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LA C'tis, Desert Tombs


C’tis is a river valley surrounded by sandy deserts. Once the valley was fertile and great swamps surrounded the great river. Now the deserts spread and the swamps grow fewer and smaller each passing year. The valley is the home of an ancient sacral kingdom of lizard-like humanoids. In ancient times, the High Priests of C’tis mastered the craft of embalming to preserve the remains of their kings. Since the dawn of the kingdom, tombs have been constructed in the desert to contain the mummified kings and priests. With the Awakening of the God, the Sauromancers, great mages of death and rebirth, have re-emerged and taken the place of the Marshmasters. Through studies of ancient lore they have perfected dark rituals that awaken the kings of old to lead the stirring dead as the Lizard Kings lead the kingdom of the living. At the top of the C’tissian society is the Lizard King. The King is the highest priest of C’tis. Under the King are the High Priests and the enigmatic Sauromancers. After a great rebellion most of the carnivorous lizardmen were slain or fled to distant lands. There is a widespread fear that the predators and their Sobek masters will return as foreseen in their Seventh Book. The C’tissians are somewhat slow in movement, but have thick hides that protect them from cuts and bruises. Both lizardmen are cold-blooded and become exhausted very quickly when fighting in cold provinces. They have partial resistance to poison. The inhabitants of C’tis prefer to live in warm provinces. The Tomb Kings and Tomb Priests are able to reanimate the dead.

General Overview

As with all things, Golden ages have to end.

Annoying dominion effect gone, The Swamp gone, Sobek gone, predator lizards gone, shaman communion gone, Foul Vapors gone, nature, and water access gone.

The Sauromancers return, giving you back casually recruiting a death 44 mage. Unfortunately without shamans from The Swamp, large communions are much harder to assemble. The signature Nature & Water spell, Foul Vapors, was replaced with Fire & Earth to make BaneFire spammers (Has its niche but not an army wipe like Foul Vapors).

Still can easily summon immortal thugs. LA has a greater focus on Skeli-spam, having new priest spells to buff them and can summon reanimate priest to save on death gems.

The addition of fire also grants the nation Lightless Lanterns, making you fast at research.

National Features


Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Prefers Heat scales+2
swamp survival
poison resistance(5-10)
Poison resistant troops
Heavy infantry
Sacred animals
Powerful death mages
Undead hordes and thugs
death 44 (Rare 5)
fire 22 (Rare 3)
astral 11 (Rare 2)
earth 11 (Rare 2)
nature 11

Summable nature 33*, astral 33*
*Can't be summoned natively
Powerful(holy 33)
Undead Reanimator-Priests
Standard Forts(Citadel)

Capital Special Sites

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The Temple Marsh Empoisoners Guild
Enables recruitment of:

Keeper of the Tombs,

Tomb Guard.

Generates 1firegem3deathgem per turn.
Enables recruitment of:

Poison Slinger



All national commanders and units have at least MR 12, cold-blooded, swimming, swamp survival and poison resistance(5-10).

Beware - Despite having some poison resistance, they are still susceptible and may die from too much accumulated poison. This is not usually a problem, as your enemies will typically die from it faster than you, but do not mistake your resistance for immunity.


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Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Gold 30
holy 11
Poison resistance(7)
Cheaper than indie priests. Like all C'tis national troops, comes with poison resistant. Otherwise unremarkable.
Commander of C'tis
Gold 40
Poison resistance(7) Cheap 60Ld comand. Overshadowed by Lizard lords in many situations.
Lizard Lord
Gold 70
Poison resistance(7) 80 leadership for only 1 command point. The moderately high leadership value makes accessible line formations.
High Priest of C'tis
Gold 80
holy 22
Poison resistance(7)
Temple trainer: Sacred Serpent
Prophet Shape: Lizard King
A lvl2 priest that can lead a some troops.
Can spend a turn in a temple to train a sacred serpent for free.
This is probably a good use of their time even without a big bless for the snakes.
Keeper of the Tombs
Gold 100
Capital Only
fire 11death 11holy 11 9
Poison resistance(6)
The early game research monkeys. Efficient in terms of upkeep, but being cap-only means the Sauromancers will typically take precedence.
Good as an early-game researcher, banefire caster, and potentially useful for blessing sacreds.
Gold 125
death 11random1100% 9
Poison resistance(6)
These are your primary researchers. They are less efficient than the Keepers of the Tombs, but can be recruited in any fort, provided adequate infrastructure. The Reborn recruit faster than sauromancers, so these are an option if you need a large number of spellcasters, quickly.
Depending on the randoms, they can cast Corpse Candle, Bane Fire Dart, or Shadow Blast/Horde of Skeletons.
Gold 90
Capital Only
death 11nature 11 9
Poison resistance(15)
Assassin-mages that can make short work of many commanders, with just a gem to cast Horde of Skeletons or Swarm.
Useful both to defend your forts while researching, and to lay traps.
After expansion recruit nothing but these from your capital because you can never have enough of these high quality assassins.
Also now your only access to minor nature magic.
Lizard King
Gold 230
holy 33
Old Age(60/50)
Poison resistance(7)
Prophet Shape: Lizard King
With leadership 120, Lizard Kings are excellent, albeit expensive, army leaders.
They can also claim thrones, and are strong preachers where your dominion falters.
Appointing a Lizard King as your prophet brings it to holy 44, which can be useful for both banishing and Fanaticism.
There is also a special Lizard King prophet shape with a scepter and a fancy blue gown.
The fact that they aren't capital only is wonderful.
Gold 285
fire 11death 33holy 11random1100%
Poison resistance(8)
wasteland survival
With the swamp gone, they return to being a recruitable Death 4, but trade Nature and Water for Fire and Earth.
Being sacred requires more infrastructure but reduces the upkeep cost long-term.
As your only recruitable unit with a chance of Astral, Your communions will be small.
Fire randoms are good at raining evocations, and Earth can buff your army but both require boosters.


Have above-average protection for their resources cost. They don't have the very good Moral for their price.

Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Gold 7
Poison resistance(7) Indie Militia with better MR, resistant to your own poison but with no armor other than their own scales.
Useful as cheap chaff, particularly for cracking forts but will die in drove during battles so keep them out of harm's way if you can.
Light Infantry
Gold 10
Poison resistance(7) Indie Light Infantry with better MR, resistant to your own poison. No armor except for a shield means that they die in droves but the javelins are nice at least.
The low resource cost makes them easy to mass, making them a good choice for area-buffs like Strength of Giants, Marble Warriors, or Fire Arrows
Heavy Infantry
Gold 10
Poison resistance(7) Heavy Infantry and well armored with 16 prot even before being buffed with bark skin. The trade off for this is that they have some heavy encumbrance but they are still the best blockers around for EA C'tis and still only cost 10g.
City Guard
Gold 10
Poison resistance(7)
castle defence bonus(1)
Fairly standard medium infantry with better prot, better MR, resistant to your own poison and miasma. Easier to mass then Heavy Infantry thanks to their lower resource cost and can hold lines almost as well. They have a castle defence bonus but that is a pretty minor boon because C'tis has plenty of magical ways to make taking forts hell for the attackers. Still nice to have a way to turn Gold into even more Siege Defense.
Gold 13
Poison resistance(7)
Armored like city guard but with helmets and with a pair of falchions instead of a shield and spear. Great damage output and attack density. A great blend of killing power and durability without breaking the bank. Be aware that they tire out quickly.
Desert Ranger
Gold 13
Wasteland Rec Only
patrol bonus(2)
Poison resistance(6)
wasteland survival
Light Infantry in medium armour and a high damage falchion.
Better protected Flaming Arrows option and more of a threat in melee.
Also has a patrol bonus to better patrol away unrest and catch stealthy raiders.
Tomb Guard
Gold 19
Capital Only
Poison resistance(6)
wasteland survival
Heavy Infantry with more armour, better stats, higher damage weapon and sacred status to boot all at a very reasonable cost. Only held back by being capital only but are probably worth the 19g even with only a small bless.
Do Be aware that they have a very high encumbrance.
Poison Slinger
Gold 25
Capital Only
Poison resistance(8) Expensive and recpoint intensive but they more than make up for their cost by producing poison clouds with each shot! Worth making lots of them. They can damage your own troops on occasion but to a much lesser degree than they hurt enemies.
Sacred Serpent Sacred
Poison resistance(5)
Produced for free in each temple by having a High Priest train them. They boost the morale of the squads they are attached to and can serve as decent troops in their own right with high attack skill and powerful poison if not much prot so their HP gets cut through quickly. They move quickly so they tend to run ahead of their squad mates and get killed so it is best to mix them in with slightly faster troops such as falchioneers.
By late game you should be able to crank out a pretty decent number of these each turn to leverage any bless you have. Casting Regeneration and Iron Warriors is a boon.
Tomb Wyrm Sacred
Poison resistance(25)
Cold resistance(15)
The undead version of the Sacred Serpent. Possesses lower defense, but has a much higher maximum HP, making it a suitable blocker.
Higher HP, Str, and Atk Skill in exchanged for Mortal poison, and need a 16 or 23 Death gem summon over a Fort turn priest to recruit.
Can be damaged by dispel, but being sacred undead, the Tomb Wyrm can leverage the cheaper bless, Reanimating Flesh, over the much more expensive Regeneration. That said, a typical holy-1 priest may have trouble overcoming their 16 magic resistance.
Tomb Chariot Poison resistance(25)
Cold resistance(15)
Never Heals
A return from the early Age.
Trampling cavalry, specializing in smashing through predominate humans guarding the rear and running over squishy mages.
A Tomb King can resurrect 2-3 of these per turn.


any breakout hits that might sway someone towards luck or away from it ?


Research Priorities

Enchant: +5 - Flaming Arrow, Hord of Skeletons

Construction:+3 -

Conjuration:+3 -

Evocation:+3 -

National Magic & Summons

Pride of Lions: nature 22 Conj 3 10naturegem (summon 10+ Great Lion). An unimpressive spell for turning N gems into chaff.

Sacred Crocodile: nature 22water 22 Conj 4 3naturegem (summon 1 Sacred Crocodile). LA-Ctis lacks water mages, so can't natively cast it. Big, slow and sacred attack animals. A lot of their attributes make them fantastic Soul Slay magnets to take the pressure off your mages. Not amazing in combat but still sacred slabs of HP so not too bad either.

Contact Couatl: nature 11astral 11 Conj 7 40naturegem (summon 1 Couatl). Cost a lot of gems but any pretender with a dip in two paths can summon this strong Flying Astral and Nature mage. Even at 40naturegem they are a good deal. With the loss of lizard Shamans, you need a pretender or an indy (probably empowered) to cast it. Bringing powerful nature magic to fights is extremely valuable as a nation without native access to nature.

Contact Scorpion Man:earth 11fire 11 Conj 8 12earthgem (summon 1 Scorpion Man). Comes too late to be useful. A really good unit, but is not cheap in the gem starved late age and neither are earth random sauromancer turns to do the casting.

Revive Grave Consort: Enchantment 0, death 11 10deathgem (1 Grave Consort). Like Tomb Priests and Tomb Kings, Grave Consorts are reanimator priests; able to produce skeletons for free with their turns. A Grave Consort can be summoned early and prophetized for an early infusion of Tomb Wyrms or Tomb Chariots

Revive Tomb Priest: Enchantment 0, death 22 16deathgem (1 Tomb Priest). Reanimator Priests. The more efficient way to mass Tomb Wyrms.

Revive Tomb King: Enchantment 0, death 33 23deathgem (1 Tomb King). The best way to convert death gems into permanent skeletons and are able to produce higher quality undead such as Tomb Wyrms and Tomb Chariots. Holy 3 to boot.

National Holy Spells

Protection of the Grave:holy 11 Grant additional MR to one Square of Undead. As an undead horde nation, the ability to shrug off the plentiful undead mulching spell is helpful.

Protection of the Grave:holy 22 Grant additional MR for 10 squares.

Royal Protection:holy 33 Grant additional MR to all undead currently on the battlefield. Must be cast again if you wish to protect skeletons summoned after the initial cast.

Power of the Grave:holy 11 Grant additional Speed and Atk Skill to one Square of Undead.

Royal Power:holy 33 Grant additional Speed and Atk Skill to Five Squares of Undead.

Power of the Reborn King:holy 44 Grant additional Speed and Atk Skill to all undead currently on the battlefield.

Magic Access

Can spam death 44 mages from any province with full infrastructure. Can Forging a Skull Staff and Skullface for death 66, or even a death 77 with a lucky 10%.

Late age Ctis has poor cross-path access overall, but the easiest is Fire. A Sauromancer can easily make the booster as a Fire/Death caster, Summoning Flame Spirit for the two boosters. Getting fire 55 (6 in combat) and Fire Kings. Fire is pure damage to unleash on armies not prepared for it.

You only have 1s in Earth, Nature, Astral. Needing a pretender or empowerment to forge and summon units to increase and diversify your access. For example, You can't natively summon Coutatl but they only need nature 11astral 11 and 40naturegem to get back that old C'tis Astral and Nature powerhouse.

An investment but Summon Spectre can break you into Water and forge Earth, Water, and Astral boosters if you get lucky on paths.

Combat Magic

C'tis's magic strategy had taken a major reworking from earlier eras. They are still a skeli-spam nation, but now with a focus on evocation instead of poison. C'tis has Fire so it can now spam Fire Elementals and put Flaming Arrows on its javelins. you also have cold resistance spells to counter enemies that try to sleep you out, in addition to the Fire Resistance/Heat From Hell combo.

It also has prolific access to bane fire, inflicting Decay during an age were the majority of units have human lifespans.

If you mass forge Earth Boots, you have good earth access for army buffs and destroying heavy armour of the late age(you have nat prot from scales while enemy becomes naked). (ex: Magma Eruption, Iron Bane, Marble Warriors) Also, cast the spell Fields of the Dead.

Sauromancer magic randoms:

  • Death randoms: Don't need communions for High death. With the two death boosters your now death 66. Can make the Immortal Death thugs.
  • Astral randoms: Can form communions to cast Higher level Death and Fire magic; However, unless you can find an indie, you're only going to have small communions. Can cast Nether Bolt and Nether Darts.
  • Earth Randoms: Is a Magma Caster. can be Earth earth 22 with a gme. If Going higher he needs to be given a booster, empowerment, and/or a Crystal Matrix can cast earth buffs and even Fields of the Dead
  • *Fire Randoms: Your pure DPS mage. Can summon Fire Elementals and cast Flaming Arrows on your javelins.

Troop Buffs: Wooden Warriors, Army of Giants, Mass Protection, Flaming Arrows, Strength of Giants, Iron Warriors

Chaff Summoning: Horde of Skeletons, Swarm, Creeping Doom, Summon Fire Elemental

AOE: Enfeeble, Vortex of Unlife, Astral Fires, Falling Fires, Fire Cloud, Cloud of Death, Magma Eruption, Gifts from Heaven

Battlefield Globals: Foul Vapors, Howl, Darkness, Rigor Mortis, Relief, Plague, Life after Death, Undead Mastery, Fields of the Dead, Curse of Stones.

Area Fatigue or Immobilization: Shadow Blast, Stellar Cascades, Maws of the Earth

Area Morale Reduction: Panic, Terror

Single Target Elimination: Curse of the Frog Prince, Charm, Disintegrate, Nether Bolt, Nether Darts, Astral Geyser, Bane Fire

Thug/SC Self Buffs: Soul Vortex, Invulnerability, Temper Flesh, Skeletal Body

Ritual Magic

C'tis are masters of High-level Death magic (C'tis will get Well of Misery, and surprise attack with Stygian Paths), Twiceborning their mages, and having immortal Wraith Lord and Lich thugs. LA Replaced Nature with limited Fire Rituals and has some things for earth and astral.

LA Can spend their Death gems on undead reanimator-priests that are more efficient at creating a skelli-stacks than spending gems on the Reanimation spell. Can also produce Longdead Archers, giving an army a range threat, especially with decay killing a portion of the enemy even if they win (especially if they are targetable like giants or calvary).

Fire-Earth Cosspaths grants a way to turn gems into gold (Transmute Fire), or mass-produce Terracotta Soldiers, alternative addition to you skeletons

Blight / Black Death - set back to your enemy money.

Summons Infantry- Revive Wights/Legion of Wights, Construct Manikin, Pale Riders, Reanimate Archers, Terracotta Army

Immortal Summons - Call Wraith Lord, Lichcraft, Curse of Blood(with Blood Empowerment)

Summons Other- Tartarian Gate, Summon Spectre, King of Banefires,

Magic Items

National Items

  • The Jade Mask: a Unique end game Helmet. need death 66nature 33 (need a pretend to make) and only a cold-blood can wear it (No Undead or most pretender chassis). Grants a lot of large array of good mage buffs. Is Notable being a better Skullface with Regeneration and Auto cast Rigor Mortis

Generic Items

Amulet of the Dead Makes your Reanimator Priest more efficient.

Mage items: Clam of Pearls, Black Bow of Botulf, Amulet of Resilience, Coral Blade, Ethereal Crossbow, Ring of Regeneration, Skull Mentor/Lightless Lantern, Slave Matrix/Crystal Matrix

Thug Items: Vine Shield, Coral Blade/Duskdagger, Axe of Hate, Doom Glaive, Boots of Quickness, Robe of Invulnerability, Shadow Brand, Evening Star, Carmine Cleaver

Fear Thug Items: Horror Helmet, Spirit Mask, Skull Standard, Implementor Axe,

Assassin Items: Handful of Acorns

Interesting Items: Effigy of War, Shademail Haubergeon, Helmet of Heroes


Power Curve

This is probably the most difficult section to get consensus for. Describe how strong the nation is during expansion, the early, mid and late game, and what makes it strong/weak at each of those points. This should give readers an idea of where the weaknesses of a nation lie (if they have not been shown already) and when to take advantage of a nation's strengths.

Expansion Strategies

List some example expansion strategies here. If a strong bless or pretender is required then leave the specifics for the pretender section.

Example Pretender Builds

List some example pretender builds. Try to use the following format to keep authorship and pretender design rationale clear.


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