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MA Marignon, Fiery Justice


"Marignon is a late medieval nation of inquisitors and religious fanatics. Prudent – or perhaps paranoid – priests search for vice and heresy throughout the land, putting men and women to the pyre with fiery justice. Imagine the soldiers wearing fancy and colorful Renaissance clothing, while religious and arcane officials wear red or black robes and severe miens." -Illwinter

Marignon rose out of the ashes of Ermor, just like Ulm, but under a different banner. All that it had for repelling the shadows of Death was faith & austerity. The peasants labored under feudal lords, who payed their tithes and diligently served the Inquisition, all in the name of survival. The Inquisition was assembled by the House of Fiery Justice, a powerful Priesthood that dedicated itself to purging heresy & eliminating Witches that used their Magic for selfish means. The start of the Middle Age rebuffed the faith & fanaticism of Marignon with the undeath of Ermor, and (if you so decide) rewarded it with the arrival of an Awakening God.

General Overview

Marignon is a nation of Fire, Faith, and Flagellants Effing Awesome Knights of the Chalice. Like other medieval human-only nations (pretty much just Ulm & Man), its Magic diversity is not very good; unlike the other two, however, Marignon's two paths it focuses on are almost-purely offensive. One does not simply pick Marignon and avoid gunning for attack spells & Elementals in their Research. For what can't be dealt with by your old-&-frail Mages, you have Knights of the Chalice, Sacred Heavy Cavalry that can be recruited anywhere with a Fort, a Temple, and an ample pool of Resources. You also have Crossbowmen & melee infantry, but they don't mesh well with your other options, and they're not as long-lasting as a good group of horsies with a firm Bless.

National Features

Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Average Humans
High Morale
Two-handed Weapons
Expensive Heavy Armor
Good Bodyguards
Out-of-Fort Sacreds
Sacred Heavy Cavalry
fire 44 (rare 5)
astral 33 (rare 4)
air 11 (uncommon, rare 2)
earth 11 (uncommon, rare 2)
air 33 (requires astral 44)
Powerful (holy 33)
Good Patrollers
Standard Forts (Castles)

Capital Special Sites

The House of Fiery Justice The Royal Academy
Enables recruitment of:
* High Inquisitors
* Grand Masters
Kills Demons & Undead (50% chance)
Produces 4firegem1astralpearl per turn
Enable recruitment of Architects

The House of Fiery Justice's holiness does 10 Armor-Negating Magical Damage to roughly half of the Undead & Demons in its province each turn (Magic Resistance negates).

Notable Units

You will love each and every Knight of the Chalice that you can produce. Most Independents won't have troops that can match them, and most nations don't have something to compare that's as easy to buff. Consider taking Productivity and Order scales to have more of these guys, or maybe just put off building forts around your capital for a while.

Your Paladins are pretty good, too (being Commander Knights), though pretty-much all of your Commanders are at least decent at leading armies.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Stealthy (50)
Mountain Survival
Forest Survival
You don't really NEED any of these guys, but it's better to have three options than to have none.
Scouts are the cheapest, Assassins have a nice niche in the form of killing people, and Troubadours give the most-useful information.
Seduction isn't as easy as it used to be, and there aren't a lot of girls that'll be in a good position for you to yoink them, but again, it's a nice trick to have in your back pocket.
Stealthy (65)
Assassin (1)
Ambidextrous (2)
Stealthy (70)
holy 11
Combat Caster
Your premier thug.
Combat Caster is slightly trivial on him unless he's made a Prophet.
Be sure to give him back up & stuff to further-enhance his survivability if you plan on using him in battle, as the Cavalry charge is not a great strategy when soloing.
+ Foreign Rec
holy 11
Stealthy (40)
Yeah, he's more expensive than your generic Scouts, but he has more utility as a Stealthy Preacher & a shuffler of troops, and you don't have to waste a Fort turn on him.
He's the closest thing you have to an expendable Commander.
fire 11holy 22 7
Old Age (49/48)
Inquisitors have their Priest level doubled for the purpose of Preaching in provinces of hostile Dominion.
I can't tell you if this ability is good enough to enable you to go without Candles in your Pretender design, however.
fire 11 7 For all of his faults, this kid is your only mage that isn't a geriatric.
Ironically, due to his lack of experience & Priest levels, he is your most cost-effective Research monkey.
Witch Hunter
fire 22astral 11holy 11
Patrol Bonus (10)
Your most-easily-massed Battle Mage.
Fireball, Fire Elementals, Holy Pyre, & eventually Pillar of Fire will be the four cornerstones of his power, though you should certainly make use of his Astral path whenever you can.
Don't be fooled by his initial lack of the Old Age trait, for he will gain that trait shortly.
Capital Only
Siege Bonus (15)
Castle Defence Bonus (15)
With this guy, you get to build Citadels, which allow you to crank out significantly more Mages & (if positioned well) Knights.
Judging by his immense resource cost, it seems that you pay him off with the stuff he needs for building his own Citadel.
High Inquisitor
Capital Only
fire 11holy 33 7
Old Age (66/48)
190 Gold is a pretty fair price for extra holy 33's. Whatever you have for your Banishment & Smite spells are pretty-serviceable in battle, not to mention the full-army Bless.
Marignon's other 4-point capital-only Mage-Priest is a lot more attractive, however.
Grand Master
Capital Only
fire 33astral 22holy 22random1100%+10%
Fire Resistance (5)
Old Age (65/44)
He is your Fire Elemental summoner, your Falling Fires spammer, your Soul Slayer, your Communion Master, your liaison with Harbingers, and (with earth 11) your source of Matrices of fine Crystal. He is the most interesting Mage in the nation. It's a shame that he's so goshdarn slow to recruit.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Gold 10
+ Foreign Rec
Start Affliction(75)
Despite being crippled naked men, They are excellent chaff.
with a temple and their flails, they make very spamable glass cannons.
They do lose out to other infantry as mainline expanders and line units as Flagelnts die too quickly to keep the commanders safe.
Whey works better as axillary with linemen taking the blunt while they come latter to reinforce with flails.
Gold 10
Anouther important part of Marignon, Alreasdy ignor most enemy prot and mages can cast Flaming Arrows and Wind Guide.
Gold 10
Guy with long pointy stick. Not good compared to other troop choices since dominions 5 nerfed repelling.
Gold 10
Your go to troops.
Swordsman are well balanced with good Defence and attack skill while Halberdier deal more overal damage with 50% being piercing damage for greater armour pentrating.
Bware they die quickly to ranged attacks.
Gold 10
Castle Defence Bonus (1)
Man at Arms
Gold 14
bodyguard(2) Most expensive of your foot troops and deals signigenly less damage but has a shield to make it through the raining projectiles during a war.
Royal Guard
Denfely can't compete with Chalice Knight, but makes for some of the best bodyguards for your most important mages.
Knight of the Chalice
A all star Expanders and troops.
Unlike most other nations, you can spam one of your strongest troops from any templed Fort.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Carmont - Cardinal fire 11astral 11holy 44 9
One of the Rare few priests that can cast Fanaticism without a communion, and he can still join one to cast Divine Channeling.
Luck into a Throne claimer and Preacher without spending 2 cap turns.
Simeon ben Tabbai - Rephaite Scholar
Hero turn arrival Limit 5
fire 22earth 22astral 33holy 22 27
Fire Resistance(5)
Adept Researcher (+8)
Supply Bonus(-1)
Explains were the Angles spells came from. Fast Reasercher but also how you Forge Earth Boots, Dwarven Hammers, Crystal Coins and Crystal Shields without needing a pretender.
Tomaso del Monferrada - Witch Hunter General fire 33astral 22holy 22 15
Fire Resistance(5)
Combat Caster
patrol bonus(15)
A one-off thug chassis. Can do some solo raiding with Evocation and proper thug gear. He can make good on the self protection spells in Astral and make use of the importaltiy of Phoenix Pyre.
Angelique d'Armant - Heroine inspirational(1)
Massive Army leader.


Reserch Priortiy

  • Conj 3-6+: Phinix Power, Power of the Spheres, Light of the Northern Star, Summon Fire Elemental, Contact Harbinger
  • thum 1-3+: Communions, Mind Burn, Returning, Teleport, Soul Slay, Gateway Enslave Mind, Purgatory
  • Evocation: 5+: Sulfer Haze, Falling Fires, Fireball, Magic Duel, Gift from Heaven, Holy Pyre, Breath of the Desert, Thunderstrike, Storm, Stellar Cascade, Flame Eruption, Astral Fires, Mind Hunt
  • Construct: 2+ research, magic piercing, and path booster items. late-game Golem thugs
  • ench 4: Flaming Arrows, Terracotta Warriors, Eternal Pyre, Antimagic, Eyes of God, Heat from Hell, Arrow Fend, Staellar Focus, Cloud Trapeze
  • Alt 4: Wind Guide, communion protection spells, Solar Eclipse, Fog Warriors

National Spells

  • Holy Pyre: Evocation 4 fire 22. A situational side-grade to Falling Fires that lets your weaker mages (anyone you aren't recruiting in the capital) deal a lot of damage to undead and Demons. It's also a decent alternative to Fireball in that it isn't a missile spell and thus has a much higher likelihood of hitting the enemy.
  • Contact Harbinger: Conj 6 25astralpearl astral 44 (summon Harbingerx1). The summon you should be using the most. As a air 33 Angel, the Harbinger is a strong thing. It gives you a mobile Air Elemental Summoner, a Thunder Striker, plus access to other Air thug spells.
  • Heavenly Wrath: Conj 7 35astralpearl astral 33fire 11 (summon Angel of Furyx1). A thug chassis that's easier for Marignon to summon than the Harbinger but often outclassed by the Harbinger's utility.
  • Angelic Host: Conj 7 50astralpearl astral 55 (summon Arch Angelx1 Angel of the Hostx6). It's not cheap (this isn't the Early Age, Magic Gems of all kinds are a hot commodity now), but it's a doable summon that gets you a slightly-better chassis than the Harbinger. Marignon doesn't really need its Magical services, however, although the flying and the youth are much appreciated.
  • Heavenly Choir: Conj 9 144astralpearl astral 77fire 22 (summon Seraphx1 Angel of the Heavenly Choirx9 Harbingerx3): Casting this is theoretically possible for Marignon without specially-designed Pretenders or Empowerment, but it generally requires Const 6, an extremely-rare natural astral 44 Grand Master, an equally-rare natural earth 22 Grand Master for the Crystal Coin, a Starshine Skullcap, and significant Astral Pearl investment for the Ring of Sorcery. In exchange for twelve years' worth of Marignon's Astral Power (four years if you convert your Fire Gems), you get a very neat thug, and entourage including some technically-discounted Harbingers.

Magic Access

Your Magic variety is limited. Your bread and butter are Fire, astral, and Fire/astral/air/earth communion with strong summable air mages.

Fire can go to with Flame Helmet, fire 55, then fire 66 with fire kings.

Astral goes up to astral 44 on a Grand Master with Starshine Skullcap. only Grand Masters can get earth but only at earth 11 rarely earth 22 but if you can get earth boots, you now make Crystal Coins and go up to astral 55.

Harbingers gives you air 33, with a single empowerment, you break through the barrier and build your self up to air 77.

Combat Magic

Your standard priest's main methods of attack are raining fire, Astral and holy prayers.

Fire is a hord clear, Summoning Lesser and regular Fire ElementalS help with expansion. Fireball, Fire Storm and Flame Eruption take out squares. Holy Pyre great alterative especaly make being the threat of being overwhelmed by Undead and demons nonexistent.

Incinerate is a good anti-thug spell.

with some fire resident, Tire out the enemies with Heat From Hell.

Astral magic has buffs and single model kill spells. Mind Burn, Soul Slay, Enslave Mind and Magic Dual. Luck manipulation of Battle Fortune and Doom. get MR Antimagic. Stellar Cascades is alterative to Falling Fires to bypass resistance.

In Witch Hunter communions, Phoenix Power, Power of the Spheres and Light of the Northern Star boost the slave's fire and Astral paths to reduce fatigue.

Returning is a opiontal spell if you only need a Grand Master to pop in cast some spell then leave.

if you take a darkvision bless then Solar Eclipse is a castable Darkness that is half as effective.

Flaming Arrows turn crossbows into lasers and Wind Guide improve your guy's position.

you have some earth to use in communions to use the normal troops buff. Gifts from Heaven can wip if you buff acracy with ??.

Air also a big thing for Marignon. Sulfer Haze is unexpected poison damage. and Angles Thunder Strike

Ritual Magic

Got some good movement with Cloud Trapeze for Habenger pouncing, and Gateway to move large armies.

Breath of the Desert lets you spread heat scale to boost fire magic and diminish cold-related strategies before a battle start.

you like gems Stellar Focus gives you lots of astral pearls as you need a lot. can grab Eternal Pyre as no one would stop you for an influx of fire gems.

Mind Hunt pick people off.

Terracotta Army later game replaces your line troops with those heavily resistant to Fire and Poison attacks.

Magic Items

Fire in a Jar is recommended on all mages, you be spending lots of gems.

make a number of thug items for angels and morale-boosting items(Helmet of Heroes and Herald Lance).

Got some casting improvers with Eye of Aiming so that Gift from Heavens hit its mark. Eye of the Void and Spell Focus penetrates enemy MR.

National Items

  • Mercybrand: Constr2 10firegem fire 22. an inquisitor's weapon that inflicts additional heat damage, along with giving the user fear, a patrol bonus, and inquisitor. Generally, a good tool to help your priest suppress encroaching enemy influences. can be viable on a durable thug chassis to rout enemies way by stacking more fear checks.
  • Cockerel Scepter: Constr4 10firegem fire 22. A strange staff that inflicts blindness and a lot of damage to demons and undead, common late-game thugs chassis.

National Dicount Items

  • Holy Scourge: Constr2 8firegem fire 22. Flail that gives a lot of attack skill and devastating damage to the unholy.
  • Just Man's Cross: Constr2 4firegem fire 11. unholy killing crossbow. the cheapest way to give an off scriped wizard something to do.
  • Flambeau: Constr4 4firegem fire 11. another anti-unholy weapon, this time it's a greatsword with extra fire damage and gives user some fire resistence.


FIXME do you have a game plan? Anything you should always be working toward? Any National weaknesses?


FIXME What kinds of scales dose your nation like? Do they require any to function? Any blesses your sacreds would like? Do you desperately need an awake expander? Examples of Pretenders?

Early Game

FIXME How to expand, potential pitfalls and how to get around them, obvious weakness strength, how much do you have to focus on war/infrastructure

Mid Game

FIXME what is the first big research rush, what is the first big powerspike, where do you shift recruitment to? what are the big magic diversity issues, are there particular globals you should gun for

Late Game

FIXME How do you close out the game if you are in it, is the high-level research stuff you can do uniquely well, does your nation fall off, aka do you have to force things to conclude swiftly

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