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The level of your construction research determines which magic items you are allowed to craft. Some construction spells also allow you to make magic units. – Illwinter.

Construction mostly allows you to forge items; every even-numbered level in Construction opens up a new tier of items for you to forge. Links to lists of these items can be found at the bottom of the page.

Odd numbered levels in Construction offer a few new spells. The most significant of them are Legions of Steel (enhancing troops' armor), Weapons of Sharpness (allowing your troops to cut through armor), and Golem Construction.



  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth Create mechanical warriors. also Great for buffing troops with Leigons of Steel, and Weapons of Sharpness.
  • Astral Makes Juggernaut.
  • Death
  • Nature Create Lumber Construct


  • Fire & Earth super Late game create Iron Dragon for fun.
  • Death & Air can make Corpse Man Constrution which are great in terms of gems to chaff numbers if you have the associated gear.
  • Death & earth super Late game create Poison Golem for fun.
  • earth & astral make the great Super comabten chassi with Golem Construction.
  • nature & death Create Undead plants with high fatigue vine attacks.

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Spell Description Effect

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