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Poison Barbs

Hitting a unit possessing this ability with a length 0-1 melee weapon causes the attacking unit to accrue AN nonmagical poison damage in its poison damage pool. The amount of damage accrued is denoted in brackets.

See Also: Poison Damage

Poison Barbs Items

The following items will grant your assassin, thug, or supercombatant this ability.

Armor of Twisting Thorns blood 33nature 2215bloodslave10naturegem Construction 4
I can't imagine that this feels nice, but it gives you washboard abs to compensate. You can't take the thorns out, EVER!
PROT 13 (Head & Body, Also Fills Head "Slot"), DEF -1, ENC +5, MM -6, Poison Barbs 10, nature 11blood 11 boost
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