Breeding Blood 8 blood 22nature 2220bloodslave Cross breeding x40 +3/lv


Bind Bone Fiends Blood 2 blood 11death 115bloodslave Bone Fiend x5 +1/2 lv
Turns Blood slaves into nacked Undead with Good two Stength claw attacks.
Most perfer the Greater number of Londead chaff or more durable Demons.
Blood Rite Blood 7 blood 22death 2211bloodslave Vampire
Naked guy, but still hard to kill and immortal.
Curse of Blood Blood 7 blood 33death 4477bloodslave Vampire Lord
Great Late game mage with great access to death and blood magic. Hard to kill and immortal. Great qualities to have.
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