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Strength of Giants

Strength of Giants is an excellent Combat Magic spell, a Level 3 Enchantment that requires earth 33 and zero Gems to use. It applies a +4 Strength bonus to friendly troops and Commanders in a very large area, around 25 squares.

Are There Alternatives?

Sort of. Earth Might applies the exact same effect to a single square; it's a Level 1 Alteration that requires only earth 22. These do not stack.

Alternatively, Strength of Gaia applies this, Barkskin, and 10% Regeneration to just the caster; it's a Level 4 Conjuration that requires nature 33earth 11.

Last but not least, Rush of Strength applies this to your entire army; it's a Level 8 Blood Magic spell that requires blood 33 and 1bloodslave.

Alternatively, if you're a Demon, Blood Lust applies it to you (if the caster's on your side); it requires only blood 22 and 1bloodslave, and comes at Level 4.

What if I lack High Earth?

No problem! Just give an earth 22 mage 1earthgem! Or if you're in no rush in the battle, have the earth 22 cast Summon Earthpower instead; it's a Level 3 Conjuration that provides the necessary pathboost without needing a Gem, along with Reinvigoration.

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