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EA Ur, the First City


The nation of Ur is based on the Sumerian Bronze Age city-state of Ur, in current-day southern Iraq. The inhabitants of the nation are large wild horned creatures called Enkidus. They are based on a character from the Epic of Gilgamesh named Enkidu who is depicted as a large hairy man with the head of a bull. Ur has access to a hero, pretender, and commander summon based on the Sumerian mythological being, the Apkallu, which also serves as the icon of the game.

General Overview

There are a few things unique to Ur in the Early Age.

• All of their land fort recruitable mages are also priests.
• All but one of their land recruitable units are Enkidu (the only other Enkidu in the Early Age is an unarmored slave unit in Hinnom, the bastards).
• They have a second set of recruitable troops and mages underwater, all of whom are "Kullulu" who resemble Enkidus with a tail instead of legs.
• Their god does not lose or gain magic paths when recalled from the dead (Does not work for disciples of Ur). Dominion score also cannot decrease.
• They have a special mage-priest who is very efficient at recalling dead gods

Ur also boasts a reasonable degree of magic diversity for the Early Age, having recruitable access to five paths to at least the second level (Air, Water, Earth, Death, Nature).

National Features

Special Race Attributes Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Prefer Heat scales +1
Giant Medium Infantry
Sacred Mages
Foreign Rec Giants
Swamp Raider Giants
nature 44 (Rare 5)
water 33
air 22
earth 33 (Rare 4)
astral 11 (Rare)
death 22
Summons air 33*,astral 44*
*can't be summoned Natively
Strong Priests (lv3)
Good at recalling their god
Recalled Gods don't' lose magic paths.
Fortified Cities
Can build Underwater Forts

Capital Special Sites

The First City

Enables recruitment of



The House of Water

Enables recruitment of

Enki's Chosen

Produces 2watergem1earthgem per turn

The Swamps of Ur

Enables recruitment of


Produces 3naturegem per turn

National Units

Ur's is made up of Enkidu which has high HP, high strength and deal a large amount of damage to even heavily armored opponents. Giants do cost more gold, and you need to keep economics in mind when playing Ur. A lack of helmets makes range fire the preliminary death of Enkidu (flushing a lot of gold down the drain). Keep this in mind and invest in alternative arrow protection.


Ur has a lot of mages; A lot. They all (except one underwater one) have priests levels. This means that they are generally more expensive than mages with similar paths on other nations. However, being priests means that all the mages are also sacred, allowing all the mages to bless themselves and benefit from Ur's bless. It also means reduced upkeep, making it more feasible to mass mages late game.


Img Unit Name Abilities Comments
Enkidu Elder
inspirational (-1)
Defence Organizer(1)
old age(71/50)
tax collector
A very cheap early game commander.
Don't give moral bonus but your troops already have Ok ones.
Being a Defence Organiser will save you a lot of gold as he will give PD.
Having a bunch of them roaming is more efficient than directly buying the PD.
Watch out, he's old
Enkidu Commander
lead smaller armies than the elder but less likely to die in battle or when winter comes.
nature 11holy 11 7
Spell Singer
An important mage if your using your god very aggressively.
Able to resurrect your god in fewer turns.
Also are efficient cheap researchers and can spam swarm in battles.
water 11nature 11holy 11 9
Relatively better than Galas if not using the Recalling god strategy.
produces more research and the water 11 gives them more versitiy like spam Frozen Heart.
holy 11random2200% 9
50 50 if they are army support mages or Thunderstrikers.
the Air and Earth also make them ideal thugs ontop of being Half-giants.
water 22holy 22random1100% 11
Adds water 2 to your arsenal.
Not many uses for them outside of looking for water sites.
Their uses skyrocket if your going for or fighting in Cold scales scales.
Capital Only
earth 22nature 11holy 33random1100% 13
inspirational (2)
one of the two Holy 3 capital mages.
Usually, the better pick as it can random earth 33.
air randoms can cast Rain of Stones but recommended casting Arrow Fend first.
Capital Only
water 22nature 11holy 33random1100% 13
inspirational (1)
Your other Holy 3 Mage.
Better prophet chassis as it can lead large armies.


Img Unit Name Abilities Comments
Enkidu Scout
+Rec Foreign
Mountain Survival
Forest Survival
you don't want to spend gold for extra HP that scouts don't use, but he doesn't need fort turns to be recruited.
Enkidu Chief
+Rec Foreign Only
Beastmaster(1) A Commander that doesn't take up Fort turns.
Can lead early game expansion party, and reinforced with foreign recruit chaff.
Enkidu Shaman
+Rec Foreign Only
earth 22nature 33random1100%+10% 13
Poison Resistance(5)
Your Nature Earth Powerhouse.
No reason to not recruit them except for upkeep.
If you rush, can cast Mother Oak with a Thistle Mace before other nations.


Swamps are something you want as they will drastically add to your playstyle. They give you entry into death magic and Provide Stealth Raiders. Should build forts for claiming and more Commander Rec points.

Img Unit Name Abilities Comments
Enkidu Hunter Chief
+Rec Swamp Only
Swamp Survival
Cheaper of the swamp raid commanders.
Want to lead bigger Raiding groups.
Enkidu Head Hunter
+Rec Swamp Only
Swamp Survival
More melee-focused, and has Pillager.
Can be a Light Thug but first, need armor
Enkidu Bone Reader
+Rec Swamp Only
earth 11death 11random1100% 7
Fortune Teller (10%)
Swamp Survival
The reason why to Eye Swamps.
Break you into Death.
Only 10 Ld but that's enough for leading light raiding, especially when you use spells.
Even thug some with Water random know Stygian Skin


Building a fort to Recruit them has been described as "Throwing a Briefcase of Gold into the Ocean". You can make gear like Ring of Water Breathing to thug your way underwater but there is no incentive to bring these commanders on land. Still nice to profit from Underwater Resources if no other decent water nation is in-game.

Img Unit Name Abilities Comments
Kulullu Commander
+Rec Underwater Only
Aquatic Cheap under water Commander with more HP than most Indies.
Don't need a Lab and Temple.
Kulullu King
+Rec Underwater Only
water 11holy 22 7
Better 80Ld and provides additional battle field support with its water and Holy spells.
Kulullu Sage
+Rec Underwater Only
water 22random1100% 15
Fast Researchers and Astral randoms can make Low-level Astral Items
Kuliltu Queen
+Rec Underwater Only
water 11nature 11random1100% 11
Has underwater Nature and other situational Low-Level Crosspaths.


Ur can recruit economical, high HP, high strength troops capable of dealing a large amount of damage to even heavily armored opponents. However, they suffer from relatively poor protection, attack, and defense scores. Ur's troops use primitive armor and weapons and rely on numbers and magic buffs rather than troop quality to carry fights. They perform well versus high armor, low damage units, and perform poorly against lightly armored, high defense, high attack units. Ur fields many different infantry units. The only thing that really unites them is that they don't wear helmets (Enkidus are too horny for helmets).

Capital Infantry

In its capital city, Ur can recruit its two sacred units.

Mushussu (150g 1res 50rec 1/turn) Only one Mushussu can be recruited each turn from the capital, and they cost more than many of Ur's Mages. It has Fear(5) and can be mixed into a squad of other infantry to cause fear in the opponent's ranks. It is powerful and sacred, but it is difficult to recruit in large numbers due to its high cost and recruitment restriction.

Enki's Chosen (29g 17res 18rec) These units are very essentially an upgraded version of Ur's normal infantry. Slightly higher hitpoints and stats in exchange for a significantly higher cost. The greater protection and stats mean that Enki's Chosen are useful during expansion, where rec points and gold are rarely a limiting factor. However, without a blessing, Enki's chosen are outperformed by having a larger volume of infantry later in the game. In the Pretender section, possible blesses are discussed. With the correct blessing, Enki's Chosen can be mighty.

Fort Infantry

Although Ur can recruit national infantry in every province, Ur's most well-armed and armored infantry are recruitable only in its forts.

Ur-Guard (19g 13res 13rec) Compared to the Spear Guard, Ur-guards boast slightly better stats and a higher damage weapon. However, Ur-Guards are more expensive in gold and recruitment points. Preferable when dealing with high defense and high protection targets and when damage output is the primary infantry goal.

Enkidu Spear Guard (16g 13res 9rec) Compared to the Ur-guards, Spear Guards are easier to mass when recruitment points are a limiting factor and have a longer weapon for purposes or repelling. However, they have a much lower damage output and may have trouble dealing enough damage to sufficiently heavily armored or high defense targets. Preferably when the goal of infantry is to be a bulwark primarily.

Enkidu Horn Blower (35g 2res 21rec) Ur's morale-boosting unit, useful to put one in every squad to stop premature routing. Always good to have someone around who knows how to blow a horn.

Enkidu Soldier (16g 7res 9rec) Same stats and price as the Spear Guard, but with light armor and a higher damage weapon. Very massive if resources are the production bottleneck and capable of serious damage versus low defense targets. However, due to light armor and poor stats, they take a lot of attrition in battle.

Foreign Infantry

Ur can recruit several infantry units from every province it owns. This means that in a pinch, Ur can very quickly create a large army of light infantry. However, these units have poor stats, arms, and armor while not cheaper than the units recruitable from forts. One interesting point is that Ur only nation ranged unit is a foreign recruit.

The two Enkidu Warriors and the Enkidu (16g 2-6res 9rec) are lightly armed and armored infantry. They are all fragile units for their gold cost but cheap in terms of resources recruitment points.

The Enkidu Archer (16g 8res 9rec) is Ur's only recruitable dedicated ranged unit. The high strength shared by all Enkidu means their bows do a reasonable amount of damage. These units are difficult to amass because they cannot be recruited in forts but can be useful against enemies that are weak against missile weapons.

Swamp Infantry

Ur has a couple of units that can only be recruited in swamps. They are both lightly armored and stealthy and Ur's only source of stealth raiders. Because of the low population and low recruitment points in most swamps, they can be difficult to get in large numbers but can serve as effective raiders. If Ur's cap is on a swamp, it becomes possible to recruit many of these troops, and Ur's playstyle can change considerably.

Enkidu Hunter (16g 4res 9rec) The same stats and weaponry of the Enkidu Warrior, but with javelins instead of a shield and berzerker(+1). Hunters are not powerful troops, but they can be used strategically as raiders because of their low recruitment point cost.

Enkidu Reaver (26g 4res 23rec) Similar to but more powerful and more expensive than hunters. With higher stats, a higher damage weapon, and berzerker(+3), Reavers are Ur's most elite non-sacred troops. They boast a greater damage potential, survivability, and a higher cost than any other non-sacred unit Ur has access to. Due to their very high recruitment point cost, it is challenging to recruit a significant amount of Reavers unless Ur's capital is located on a swamp.

Underwater Infantry

Ur has a set of underwater infantry (and mages) called Kullulu, similar to their terrestrial counterparts: Lots of HP and strength, not much else. However, these troops are not strong enough to compete with any other amphibious nation.

Kulullu Big guy with a spear and no armor.

Kulullu Soldier Big guy with a spear and some armor.


Ur's troops stand out in the age in terms of Hit Points and Strength, boasting some of the best in this field for their costs in gold and recruitment points. Ur's troops generally outperform similar high strength size three troops such as the Bandar Swordsmen of Kailasa and the Cavern Guards of Agartha. However, as stated above, due to Ur's troops' relatively low attack density and other stats, Ur's troops perform poorly against units with high defense. To effectively deal with such things, you are going to need mages!


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
EnHedu'anna - Entu of the Moon water 11earth 11astral 33holy 33 15
inspirational (2)
a resone to take luck scales, as she is a way to forege Astral booster to cast Call Apkallu and other astral 55 spells.
Utnapishtim - Favored of Enki
Hero Turn Arrival Limite: 5
nature 33holy 22 11
inspirational (-1)
Poison Resistance(5)
Supply Bonus(30)
Immortal nature mage. Make use of that Immortality as a thug but look out for Soul Slay.
U'an - Apkallu
Hero Turn Arrival Limite: 10
water 44earth 33nature 22holy 33 33
resist cold(7)
Disease Healer(1)
Inspiring Researcher (1)
adept researcher (10)
Supply Bonus(20)
Power house researcher, Likly to zoom through some of your Reaserch goals when he shows up.
Also a powerful mage in water and earth, getting to water 66earth 55 spells with boosters.


Reserch Goals

  • Alteration 5: Mistform, Desctruction, Maws of the Earth, Wooden Warriors, Mother Oak
  • Enchantment 3: Strength of Giants, Gift of Flight, Cloud Trapeze
  • Conj 5:

National spells and Summons

  • Herd of Buffaloes: nature 22 Conj 3 for 10 (summon 5+ Buffaloes). Animal tramplers, not the best thing to spend your nature gems on, but sometimes you need more bodies when being rushed. Also evocation magnets
  • Summon Kusarikkus: earth 11 Conj 4 for 6 (summon 2 Kusarikkus). Powerful Sacreds summon, High HP, and two Attack with one being an anti-demon weapon, They become one of your strongest units when they have a Giants bless and the fact you have many of the buffing spells.
  • Summon Ugallu: air 33 Conj 5 for 24 (summon Ugallu). Need a God or spend a lot of air gems for empowerment to get. Gives you A flying air 33, for all that important Air utility, will also get Geared to be a Storm caster for that air 55 combat magic.
  • Call Anzu: air 44 Conj 7 for 4 (summon Anzu). Needs to climb higher into Air for a Great Eagle with two breath attacks. Comes too late in research but can be used in Flying Raider forces.
  • Call Apkallu: astral 55 Conj 8 for 60 (summon Umu-apkallu). A powerful Late game mage. An embodiment of all of Ur's magic paths. Just summoning one Greatly improves your chances of reaching your other research goals. Ur can't summon nativly without a god specing into a path you don't need.

Magic Access

They are Nature power Enkidu Shaman can be nature 55 in combat, and go up to nature 66 with Treelord's Staff, nature 88 if you can make Moonvine Bracelet and The Copper Arm.

They also do Earth with possible earth 55 with a random and Earth Boots in combat.

WIth a Skull Staff Bone Readers can get you death 33.

Though situation less useful You also have ways to climbed water as water 22 and research into construction is enough, letting you get to Water Queens if other people let you stay in the water.

You have air 22 but With some Finagling, Pretender Design or luck you can get air 33 summons.

Combat Magic

Ur has a lot of high path mages in and off the forts.

Your main paths are Earth and Nature, Having a lot of signatures spells army buff and Enemy hindering spells like Howl, Marble Warriors. Strength of Giants, Mass Regeneration.

Bone Readers are your supply of supporting death magic, having Horde of Skeletons and Enfeeble, even Stygian Rains for important battles with boosters. Being sneaky makes them are to predict where to find them.

Water is more situational Until late game when you get your late-game research goals. Early on you have a recruitable mage that can shut fire damage down with Rain. With a booster many useful army-wide spell becomes available: Fire Resistance, Freezing Mist, Frost Fend, Wave Warriors, Falling Frost even Grip of Winter and Quickening.

you have Air Gudu as thugs with Mistform and Mirror Image but they can also cast some non-self-buff spell-like Gift of Flight and Lighting Bolt. Ugallu Take air farther by Airdroping in with Summon Air Elementals and fix the national hat problem with Arrow Fend

Ritual Magic

You are a contender in EA to get Mother Oak. This will fuel your Nature Expnedature, like putting up other nature globals like Gift of Health. Summoning Troll Shamans can be redundant but gets you that Nature/Death cross paths, like boosting up to Lamia Queen for Blood access.

Transformation on Shamans is up to your luck, removing their high upkeep and my get boost but at the possible cost of losing them and some nature gems.

if your don't have air 33, you can summon Faery Queen to summon Ugallu. Summon Great Eagles to break down walls.

Gudu also love to Cloud Trapeze.

Magic Items

Alot of your mages have the chassis and paths to thug, not to mention having access to many of the good foring paths(Air, Water, Earth, Death, Natue). Kithaironic Lion Pelt is a cost-effective helmet/body armor combo. Shademail Haubergeon, and Shadow Brand are strong thug items to remember you can make.

National Dicount Items

Headdress of the Bull 5naturegem nature 11. Grant the user +2 strength and a retinue of a Buffalo. Great on a mage thug as it's a cheap item that boosts their damage, and gives them a trampling animal to buy him time for buffing. Also, Buffalos are able to run over any would-be assassin.



Annunaki of Love and War
This Ur build has magic phase movement, physmoss (Mossbody + Temper Flesh), Ironskin, Foul Vapors, Flying Shield, Breath of Winter, Personal Regeneration, Mirror Image, Mistform, and built in awe! Beware though that you can fluff most of these effects later on so play accordingly.

Chassis: Awake
Annunaki of Love and War
Paths: air 22water 11earth 22nature 22
Bless: None
Scales: Dominion strength5Order0Productivity0Heat3Growth3Misfortune2Magic3
See The Virtues of Expansion Titans

Early Game

How to expand, potential pitfalls and how to get around them, obvious weakness strength, how much do you have to focus on war/infrastructure

Mid Game

what is the first big research rush, what is the first big powerspike, where do you shift recruitment to? what are the big magic diversity issues, are there particular globals you should gun for

Late Game

How do you close out the game if you are in it, is the high level research stuff you can do uniquely well, does your nation fall off, aka do you have to force things to conclude swiftly


Link here to guides for the nation, on and off(?) the wiki. This should likely include things like suggested pretender designs as well as strategy guides.

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