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LA Lemuria, Soul Gates

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General Overview


Lemuria is a dying nation that makes great use of Forts and immortal thugs.


Lemuria is a Roman nation of ghosts and spectres.

With the second fall of Ermor, hope finally came to the Scelerian remnants of the ancient empire. The fear of the dead faded and the undead legions were no longer needed. Instead the soulless were put to menial labor. But the Thaumaturgs turned their attentions elsewhere. The common people became ever more dissatisfied. Some soulless slaves still toiled the land, but with the thaumaturgs less interested in reanimating slaves for the populace, the common men felt abandoned. Demands were made that the Thaumatugs should provide slaves to keep the kingdom going. The conflict escalated and finally, in an act of remarkable hubris, the Thaumatugs decided to settle the problem once and for all. In a great ceremony every Thaumaturg in the kingdom joined a communion and poured their lower souls into a ritual that would open a gate to the underworld, so that the dead willingly might return to the land of the living as workers and farmers. The ritual succeeded, in a way. The gate opened, but the lower souls of the Thaumaturgs where ripped apart and swallowed by the gate. And from the gate emerged, not dead servants, but a spectral host of legionnaires and shadows. Now the land is slowly withering and falling under the dominions of a God of darkness. Ghosts and spectral legions reclaim a land once theirs and the shattered souls of the former Thaumaturgs are mustering the shadows and memories of a glorious past.

The origin of the name "Lemuria" and the theme of the nation comes from Roman Lemures, the shades or spirits of malignant dead in Rome. Lemuria is also the name of a Roman festival dedicated to exorcising these spirits. There is no singular of Lemures in Latin, but the name of the famous primates from Madagascar (lemurs) does derive from Lemures, because of their ghostly appearance.

National Features

Race Military Magic Priests Dominion Buildings
Ghosts and shadows.
Do not need supplies, can enter water.
Do not recruit regular armies.
Summons or reanimates spirits of the dead
Spectral legionnaires, ghosts, shadows and hordes of dispossessed spirits. Summons:
death 44
astral 33
air 11 (uncommon)
water 11 (uncommon)
Increased research in magic lands.
Powerful (holy 33).
All priest can call shadows and spirits.
Summons ghosts and shadows.
Kills population.
Primitive Forts
  • Mercenaries are 100% more expensive.

Morale penalty

Non-undead units controlled by Lemuria suffer a -1 morale penalty their dominion instead of receiving a +1 bonus. This is a national trait which is not negated by being a disciple and is not shared with disciple nations should Lemuria be the pretender.

Lictor spawn chance

Lictors spawn at 2% per dom over 5 in a castle with a temple (10% at dom10). If not lictores, then you get principes or hastati instead. You get about 4-5 each time.

Capital Special Site

Campus Sceleris
Produce 9deathgem per turn


No recruitable troops, only ghost freespawn and summable commanders.


[insert here the talk about the % of freespawn] [talk about the spectral weapon]

Lemuria dominions spawn 3 types of freespawns: the dispossessed spirit everywhere, 4 different types of spectral legionnaires, and a sacred lictor one.

Their quality and quantity increase by building a fort, temples (Legionaries) as well as your dominion score (+5% per candle). Forts with temples and laboratories spawn about 1 Acolyte and 1 Tribune per year instead of 2 Tribunes without the lab. Spectral Lictors only spawn about 2% per candle over 5. With Dominions 5, Lemuria's spectral infantry now deals at least half damage against MR and the changes to immortality allow Consuls and Grand Lemurs to be used much more aggressively.

Summonable Commander

All commanders in the below table have the following special attributes:

Image Unit Name Spell Additional Attributes Comments
Lemur Centurion Revive Lemur Centurion
death 11 5deathgem
Fear (5) the Mound King of the nation.
Cheap guy that can lead tons of undead and start with one.
unfotunly that your other commander can perform double duty and moral is not a problem for undead.
Lemur Consul Revive Lemur Consul
death 33 25deathgem
holy 33
Fear (5)
Immortal (3 months)
Reanimator Priest
Shadow Tribune Revive Shadow Tribune
death 11 8deathgem
holy 11
Dark Power (2)
Reanimator Priest
Your Cheapest Reanimator.
He does NOT have Magic Power or a Chill Aura, and he has only 15 points of Cold Resistance.
Lemur Senator Revive Lemur Senator
death 22 15deathgem
holy 22
Fear (5)
Reanimator Priest
Lemur Acolyte Revive Lemur Acolyte
death 22 11deathgem
death 11holy 11
Fear (6)
Magically Attuned Researcher
Reanimator Priest
Lemur Thaumaturg Revive Lemur Thaumaturg
death 33 20deathgem
death 22astral 11holy 22
Fear (7)
Magically Attuned Researcher
Reanimator Priest
Grand Lemur Revive Grand Lemur
death 33 50deathgem
death 33astral 22holy 33random1100%
Fear (8)
Immortal (3 months)
Magically Attuned Researcher
Reanimator Priest

Freespawn Troops

#FIXME Freespawn chances?

They all share these special attributes:

Image Name Additional Attributes Comments
Dispossessed Spirit Stealthy (40)
Extra Disposable with a paralyzing attack.
Spectral Velite Skirmisher 1 spectral javelin
Spectral Hastatus spectral javelin
Spectral Principe spectral javelin
Spectral Triarius
Praetorian Spectre
Spectral Lictor Sacred

Call Spirit

Every commander with the reanimator priest tag can reanimate some spirit, here is the list:

Image Name Priest Level Additional Attributes Comments
Dispossessed Spirit holy 11: 8 + 2*path Stealthy (40)
(chaff with paralyze)
Shade Beast holy 22: path -1 Stealthy (40)
Dark Power(2)
poor amphibian
no Salt Vulnerability or Floating
flankers with Dark Power, reanimate kills
Shadow holy 11: 2 + 2*path Stealthy (40)
Dark Power(2)
no Salt Vulnerability or Floating
(stealth raider with Dark Power, paralyze)
Apparition holy 22: path -1
-100 population
Stealthy (40)
Fear (5)
Plague Carrier(5)


National Spells & Summons


Spell Name Type Path Req Cost Comment
Revive Shadow Tribune Ritual death 11 8deathgem
Revive Lemur Centurion Ritual death 11 3deathgem
Revive Lemur Senator Ritual death 22 15deathgem
Revive Lemur Consul Ritual death 33 25deathgem
Revive Lemur Acolyte Ritual death 22 11deathgem
Revive Lemur Thaumaturg Ritual death 33 20deathgem
Revive Grand Lemur Ritual death 33 50deathgem

(Un)Holy Spells

Spell Name Requierment Effect Comments
Unholy Command holy 11
Unholy Protection holy 11
Unholy Blessing holy 11
Unholy Power holy 11
Anathema holy 22
Unholy Protection holy 22
Unholy Blessing holy 22
Apostasy holy 33
Unholy Power holy 33
Unholy Blessing holy 33
Protection of the Shadelands holy 33
Power of the Shadelands holy 44

Magic Access

Magic Paths: air 11water 11astral 33death 44holy 33, Missing Paths: FENB

Diversity summons

Spectre D1 (+200% WESD), with N5 Faerie Queen (A3N3), with N5D2 Lamia Queen D2N1 (+200% WDNB), with E3 Troll King E3, with F3 Flame Spirit F3, with W3N1 Naiad W3N3, with W4D1 Kokythiad W3D3

Notable Generic Magic

Discuss the top few generic spells that most increase a nation's combat power or synergize with national strategies. These will generally be early-to-mid game spells since individual spells matter much more during those periods of the game. Some examples are Foul Vapors for MA C'tis, Horde of Skeletons + Sabbath Master/Sabbath Slave for the Niefelheim line of nations, Mother Oak for the Pangaeas, Wailing Winds access, etc. For broader advice on magic use, link to Not-Lola's Basic Magic Use Guide.

Ench6+ (4 Antimagic 5 Horde of Skeletons / Quagmire / Foul Vapors 6 Rigor Mortis / Grip Winter),

Conj3+ (Elementals, Powers, Dark Knowledge),

Evo6/7+ (3 Probe 5 Shadow Blast 6 Wailing Winds / Mind Hunt),

Alt2+ (Skins / Buffs 6 Darkness / Soul Vortex),

Const4+ (booster / shroud),

Thau1+ (Communion 4 Site Search / Terror 5 Soul Slay)

Magic Items

List and describe any unique national items or discounts in this section, discuss and compare with similar generic items.


Power Curve

This is probably the most difficult section to get consensus for. Describe how strong the nation is during expansion, the early, mid and late game, and what makes it strong/weak at each of those points. This should give readers an idea of where the weaknesses of a nation lie (if they have not been shown already) and when to take advantage of a nation's strengths.

Early Game

Build a fort asap in every province whenever you have enough gold and don't build temples outside of forts. Upgrade them once you have forts everywhere and don't forget to expand underwater! By 'Calling spirits' any priest (depending on their holy level) can summon Dispossessed Spirits (chaff with paralyze), Shade Beasts (flankers with Dark Power, reanimate kills), Shadows (stealth raider with Dark Power, paralyze) and Apparitions (Fear5, plague carrier) to strengthen your ranks. Site search with 1 or 2 Lemur Acolytes and try to get independent mages to search for other paths. Research Ench6 for Antimagic / Horde of Skeletons / Rigor Mortis / Grip of Winter and Conj3 for powers and Dark Knowledge.

Mid Game

Once your god wakes up, summon mostly Grand Thaumaturgs and some Consuls / Thaumturgs. Research goals are Ench6 for Antimagic / Rigor Mortis / Grip of Winter, Evo6 for Wailing Wind, Const6 for boosters and gear, Conj6 for diversity summons and Alt6 for Darkness / Soul Vortex. Transmutation / Alchemy (Alt2-6) lets you transform F / E gems into gold to build more forts and temples especially with a high F/E pretender. You will still need to devour other players from time to time to fuel your income. Stone Idols (Const6, E2S2) help keep high income provinces free of Lemuria's deadly dominion.


Lemur Centurion (Fear5), Consuls (Fear5, immortal), Wraith Lords (D3, Fear5, immortal)


Use Tribunes with 40-80 legionaries, an Acolyte (stealthy) with ~30 Shadows or a Consul to raid as many enemy provinces as possible. Because the latter are immortal, it can worth it to empower the Consuls in fire, water or earth to buff themselves. Grand Thaumaturgs can counter raid via Teleport (Thau3). Use Mind Hunt (Evo6 & Thau2/5) and Vengeance of the Dead (Thau4) to snipe enemy commanders and raiders, especially with a Recuperation bless that can heal afflictions. With a Skullcap or Coin, S3 Grand Lemurs can Gateway (Thau5) large amounts of troops up to 6 provinces to reinforce forts (Crown of Bones +75 undead).

Expansion Strategies

List some example expansion strategies here. If a strong bless or pretender is required then leave the specifics for the pretender section.

Example Pretender Builds

List some example pretender builds. Try to use the following format to keep authorship and pretender design rationale clear.

Spring immortal SC
Makes your ghost mages harder to kill once awake and Large spread and deep into of paths for a variety in combat, rituals, and forging from mid to lategame.
Spring and Dominion immortality

Chassis: Dormant Titan of the Spring
Paths: earth 55water 55death 66nature 55
Bless: FR, SR, Chill aura, Reforming Flesh, Recuperation
Scales: Dominion strength7Turmoil3Sloth3Cold3Death3Luck1Magic3

Major Bless: * Nicknight the Awake Demilich - fire 77earth 33death 66 with Awe, UC, Reforming Flesh Dom7 T3S3C3 D3L3M3 (Consul thug bless)

* Lucid the Dormant Lich Queen - paths W2 / A2 S5D6N5 with 1MR, Arcane Finesse, Reforming Flesh, Recuperation and scales Dom7 T3S3C3 D3L3M3 (immortal battle mage & global caster, A – Wind of Death or W - Foul Vapors)

Let's play

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