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All provinces in the game have a set of terrain tags. Terrain influences provinces in many different ways:

  • It influences the size of the population in the province as well as available resources and recruitment points.
  • It determines the frequency and types of magic sites that can spawn.
  • It determines what independents spawn, as well the type of province defense and independent recruits that players may buy a
  • It affects the movement cost of units moving through the province.
  • It can influence units in combat, adding penalties to those not adapted to the environment.

Terrain & Combat

Fighting in certain terrain applies penalties to units in combat.


  • All units suffer -1 attack, -1 defense, +2 encumbrance and -20% combat speed when fighting in Swamps.
  • Swamp Survival completely negates this penalty.
  • The spell Quagmire turns any province into a Swamp for the duration of the spell.


Deep Sea

  • All units suffer -3 to attack, defense and precision when fighting in Caves or Deep Sea.
  • 100% Darkvision, Spirit Sight or Blind Fighter completely negates this penalty. 50% Darkvision reduces the penalty to -2.
  • The spell Solar Eclipse creates a similar effect.


Deep Sea

  • All units suffer -3 to attack and defense when fighting in Sea or Deep Sea.
  • Amphibious or Aquatic completely negates this penalty. Poor amphibian reduces the penalty to -2.
  • Blunt and Slashing weapons suffer a penalty to attack equal to their weapon length. Flails suffer an extra -1 penalty to attack.
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