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LA Midgård, Age of Men


"As with most nations of supernatural origin, it seems fitting that their magic fades with each passing age as humans become more and more numerous." – Illwinter

In the distant, misty past, Midgård was known as Vanheim. This was the dominion of the Vanir, descendants of long-absent Titans blessed with innate magic. The Vanir were once taken in by other Titans known as the Aesir, and led into a war with the Giants of Niefelheim; they ended up fighting the Jotunar, while the Aesir fought and ultimately lost against the Jotunar's icy ancestors. In those days the Vanir were filled with vigor and pride, and wouldn't just fight one group at a time; they also feuded among their kin in Helheim over petty squabbles, and they frequently raided the lands of mankind to take serfs. Near the turning of the Ages, some even fought with distant Rus and became Lords of the land.

Even by the Middle Ages, the Vanir were demographically spent. They no longer had the numbers to wage war against humanity, and they became outnumbered in their own lands. Humanity knew it had moved into sacred ground, however, and knelt to the Vanir as if they were living gods. As the only beings with a connection to the enchanted land, the Vanir were still its only mages, priests, and sovereigns. Humans were their pawns, and occasionally their guinea pigs for charms of strength, which had unsightly side-effects.

Now the land has changed. The great heroes of the Vanir are all-but-gone, either on their own terms or due to the burden of time. Feeling exposed and possibly unworthy of the top spot in society, the remaining Vanjarls have turned to humans for answers and advice, and have let some especially-talented humans assume their rank. They even let some humans into their priesthood, joining them in appeals to whichever God shall lead them. On their own, some humans have surveyed the land and uncovered whatever secrets have stuck around, with a few claiming stronger magic than what the Vanjarls boast of; the land is essentially theirs, hence the change in name.

In real mythology, Midgård is Earth, or at least the portions of it inhabited by humans. The Vanir (Anglicized as "Wanes") started as a different pantheon of gods from that of the Æsir, known for their sorcery and associated with fertility; the Æsir either took offense to their magic or were jealous of it, and fought the Vanir to a standstill settled by the union of their families.

General Overview

A nation with plenty of cool tricks. Its armies are the same as MA Vanheim's, but it has a lot more mages; all of Vanheim's mages required Temples along with Labs, and the off-fort mages were all light thugs that cost a lot more than their magic skills were worth. Midgård does have fewer "thuggable" mages than previous incarnations, but it still has more than the vast majority of nations in the Late Ages, let alone "thuggable" mages who can fly around the map during the magic phase. The Galdermen are especially-interesting ones, since those with Blood can be used as turbo-communion batteries due to their Regeneration.

National Features

Special Race Attributes Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Prefers 1
Glamoured Elves
Trace income across oceans
Heavy infantry
Sacred Vanir
air 33 (rare 4)
astral 22
earth 11 (uncommon 2, rare 3)
death 11 (uncommon 2, rare 3)
blood 11 (uncommon 2, rare 3)
nature 11 (uncommon)
holy 22 Cap-only
holy 11 in Forts
Blood Sacrifice
Standard Forts (Citadels)


Midgard's path access is high but unreliable, thanks to its Galdermen. They get

  • A 100% random,
  • A 100% random,
  • & a 10% random.

This ultimately gives them a 3/40 (1/16 + 1/160 + 1/160) or 7.5% chance of having earth 22, for example, which is actually pretty good for mages you can get from any Fort; worse odds are considered "common" on Jomon's page. On the other hand, their chances of having earth 33 is 1-in-640.

Capital Sites

Enables recruitment of Van, Vanherse and Vanjarl
Produces 3airgem1earthgem per turn

National Units

Provide a brief overview of commanders and units and what tools they provide you with. Outline any peculiarities across the roster (e.g. the animal tag, cold blooded). Highlight any particular strengths of the roster and describe their roles (e.g. high-quality infantry, thugs, powerful mages).


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Description
Gold 25
Resources 4
Recruitment points 1
Stealthy (50)
Mountain Survival
Forest Survival
A generic scout.
Gold 55
Resources 22
Recruitment points 1
Sailing (Max size 2) Sailing 60 leadership commander.
Gold 130
Resources 13
Recruitment points 1
Sailing (Max size 2)
Sailing 80 leadership sacred commander.
Gold 45
Resources 5
Recruitment points 1
holy 11
10 leadership lesser priest.
Gold 105
Resources 1
Recruitment points 2
astral 22 9
Fortune Teller (10%)
Spirit Sight
Fortune-telling communion mage. Reasonable research for the cost and decent combat utility with moderate astral paths.
Gold 190
Resources 1
Recruitment points 2
air 22random2100%
Regeneration (10%)
Wounded Shape (Werewolf)
Forest Survival
A versatile but expensive mage. air 22 ensures a minimum of combat ability, it can function as a turbo communion battery with its regeneration and werewolf shape, it blood hunts, and is also Midgård's main source of magic diversity.
Gold 140
Resources 16
Recruitment points 2
Capital Only
air 11holy 11 7
Stealthy (65)
Sailing (Max size 3)
Sailing 60 leadership mage-priest. Weak paths and research for the cost, but durable chassis.
Gold 275
Resources 18
Recruitment points 2
Capital Only
air 22blood 11holy 22 11
Stealthy (65)
Sailing (Max size 3)
Sailing 80 leadership mage-priest. An upgraded Vanherse that has stronger paths and deals a bit more damage in melee. Notably is capable of magic-phase movement, unlike its smaller Vanherse cousin.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Description
Light infantry. The axe version deals more damage, but the damage is slashing instead of piercing.
Medium-heavy infantry. The broad sword version deals a bit more damage, but the damage is slashing instead of piercing.
Ambidextrous (1)
Berserker (+5)
Medium-heavy infantry with two high-damage attacks. Their damage and protection are increased when they berserk, but their defense will decrease. Expensive but dangerous.
Gold 25
Resources 7
Recruitment points 31
Regeneration (10%)
Wounded Shape (Werewolf)
Forest Survival
A low resource troop option. Both forms deal above-average damage and regenerate, but have somewhat low protection.
Gold 65
Resources 16
Recruitment points 48
Capital Only
Stealthy (65)
Sacred elven cavalry. They are very difficult to hit, fast and permanently stealthy, but also have somewhat low damage output and only moderate protection. The spread of crossbows in the Late Ages makes their glamour less generally useful.


Midgård's hero lineup is not particularly impressive, but the high air access provided by Vanlade is nice if he turns up.

Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Farbaute - Einhere Ambidextrous (3)
Berserker (+8)
A stronger, commanderified Einhere. When berserked he will have very high protection and damage but very low defense.
Vanlade - Vanadrott
Minimum hero arrival turn: 10
air 44death 22blood 22holy 22 21
Shock Resistance (7)
Stealthy (65)
Sailing (Max size 3)
Provides access to high air magic with some useful crosspaths. Worth twiceborning to protect access to those paths.


Magic Access

Midgård's main magic access comes from the Galderman. Many of the paths below are contingent on a 7.5% chance due to multiple randoms; however, as Galdermen are not slow-to-recruit and can be recruited from any fort, it is fairly likely that at least one will show up for each path eventually. Astral is supplemented by Völvor.


  • No fire magic at all, except through a tough-to-summon Dwarf of the North
  • air 33 on Galdermen
  • No water magic at all, except through a tough-to-summon Dwarf of the South
  • earth 22 on Galdermen, earth 66 via Earth Boots, a Blood Stone, Troll King's Court (expensive!) and King of Elemental Earth (expensive!)


  • astral 22 on Völvor, astral 33 via a Starshine Skullcap
  • death 22 on Galdermen, death 33 via a Skull Staff
  • nature 11 on Galdermen, and a bit more through a tough-to-summon Dwarf of the East
  • blood 22 on Galdermen, realistically as much blood as required via empowering and boosters.

National Spells


  • Conjuration 6 air 33death 11 for 1airgem: Summon Valkyries ( Valkyrie×7)
    Summons flying glamoured sacreds. Useful for pressuring back lines in combat, but may require a few scripting tricks to bless as they are summoned.


  • Conjuration 3 nature 22 for 8naturegem: Sloth of Bears ( Great Bear×7)
    Undisciplined animals with low attack density but a lot of strength. Makes decent siege chaff.
  • Conjuration 4 death 22 for 12deathgem: Awaken Draugar ( Draug×3)
    Undead medium-heavy infantry with fear and a cold aura. They change into size 3 Draugar once under 20 hitpoints. Comparable to Wights; less mage-turn efficient and lower protection, but the fear aura gives the Draugar significant utility when mixed into front lines.
  • Conjuration 8 air 44earth 33 for 62airgem: Summon Dwarf of the Four Directions
    Summons one of the four Dwarves of the Four Directions, powerful mages who have significant combat, ritual-casting and forging capabilities. Also increases the likelihood of hurricanes ravaging the world for each dwarf summoned. If all four dwarves are alive at once, the world is plunged into perpetual darkness and storm.

Notable Generic Magic

Discuss the top few generic spells that most increase a nation's combat power or synergize with national strategies. These will generally be early-to-mid game spells since individual spells matter much more during those periods of the game. Some examples are Foul Vapors for MA C'tis, Horde of Skeletons + Sabbath Master/Sabbath Slave for the Niefelheim line of nations, Mother Oak for the Pangaeas, Wailing Winds access, etc. For broader advice on magic use, link to Not-Lola's Basic Magic Use Guide.

This is also a good place to point out notable magic weaknesses, such as a lack of nature access making a nation vulnerable to Foul Vapors.

Magic Items

List and describe any unique national items or discounts in this section, discuss and compare with similar generic items. Also discuss generic items that are useful and accessible for the nation. These may include:

  • Thug gear (if the nation has good thugs)
  • Research boosters (particularly if the nation needs help researching or is already very good at researching)
  • Other items that synergize with the nation (e.g. Dwarven Hammers for MA Ulm)

National Items

National Discount Items

Generic Items


Power Curve

This is probably the most difficult section to get consensus for. Describe how strong the nation is during expansion, the early, mid and late game, and what makes it strong/weak at each of those points. This should give readers an idea of where the weaknesses of a nation lie (if they have not been shown already) and when to take advantage of a nation's strengths.

Expansion Strategies

List some example expansion strategies here. If a strong bless or pretender is required then leave the specifics for the pretender section.

Example Pretender Builds

List some example pretender builds. Try to use the following format to keep authorship and pretender design rationale clear.

See More

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