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Dragon Master

A Dragon Master, also known as a Dragon Lord, has a way with summoning lesser Dragons.

The following guys will arrive in greater numbers when summoned by a Dragon Master:

  1. The Fire Drake (fire 22, 6firegem for 1, has Fire Breath)
  2. The Ice Drake (water 22, 7watergem for 1, has Frost Breath)
  3. The Swamp Drake (nature 22water 11, 7naturegem for 1, has Poison Breath)
  4. The Cave Drake (earth 22, 4earthgem for 1, has Darkvision and very high Protection)
  5. The Wyvern (air 22, 3airgem for 2, has Wings and Discipline)
  6. The Sea Serpent (water 22, 4watergem for 1, is Aquatic but causes Fear)

That's all of them; "greater" Dragons such as the Tarrasque and the Tatsu are too full of themselves to acknowledge a Dragon Master as their sovereign. The above guys are all summoned through Level 4 Conjuration Rituals.


Dragon Pretender Chasses typically have Dragon Master (1), so they get one extra Dragon per summon. The Dragon Master Ritual (Enchantment 8, nature 33, 30naturegem) permanently gives Dragon Master (2) to its caster, which doesn't stack with itself but still stacks with other sources. The Dragon Sceptre Item also adds Dragon Master (1). The Dragon Rune site also adds Dragon Master (1).

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