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List of Greater Magic Items

Greater Magic Items are Magic Items you can craft upon reaching Construction Level 4. These are the generic ones.

Some notes:

  • DMG is Damage, AP is Armor-Piercing (ignoring half of Protection), and AN is Armor-Negating (ignoring all of it).
  • FAT is Fatigue, and is Armor-Negating (AN) unless said otherwise.
  • Poison Damage is also Armor-Negating (AN) unless said otherwise.
  • Fear Damage lowers Morale instead of HP, and builds up to a rout. What it interacts with, and if it even DRN's, is uncertain.
  • Partial Life Drain Damage only does up to 5 actual points of Life Drain Damage; the rest is normal.
  • Other stats use Manual notation (STR is Strength, ATT is Attack, DEF is Defense, MOR is Morale, PROT is Protection, etc.).
  • Shatter Damage applies only to Inanimates, but I'll restate it anyway.
  • "Damage to Armor" can break it; like what normal Damage can do to Rusty Armor.
  • Capped DMG hits can never do more Damage than what the weapon says, though DRN rolls and Strength apply beforehand.
  • Bouncing DMG is also called "Chaining" Damage, and will never hit the same guy twice in a row.
  • Stuff that "adds X" constantly reapplies "X" while held, if you somehow Heal it.
  • Holding 2 of an Item does not give you the item's out-of-combat effects Twice, aside from some Afflictions.
  • Damage Multipliers are applied after Strength and before DRN rolls vs. Protection.
  • Research Boosters only work for those who can already Research (as in, those who already have Research Points).
  • The number after "Obfuscate" indicates the change in the Army Size that foes will see; negative decreases, positive increases.
  • Sailing (and "Air Sailing", which is just Flying with your troops) has two numbers; the number before the slash is the maximum size of any rider, and the number after the slash is the maximum added-up Size of everyone in the army (including the Commander) it can handle.
  • Items that provide a Magic boost (such as the Thistle Mace) will only do that if the holder innately has a level in that path.
  • Tainted Items, as mentioned in the Items page, have the listed chance to apply a Horror Mark each turn.
  • Bold text in the top line is supposed to indicate that the item is Cursed, or Unremovable, while an EVER is meant to specify that it is Unlootable (can't be picked up by other Commanders after the holder dies) if that isn't mentioned in the bottom line.

One-Handed Weapons

Frost Brand water 115watergem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) is less of a sword, and more of a dispenser of Niefel Flames. Its AOE effect is VERY good!
SLASH, DMG 8, ATT +1, DEF +2, also does 12 AP COLD DMG on hit (AOE 1)
Summer Sword nature 22earth 1110naturegem5earthgem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) is less of a sword, and more of a portable field-fertilizer. It can still cut, though, sometimes!
SLASH, DMG 11, ATT +1, DEF +2, Supply Bonus +100, Tangle Vines spell
Sword of Swiftness water 2210watergem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) is VERY well-made, both for attacking and parrying!
SLASH, DMG 10, ATT +2, DEF +4, attacks TWICE
Heart Finder Sword blood 2210bloodslave
The quickest way to a girl's heart is this Broad Sword (Length 1)! Note that Inanimates don't need their hearts, if they have any.
SLASH, DMG 10, ATT +4, DEF +2, INSTAKILLS on DMG (MR negates, Inanimtates resist) FIXME
Serpent Kryss nature 115naturegem Cheap for LA Pythium & LA Patala!
This Dagger (Length 0) is ideal for Assassinations, provided that you don't think your Assassin will survive.
AP PIERCE, DMG 4, ATT +2, DEF +1, causes 35 POISON DMG on DMG, PR +5
Elf Bane earth 11astral 115earthgem5astralpearl
Note that this Axe (Length 1) isn't the Bane of Elves, but rather the Bane of their Faery Godmothers.
AP SLASH, DMG 12, ATT +3, DEF +1, INSTAKILLS on DMG (MR negates, Magic Beings only) FIXME
Flesh Eater blood 115bloodslave
This Axe (Length 1) will always try to take a chunk out of your target, to save for later.
SLASH, DMG 14, ATT +4, DEF -1, causes a Chest Wound on DMG, Berserker +3
Lightning Spear air 115airgem
This Spear (Length 3) allows you to laugh at your over-armored foes!
PIERCE, DMG 5, ATT +2, DEF +2, also does 10 AN SHOCK DMG on hit, SR +5
Herald Lance astral 115astralpearl
This Spear (Length 3) wishes it were a Lance, and the Undead wish it didn't exist.
PIERCE, DMG 6, ATT +1, DEF +1, hits do x3 DMG against Demons and the Undead, Inspiring Leader +1, Solar Rays spell
Rune Smasher water 22fire 2210watergem10firegem
This Mace (Length 1) smashes resistance to both its holder's magic and their magic-like effects.
BLUNT, DMG 7, ATT +2, DEF +1, Magic Penetration +2
Thistle Mace nature 2210naturegem
This Mace (Length 1) is less of a mace, and more of a thistle Nature focus.
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATT -1, DEF -1, causes 15 POISON DMG on DMG, nature 11 boost
Rat Tail nature 115naturegem
This Whip (Length 4, capped DMG) is painless, sure, but it's very scary! Slaves dread it!
SLASH, DMG 0, ATT +2, also does 10 FEAR DMG on hit, Taskmaster +1
Whip of Command nature 115naturegem
This Whip (Length 4, capped DMG) makes you hated by your troops, but also lets you command extra!
SLASH, DMG 1, ATT +3, DEF -1, Leadership +100, Inspiring Leader -2, Taskmaster +3
Wand of Wild Fire fire 3315firegem
This Sceptre (Length 1) isn't actually a wand, but it still lets you cast!
BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT +1, Fireball spell
Starfire Staff astral 2210astralpearl
This Sceptre (Length 1) isn't actually a staff, but it's still pretty cool!
BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT +1, Far Caster 1 (Astral), Star Fires spell
Snake Bladder Stick nature 115naturegem
You can Repel with this thing (Length 2), but its only offensive use is to spread poisonous clouds.
Spreads Poison Clouds instead of dealing direct DMG (AOE 4), DEF +1
Fire Bola fire 115firegem
Bolas (50 per unit) tangle up foes you Throw them at, and fiery ones do it with Fire!
BLUNT, DMG 0, PRE +2, Range is STR, applies Bonds of Fire on hit

Double-Handed Weapons

Flambeau fire 3315firegem Cheap for MA Marignon!
This Great Sword (Length 2) can also cast the Holy Pyre spell, Marignon's signature, for free! (Gosh, there's too many features…)
SLASH, DMG 13, ATT +4, DEF +2, each hit does x3 DMG to Demons & the Undead, also does 12 AP FIRE DMG on hit, FR +5
Moon Blade astral 115astralpearl
This Great Sword (Length 2) was invented by the universally-hated Ether Lords to destroy each other, and to spook Celestials!
SLASH, DMG 13, ATT +4, DEF +5, each hit does x2 DMG to Magic Beings
Wraith Sword death 2210deathgem
Wraiths don't use this Great Sword (Length 2). I know, it bums me out as well!
Implementor Axe earth 11death 115earthgem5deathgem
This Great Axe (Length 2) lets you play like Genghis Khan!
AP SLASH, DMG 10, ATT +2, Fear +10, Pillager +25
Midget Masher earth 115earthgem
This Maul (Length 2) lets you mock people who take up less space than you!
BLUNT, DMG 20, ATT +3, DEF +1, each hit does x2 DMG to Smaller Creatures
Staff of Corrosion water 22fire 1110watergem5firegem
This Quarterstaff (Length 3) has a Magic spell! It's not an amazing one, but it's nifty!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATT +2, DEF +4, Acid Bolt spell
Skull Staff death 2210deathgem
This Quarterstaff (Length 3) is capped with a Necromancer's skull; those who live by the sword get bound to the sword.
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATT +2, DEF +4, death 11 boost
Skull Standard nature 22death 1110naturegem5deathgem Cheap for MA Asphodel!
Your Standard (Length 4) Bearer probably shouldn't be fighting, but they can spook people with this!
BLUNT, DMG 1, ATT -2, DEF -3, Fear +5, Panic spell
Thunder Bow air 2210airgem
This Short Bow shoots Lightning Bolts (10 shots) instead of arrows, and uses your full strength! It works underwater!
AN SHOCK, DMG 10, PRE +3, RANGE 40, also does 1 Capped AN SHOCK DMG on hit (AOE 1)
Vine Bow nature 115naturegem
This Short Bow (12 shots) shoots Vine Arrows! They're a bit weak compared to the spell, though.
PIERCE, DMG 5, RANGE 35, 1/3 STR added to DMG, also Entangles on hit
Golden Arbalest air 11earth 115airgem5earthgem
This Arbalest (12 shots) lacks the downsides of typical Arbalests! Yay!
AP PIERCE, DMG 15, PRE +10, RANGE 55, 1/3 STR added to DMG
Vision's Foe air 11death 115airgem5deathgem
This Arbalest (12 shots, shoots every third round) always hits eyes! Its shots ignore armor to hit them!
AN PIERCE, DMG 13, PRE +10, RANGE 50, 1/3 STR added to DMG, causes "Lost an Eye" on hit


Golden Hoplon fire 2210firegem Cheap for EA Mekone!
This Hoplon (usable by Mounted guys) bears its material's (entirely-fictitious) resistance to heat!
PROT 23, PARRY 9, DEF -1, ENC +1, FR +15
Charcoal Shield earth 22fire 1110earthgem5firegem
This Round Shield (usable by Mounted guys) safely ignites you, punishing attackers with Armor-Piercing Fire!
PROT 26, PARRY 5, DEF -1, ENC +1, FR +5, Fire Shield 9
Shield of the Accursed astral 22blood 1110astralpearl5bloodslave
This Round Shield (usable by Mounted guys) is almost too disturbing to look at.
PROT 21, PARRY 7, DEF +2, ENC +1, gives 5 Horror Marks to melee attackers (MR v. 16 negates)
Totem Shield nature 11astral 115naturegem5astralpearl Cheap for EA & MA Machaka!
This Hide Shield (usable by Mounted guys) has a sort-of-living face, which shouts expletives at your attackers.
PROT 13, PARRY 4, Curse Bestower (Curses melee attackers, MR negates) FIXME
Lucky Coin astral 2210astralpearl
This Buckler (usable by Mounted guys) blackmails Lady Luck into favoring you.
PROT 19, PARRY 4, Lucky
Vine Shield nature 2210naturegem
This Buckler (usable by Mounted guys) is famed for its ability to hold down attackers! Everyone uses it!
PROT 13, PARRY 5, Entangles melee attackers


Flame Helmet fire 4425firegem
The flames on this Helmet are like those on a Charmander's tail! They make you feverish, though. They also might be bugged.
PROT 26 (Head), PROT 5 (Body), Reinvigoration -3, fire 11 boost
Helmet of Heroes fire 11earth 115firegem5earthgem
This Helmet, crafted in the Legionary style, makes you likeable!
PROT 19, Inspiring Leader +2
Winged Helmet air 4425airgem
This Helmet lets you look like Thor! It won't make you actually Thor-like unless you have Air magic, though.
PROT 22, air 11 boost
Spirit Mask death 22nature 1110deathgem5naturegem Cheap for EA & MA Machaka!
This is technically a Helm, but its only substantial protection is from Magic & potential spouses.
PROT 10, DEF -1, MR +1, Auto-Casts Frighten
Crown of Command astral 2210astralpearl
This Crown makes otherwise-mediocre leaders seem credible! The Undead know better, though.
PROT 9, Leadership +50, Magic Leadership +25, Inspiring Leader +1
Crown of Bones death 2210deathgem
This Crown is made of interns! Don't worry, they were paid. This is entirely ethical.
PROT 9, Undead Leadership +75, Inspiring Leader -1
Mistletoe Garland nature 115naturegem
This Crown will do most of its protection work at the very last second, like all good students!
PR +5, Lucky


Elemental Armor earth 22fire 1110earthgem5firegem Cheap for EA Mekone!
This Full Plate Mail is balanced between physical and elemental protection.
PROT 20, DEF -3, ENC +4, MM -6, FR +10, CR +10, SR +10
Brightmail Haubergeon air 11earth 115airgem5earthgem
This Chain Mail Cuirass is almost weightless! It still impedes movement a bit, though.
PROT 13, MM -2
Shademail Haubergeon death 22earth 1110deathgem5earthgem
This Chain Mail Cuirass can hide anyone, even bumbling fools, and it's also quite light!
PROT 13, Stealth +20 (DOES MAKE YOU STEALTHY), MM -2
Silver Hauberk air 22earth 1110airgem5earthgem
This Chain Mail Hauberk is very hard to look at, and it even bounces off Star Fires!
PROT 17, DEF -1, ENC +1, Air Shield +80
Chain Mail of Displacement air 2210airgem
This Full Chain Mail displaces your image, making you tougher to hit, though foes will eventually stop missing.
PROT 19, DEF +3, ENC +2, MM -2
Red Dragon Scale Mail fire 2210firegem
This Scale Mail Cuirass reassures you that there's one less Red Dragon to worry about!
PROT 16, DEF -1, ENC +1, Morale +4, FR +15
Blue Dragon Scale Mail water 2210watergem
This Scale Mail Cuirass reassures you that there's one less Blue Dragon to worry about!
PROT 16, DEF -1, ENC +1, Morale +4, CR +15
Green Dragon Scale Mail nature 2210naturegem
This Scale Mail Cuirass reassures you that there's one less Green Dragon to worry about!
PROT 16, DEF -1, ENC +1, Morale +4, PR +15
Shroud of the Battle Saint astral 115astralpearl Cheap for EA Ermor!
Someone bled on this! Yuck! You can't take it off, EVER, so it makes you permanently Blessed.
Armor of Twisting Thorns blood 33nature 2215bloodslave10naturegem
I can't imagine that this feels nice, but it gives you washboard abs to compensate. You can't take the thorns out, EVER!
PROT 13 (Head & Body, Also Fills Head "Slot"), DEF -1, ENC +5, MM -6, Poison Barbs 10, nature 11blood 11 boost
Robe of the Sea water 3315watergem
These Robes prevent any sort of oxygen deprivation, somehow. How nice of them!
PROT 3, Water Breathing, Air Breathing, water 11 boost
Robe of Shadows astral 2210astralpearl
These Robes make you half-Shadow. Fortunately, this doesn't cause problems in well-lit environments.
PROT 3, Etherealness, Stealth +20 (DOES NOT MAKE YOU STEALTHY)


Winged Shoes air 2210airgem
These Shoes will fly you around! You might want to work on your balance, by the way.
Flying (MM = 20)
Boots of the Messenger nature 115naturegem
For 5 Nature Gems, these super-comfy performance-enhancing Low Boots are a steal!
MM +9, Reinvigoration +3
Brimstone Boots fire 11earth 115firegem5earthgem
These High Boots smell a bit egg-like, but they keep out sand and flames!
STR +4, FR +15, Wasteland Survival
Earth Boots earth 2210earthgem
Trust me, this is the only pair of High Boots an average Earth Mage will ever need.
earth 11 boost

Miscellaneous Items

Medallion of Vengeance fire 115firegem
It's not "suicide bombing" if you're dead when it happens! Can not be recovered after battle, for obvious reasons.
Death Explosion (AP FIRE, 20 DMG, AOE 10)
Dancing Trident air 115airgem
This thing flies around and attacks for you (Length 5)! You have to aim it, though.
PIERCE, 19 DMG, +1 DEF, STR not added to DMG
Storm Spool air 115airgem
You might want some additional Shock Resistance while holding this; the Lightning Rod is perfect!
SR +15, Corpse Lord +2, Permanent Charge Body
Enchanted Mirror air 2210airgem
This makes enemy Scouts and Spies look like total idiots, provided you aren't just mirroring yourself.
Obfuscate +75
Pills of Water Breathing air 2210airgem
They have medicine for drowning, but nothing for sore throats. Gosh.
Gift of Water Breathing 20 (Plus Self)
Cauldron of the Elven Halls air 3315airgem Cheap for EA & MA Vanheim!
Soup prepared in this thing makes you invisible, up until you have to think!
Obfuscate -75
Flying Carpet air 3315airgem Cheap for EA Ubar & MA Na'Ba!
This lets you play as Aladdin, flying through the sky with your underlings!
"Air Sailing" (6/14, MM = 20) FIXME
Wall Shaker air 3315airgem Cheap for EA Hinnom!
This lets you play as Joshua, blowing walls down with vibrations!
Siege Bonus +25, Panic spell
Bag of Winds air 5540airgem
This contains a ton of winds, but only one itty-bitty storm. What a ripoff!
air 11 boost, Summon Lesser Air Elemental spell (Start)
Dancing Shield air 11earth 115airgem5earthgem
This doesn't stack with the Flying Shield or the Ice Shield, both of which will be too jealous of it to help you.
Protective Force (50% chance to add 20 PROT against hits that don't ignore Shields)
Water Lens water 115watergem
It's technically not a Crystal Ball, being made out of water. It's more like a durable water balloon!
1watergem (Temporary), Far Caster 1 (Water)
Amulet of the Fish water 11air 115watergem5airgem
This makes you just wet enough to move and breathe on dry land, without flopping around or wearing a fishbowl.
Air Breathing
Enchanted Salt earth 115earthgem
The legendary Pocket Salt maneuver (Length 5, no Repel) can save you from genies, ghosts, and even elves!
AN SALT, 1 DMG, AOE 1, STR not added to DMG, see Salt Vulnerability for details
Girdle of Might earth 115earthgem
This belt keeps your gut in the optimal position for peak physical performance.
STR +3, Reinvigoration +3
Crystal Matrix earth 11astral 115earthgem5astralpearl
This lump of crystal lets your Astral-less friends use a Communion! It might not go well, though.
Communion Master
Slave Matrix earth 11astral 115earthgem5astralpearl
No, this doesn't let you do Communions outside of battle, especially not for Rituals; that's how Lemuria happened.
Communion Slave
Amulet of Antimagic astral 115astralpearl
Even star shapes are magical! This one is upside-down, so it tells other magic to stay away.
MR +4
Eye of the Void astral 115astralpearl
Don't look into a mirror after putting this in; you know what they say about abysses! Don't take it out, either.
MR -2, Magic Penetration +2, Spirit Sight, Unlootable, applies Lost an Eye, Tainted (3% chance per turn)
Spell Focus astral 115astralpearl
This source of Magic Penetration is both easy to come by and perfectly safe – provided that you avoid harm!
Magic Penetration +1, Fool's Luck (Either negates or DOUBLES DMG from each hit you take)
Stone Sphere astral 22earth 1110astralpearl5earthgem
This isn't really a Crystal Ball, either; it's more akin to a Palantír, with similar dangers.
Astral Window ritual (Free), Tainted (3% chance per turn)
Crystal Coin astral 22earth 2210astralpearl10earthgem
Forget Gifts from Heaven; this is the real draw of mixing Earth & Astral.
astral 11 boost
Amulet of the Dead death 115deathgem
If you need more Longdead, there's always this.
Undead Leadership +5, Reanimation Bonus 2/2, Animate Skeleton spell
Bane Venom Charm death 2210deathgem
Wear this to lose all of your friends, or to go Scorched Earth while under Siege!
Reaper 5, adds Disease
Skull Mentor death 2210deathgem
This guy gets revenge for being trapped in his skull by endlessly droning on about Magic!
Research Bonus +14
Amulet of Giants nature 115naturegem
This stacks with the Enlarge spell, in case you're REALLY envious of the Size 4's!
Limited Enlargement (Up to Size 4)
Endless Bag of Wine nature 115naturegem
Alcohol? My favorite!
Supply Bonus +50
Horn of Valor nature 115naturegem
Set this to play your favorite battlefield tunes!
Inspiring Leader +1
Amulet of Resilience nature 2210naturegem
Wear this to keep yourself from getting terminally bored!
Reinvigoration +5
Lychantropos' Amulet nature 2210naturegem
This has a 2% chance each turn to make you a Werewolf… FOREVER!¹ You can't take it off!
STR +4, Darkvision +50, Limited Regeneration +10 (not for Inanimates), Auto-Berserk (NO BERSERKER BONUS)
Ring of Regeneration nature 2210naturegem
Warning: do not look at your wounds while they heal. It's gross.
Limited Regeneration +10 (not for Inanimates)
Cornucopia nature 3315naturegem
Blow on the tip of the horn to dislodge some magic fruit!
2naturegem (Temporary), Supply Bonus +50
Miraculous Cure All Elixir nature 5540naturegem
This can cure any ailment, except for a sore throat; but why waste a month's worth of medicine on that?
Disease Healer 1
Acorn Necklace nature 11earth 115naturegem5earthgem
This repels lightning, since it looks so ridiculous! Results may vary with other damage sources.
SR +15, Lucky
Astral Serpent nature 11astral 115naturegem5astralpearl Cheap for LA Pythium & LA Patala!
This contains one genuine Snake Soul, serving its Purgatorial sentence by being a bonus attack (Length 2).
AN PIERCE, 3 DMG, ATT +3, STR not added to DMG, also does 35 POISON DMG on DMG, PR +5
Manual of Water Breathing nature 33water 1115naturegem5watergem
Yes, you can learn how to breathe underwater. This means you can also forget how to breathe.
Gift of Water Breathing 50 (Plus Self)
Sanguine Dowsing Rod blood 115bloodslave
Just hold the forked tips, close your eyes, and stumble around until you bump into someone!
Blood Searcher +1
Lifelong Protection blood 2240bloodslave Cheap for LA Marignon!
Sign this to permanently gain an Imp-daddy's patronage! It only costs you your soul. No one else can sign it.
Undead Leadership +5, Inferno Assistance +10, Auto-Summons 2 Imps each round, Tainted (5% chance per turn)
The Heart of Life blood 3315bloodslave
Some Blood Slaves have incredible Hearts; they won't accept your original heart, though! Don't remove it!
PR +5, Reinvigoration +10, Unaging (50%), Unlootable, applies Chest Wound, not for Inanimates
Brazen Vessel blood 5540bloodslave
This skull-bound devil is happy with his situation, since at least he's not in Hell.
blood 11 boost, Inferno Assistance +20, Kokytos Assistance +20
Blood Stone blood 33earth 2215bloodslave10earthgem
Aww, you're making the poor rock cry! Stop that! :-(
1earthgem (Temporary), earth 11 boost

¹ The amulet can't transform undead, inanimate, or size 4+ beings.

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