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Kokytos is one of three alternative planes that can be travelled to, along with The Void and Inferno. It is the home realm of ice devils.

Methods of Access

  • Certain random events may banish commanders to Kokytos
  • Being hit by the Claws of Kokytos spell


Being in Kokytos is hazardous to anyone who makes it there. Each turn, the following things happen 1):

  • Any non-commanders in Kokytos instantly die without any means of survival.
  • All units in Kokytos are struck for 1d20 (exploding) AN Cold damage.
  • There is a 75% chance that the commander comes under attack by various cold-themed creatures (all die rolls may explode). Battles here are under the effects of Grip of Winter and count as assassination battles, so the banished commander's script is disregarded.
Chance Attackers
1/4 1d20 Unfrozens
3/16 1d20 Winter Wolf
9/16 1d8 Frost Fiends
  • Irrespective of being attacked or not, the chance of returning is rolled next. This is 8% plus any Kokytos returning modifiers, such as those possessed by unique ice devil commanders and those granted by certain items.
  • Upon returning, there is a 10% chance of gaining +1 water magic. This cannot occur for units with water 44 or higher already.
  • When returning, there is a 50% to return in a province belonging to the owner of the lost unit. If not successful, a province is picked at random. In either case, the returning unit immediately drowns if appropriate, and then attacks the province if it is hostile.
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