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Repel is how Dominions represents the effectiveness of long weapons, such as halberds, pikes, and the like. If a unit attacks an enemy who has a longer weapon than the attacker, the defender may actually repel the attack and prevent it from happening. This occurs as follows:

The Repel Check

1) Weapon Length Check

Repeller Weapon Length: Weapon length
+ 1 if repeller is size 4+

Attacker's weapon length: Weapon length
+ 1 if attacker is size 4+

If Repeller's Weapon Length > Attacker's Weapon Length ⇒ The repeller can attempt to repel

2) Attack Roll

Repeller Attack roll: Repeller's Weapon's Attack value
- Fatigue penalty
- Harassment penalty, if any

Attacker Defense roll: Attacker's Defense value
- Fatigue penalty
- Harassment penalty, if any

Attacker wins ties!

If attacker wins ⇒ The attacker rolls to attack as normal
If repeller wins ⇒ The attacker makes a morale roll. Simultaneously the repeller makes a regular attack and damage roll against the attacker for a maximum of 1 damage capped.1)

3) Morale Roll

Repeller roll: 10
+ Amount the repeller won its attack roll by

Attacker morale roll: Attacker Morale value
+ Attacker size - Repeller size

Attacker wins ties!

If attacker wins ⇒ The attacker makes an attack roll as normal
If repeller wins ⇒ The attack is abandoned and the repeller gains +1 harassment penalty 2)

This simulates the defender successfully placing his longer weapon between himself and the attacker. All of this occurs before the attacker’s strike is resolved. Note that units with low morale are more likely to be repelled, and thus using long weapons against low-morale troops is very effective. Also, units with claws and bites (weapon length zero) are easier to repel.

The result of the repel attack roll is carried over to the morale check. This means that units with low defense will often get repelled even if their morale is high. In theory it's even possible for thugs with extremely high attack values to repel mindless units (who has morale 50 and are normally immune to repel) but that is unlikely to happen in a normal game.

Bear in mind that the defender gets one repel roll per weapon regardless of the number of attacks of that weapon. So a Dancing Trident incurs as many chances to repel as a Stone Bird, exactly one. However the Stone Bird will potentially be more efficient at repelling a single attacker because of the harassment penalty it can inflict with five attacks.

The 1 damage does not trigger any additional effects like on-hit effects, weapon blesses, fire shield, etc.
The Dominions 5 Manual lists the harassment penalty as -2 every time a repeller succesfully repels. This is not true. The correct value is -1
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