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The Void

The Void is one of three alternative planes that can be travelled to, along with Inferno and Kokytos. It is the realm of the otherworldly creatures of R'lyeh and those exposed to it are likely to become permanently insane should they return at all.

Methods of Access

Unlike the other two planes, there is no direct method to send an opponent to the Void.

  • Certain random events may banish commanders to the Void
  • Outcomes from the R'lyeh Void Gate can result in sending the summoner to the Void
  • Being teleported by the spells Returning or Vortex of Returning has a 7% chance to send a recipient to the Void instead of their capital province. The Ring of Returning and Ritual of Returning seem to not carry this risk.
  • Being hit by the Dimensional Rod and failing the resulting MR check.
  • Temporarily, when casting or being the target of Dreams of R'lyeh


Being in the Void is hazardous to anyone who makes it there. Each turn, the following things happen 1)

  • Any non-commanders who are in the Void invariably die without any chance of survival.
  • All units in the Void have a 100% chance to gain 1d6 (exploding) Insanity. This chance is divided by the unit's Void Sanity value, if any.
  • There is a 15% chance that the commander comes under attack by various void creatures. Creatures without Void Sanity fight under the effects of Dimension Overload.
Chance Attacker
1/5 5x Lesser Othernesses
1/25 4x Vile Things
1/25 3x Thing of Many Eyes
1/25 3x Thing from the Void
1/25 5x Elder Things
1/25 4x Formless Spawns
1/25 4x Othernesses
1/25 3x Thing from the Beyond
1/25 2x Dweller in the Deep
1/25 4x Greater Othernesses
1/25 5x Thing that should not be
1/25 1x Vastness
9/25 2x Greater Othernesses
  • Irrespective of being attacked or not, the chance of returning is rolled next. This is 5% plus any void returning modifiers (given by Lightless Lanterns, The Forbidden Light and The Gift of Kurgi).
  • Upon returning, there is a 30% chance of gaining +1 astral and +2d50 (exploding) insanity. This cannot occur for units with astral 44 or higher already.
  • When returning, there is a 10% + (20% per astral level) to return in a province belonging to the owner of the lost unit. If not successful, a province is picked at random. In either case, the returning unit immediately drowns if appropriate, and then attacks the province if it is hostile.
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