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Manipulates the arcane world in ways traditionally associated with sorcery. You might call forth the souls of victims a soldier has killed and send them after him, or create a window in space to observe distant lands. - Illwinter.

many spell focused on dealing with the mind and causing infections on the enemy. This is commonly an important School for astral mages as it grants the the ability to create communions early on along with their signature mental attack spells. along with higher levels granting teleportation and mind control spells.

this is were most of the remote gem site searcher ritual reisde.

also Spell that turn Troops into Commanders, important if you have access to units with hidden magic paths, if not just a super good thug chassis.



  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Astral
  • Death
  • Nature


Combat Magic

Spell Description Effect


Spell Description Effect
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