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Innate Spellcaster

Innate Spellcaster(X) is a rare and powerful ability. The ability lets a mage cast X additional spells per round in addition to their normal action, such as moving, attacking or spellcasting. The only thing that stops innate spellcasting is fatigue greater than 100.

Innate spellcasters have several other unusual features:

  • Damage can't interrupt innate spellcasters and prevent them from casting spells. Additionally, innate spellcasters can make melee attacks with no delay while spellcasting, similarly to combat casters but better.
  • Innate spellcasters disregard spell casting times, effectively casting all spells at the same 100% casting speed.
  • Innate spellcasters cast their first spell effectively in round 0 of combat, before any other spells are cast.
  • As communion masters, innate spellcasters pass on double the fatigue to the communion slaves. An innate spellcaster can never become a communion slave.

The casting time features mean that innate spellcasters allow strong strategies, such as casting normally slow endgame spells like Master Enslave and Army of Rats on turn 0, leaving no opportunity for an opponent to cast Antimagic.

In vanilla Dominions 5, innate spellcasters fall into several categories:

  • Immobile pretenders like the Monolith, as well as mobile statues like the Bronze Colossus.
  • Nazca mummies, such as the Royal Mallqui.
  • Immobile mage summons, like the Telestic Animate, Jinn Block, Hamadryad, and Treelords.
  • Endgame monsters, including some Horrors and the Legion of Gods.
  • The EA Pangaea hero Blessed couple.
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