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Entrapment is a broad category of debuffs that prevent a unit from doing anything until they succeed in a certain stat check.

Unlike most debuffs, these all lack a trait icon on a character sheet, but they appear on the unit's sprite in battle.


Entanglement is caused by many things, but the most common early-game sources are the spells Tangle Vines, Word of Thorns, and Vine Arrow, while the infamous Vine Shield applies it to everyone who attacks its bearer; all are associated with the path of Nature. Entanglement forces a Strength DRN roll, immediately when applied; if their roll fails, whatever they were planning on doing in their turn (or in the rest of it) is interrupted and they do nothing. The roll is then repeated every time the Entangled unit gets their turn in a combat round.

The base difficulty of the Strength roll is 19 (winning ties), but is modified by a number of things:

+3 in Growth3
+2 in Growth2
+1 in Growth1
+1 in Forests

-3 in 3
-2 in 2
-1 in 1
-1 in Wastelands

Earth Grip

Earth Grip is also the name of the Earth Grip spell; that, Earth Meld, and Maws of the Earth are the only sources of this stronger variety of Entanglement, and all of them come from the path of Earth. Earth Grip forces a Strength DRN roll against 23, and this roll is also taken immediately when applied (and every round thereafter if they fail, until they succeed).

Floating units cannot be grabbed by the Earth.

Netting & Webbing

Main Page: Nets

Some units, mostly amphibious ones (though that's incidental), carry Nets that give them one chance each battle to entrap someone. The Net has to hit, like with any normal attack, and thus a unit with high Defence compared to the Netter's Attack will avoid it; if they don't, the Net forces a Strength DRN roll against 19 immediately when applied (like Entanglement in neutral conditions) and every round thereafter if they fail.

Unlike vines and the Earth, Nets are quite limited by their size:

  • Size 3 units have a 33% chance to avoid being Netted, without needing the Strength roll.
  • Size 4 units have a 66% chance for that.
  • Size 5 or greater units cannot be Netted, though the net still harasses them if it hits.

Then there's Webbing, from the Web spell and gigantic spiders; it has the exact same mechanics as Netting, except that the Strength DRN roll is against 22.

False Fetters

False Fetters are a different sort of Entrapment, a magical kind bestowed by the False Fetters spell (an air 22 spell in Alteration Level 1) and a couple of other niche sources. If they're applied, the Fettered unit has to wait until their next round to try to take them off, and the Fetters can only be removed by a Magic Resistance DRN roll against 20. Granted, most applications of False Fetters are negated by standard Magic Resistance checks; if the initial application works, however, then taking them off afterwards will be a lot harder.

Bonds of Fire

Bonds of Fire are applied by the Bonds of Fire and Prison of Fire spells, both of which are Fire Thaumaturgies. If the Bonds are applied, the Bonded unit has to wait until their next round to try to take them off, and the Bonds can only be removed with a Morale DRN roll against 21. On top of that, those who succeed in un-Bonding themselves take 3 armor-negating Fire Damage.

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