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Units with the darkvision ability have a percentage reduction (usually 50% or 100%) in the penalty they suffer due to fighting in darkness, caused either by the magical Darkness or by certain terrain (caves and deep sea). This ability does not reduce penalties from having the blindness affliction.

See also: Blind.

Darkvision Items

The following items will grant your assassin, thug, or supercombatant this ability.

Dragon Helmet fire 115firegem Construction 2
Wear this Helmet to feel safe and comfy in the midst of battle, and to see in the dark.
PROT 22, Morale +5, FR +5, Darkvision 50
Cat's Eye Amulet earth 115earthgem Construction 2
This thing makes you slightly nocturnal, and slightly harder to get.
Stealth +20 (DOES NOT MAKE YOU STEALTHY), Darkvision +50
Lychantropos' Amulet nature 2210naturegem Construction 4
This has a 2% chance each turn to make you a Werewolf… FOREVER! You can't take it off!
STR +4, Limited Regeneration +10 (not for Inanimates), Auto-Berserk (NO BERSERKER BONUS) Darkvision +50

FIXME More items: Blood Pendant, Lightless Lantern, Wraith Crown, The Crown of Despair and The Jade Mask.

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