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LA Jomon, Human Daimyos


The rice fields of Jomon were the first to be attacked by the Bakemono onslaught. After years of slavery and mistreatment, the human inhabitants rebelled as the Bakemono had once rebelled against their Oni masters. One by one the Bakemono tribes were replaced by human Daimyos and their sworn warriors. A strict, feudal warrior society replaced the disorganized rule of the Bakemono Kings. Even war has become ritualized and peasants are left largely in peace. With the coming of the new God, the Daimyos have joined forces and look for other realms to conquer. - Illwinter

These three nations heavily influenced by Japanese history, folklore, and myth. The first of the three nations is an uncivilized nation of demonic brutes enslaving and eating humans and other races. They are replaced by Bakemonos, ghostly goblins of Japanese folklore of similar outlook, and finally the humans take control. The beings of Shinuyama are quite heavily influenced by the old pen-and-paper RPG Bushido, although some other sources on mythological beings such as Tengus and Kitsune have been used. Modern myth, such as the western idea of the ninja, also has a place in the late nation of Jomon. - Illwinter

General Overview

Jomon is a land of hard-hitting and skilled Samurai troops, accompanied by a variety of Mages. Unfortunately, it is surprisingly backwards due to its isolation. In the early game, Jomon will struggle with expansion as their troops have no shields. Many Indie provinces will have large quantities of crossbowmen, which outright invalidate shield-less heavy infantry (most of Jomon's troops), usually making expansion hard due to the attrition and sometimes outright-destruction accrued by your early armies.

Jomon catches up in the late-mid game, when it has met its plethora of Summons, researched battlefield spells to make its good Mages practical, and built an underwater fort. Although it requires jumping through hoops to claim at least a lake, getting underwater is worth it to recruit Shark Warriors and Ryujin. Unfortunately, these factors are affected by variables outside of your control, such as your starting proximity to water and the Magic Sites around your capital (in an Age when Magic Sites are not very common at all).

National Features

Special Race Attributes Military Magic Access Priests Buildings

Powerful units if allowed underwater

Nation Holy Spells
Medium Infantry without shields

Samurai with Longbows

Shark Warriors

Wide Magic Access

Many Summonable mages.
earth 33 (rare 4)
nature 33 (rare 4)
water 33 (rare 4)*
fire 22 (rare 3)
air 22 (rare 3)
astral 22
*water 33 rare on-land
air 33 (55airgem) air 44 (In Combat)
astral 33 (rare, 30naturegem)
death 11 (50%, 8naturegem)
death 22 (requires death 22fire 11)
death 44 (rare 5), fire 33 (rare 4) (requires death 44fire 11)
holy 22
Crosspath Combat Magic
Primitive (Castle)
Can build Underwater Forts

Capital Special Sites


Mountain of the Mystics Temple of the Pure War

Recruit: Yamabushi
Produce 1 per turn
Produce 1 per turn
Produce 1 per turn
Recruit: Sohei
Produce 1 per turn

National Units


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Darkvision 50%
A very important expander unit that you will spam early game as he can deal with dangerous Indie Provinces.
They also have scale-walls, so they can kill commanders inside sieged fortresses.
You start with one and it has 60 Ld. If you recruit more Gokenin, take the Mounted version
Mounted Gokenin
The Mounted Gokenin costs slightly more than a Gokenin on foot. They have better map move and can be used as a cheap commander that moves troops from forts to Hatamoto and Daimyo.
Your better 80Ld commander that will lead most of your armies after you have claimed your cap circle. Leadership 80 allows for different formations.
The 120Ld commander that will lead major armies during wars.
holy 22random010% You will rarely recruit them. They have only 10 Ld so can only lead small Sacred expansion parties and only if you went for a strong bless.
While Kannushi are better at spreading your dominion, Monks are better in all other ways.
Monk of the Fivefold Path
holy 11random1100% 7 Cannot lead armies but are effective researchers, especially if you went for Magic scales. Each random path also gives them a sign spell.
The better ones being nature 11 which makes the monk effectively nature 22 in combat and water 11 Removes fatigue from communions when equipped with a Crystal Matrix.
+Mountain & Highland Rec
earth 11random1100% 9
Need Not Eat
Mountain Survival
Shugenjas are not effective in terms of per or the spell he could get.
Monk of the Fivefold Path and Master Shugenja are better in each department.
Master Shugenja
+Mountain & Highland Rec
earth 11nature 11random2100%+100%+10% 13
Need Not Eat
Mountain Survival
Your primary ritual and crafter mage. 1/25 Master Shugenjas will have 3 Earth or 3 Nature. This isn't great for combat, but during the 2nd year, you should have at least 1 of each reliably, for forging or national summons.
Despite their highly random paths, most path combinations will be useful in combat, though they often will not get too high in one path.
The third mage you should spam so you can get the magic paths you will need for particular rituals, especially since you can recruit them in any mountain province with a lab.
Master Shugenja also makes great mages when prophetized since it gets access to nature sign to boost all his paths.
astral 22random2100%+100%+10% 13
Spirit Sight
Fortune Teller(10%)
Mountain Survival
By at least the mid-game you should have established labbed fortresses, and most of them should exclusively recruit Onmyo-ji.
Despite getting nerfed to be slow to recruit they are your best land mage.
They are strong Astral mages that can have a variety of paths and each comes with an Ethereal bird that will disrupt formations.
As you enter the Late game, you should have big communions of them in your armies casting high-level cross-path spells.
Crab General
+underwater Rec only
Void Sanity(10)
Your underwater leader that you will use to transport Shark warriors from underwater forts to your land generals.
They are also decent thugs after Ryujin as they have high protection and Strength.
They are also reliable when leading wars against R'lyeh with their Void Sanity.
+underwater Rec only
water 22random2200%+10% 13
Dragon Pearl: Give +1 and 1 Tempory
Resist Fire(5)
Resist Poison(15)
Resist Shock(5)
Magic Being
Spirit Sight
What makes Jomon competitive.
It is paramount to build an underwater fortress with a temple and lab, so you can recruit these beastly thugs.
A flying Dragon that is an lv5 mage and has full equipment slots is something that must be taken seriously.


Jomon line up would have been decent in the ME. They are well-armored humans with above-average attacks. Their main problem is a lack of shields in an age where crossbows can easily penetrate armour. Jomon often struggles early game, but like most nations, troops start losing weakness, and it transforms into an arms race for the best tarpits when enough magic research has been done. They Are expensive in terms of , High Productivity scales is recommended to have usable numbers.

Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
A cheap start to expansion but you will sideline them later for Samurai and Indies with shields.
Samurai (Naginata)
A heavy Slash weapon on a two-handed stick. Deal a lot of damage, but at low attack skill, With all the armour and shields, you can't effectively expand with them. They can hurt monsters with buffs, but Sohei does their job better if not, they were capital.
Samurai (Katana)
An examplar of most of your land troops. Okay, armour for the late age but lack of shield makes them easy to kill, making their relatively high encumbrance of 6 feel unearned.
They wield two-handed Katanas that do give them above average Attack, Defence, and damage with a 50% of Piercing damage that helps against prot.
despite their cost, Samurai need large numbers and/or magic to be effective.
The unit itself is redundant because of Samurai Archer,
Samurai Archer
Katana Samurai + longbow.
Your only ranged unit. Can both shoot and melee.
difficult to penetrate the more armored units of the late age, but are most effective picking of the usually lightly armored crossbows, Especially since you have better range and fire twice between enemy volleys.
First of the three Elite Samurai.
A leg up from Samurai with Katana.
Has heavier armor Morale 13 and sword hit with Attack 15.
When the economy gets going, O-ban is the most spamable of the three.
Bodyguard(3) Protector of mages and deals the most damage of the three.
Aka-Oni Samurai
Of the three they wear normal Samurai armour but have the highest moral, attack, and defense among them.
Capital Only
Mountain Survival
Hard to use with its low moral and Undisciplined,
but has the highest Attacks Skill of 17 + any magic buffs.
Best used later game to counter high defense skill stacks.
Capital Only
Sacred Has the highest weapon Damage of your normal recruitment line up.
Need a boot for its low attack but excel at carving up lightly armored large HP pools and shielded troops.
Samurai Cavalry
Not good outside of early game expansion.
The key with them is to position your Calvary in the far top or bottom and have your other troops in front and off-center from them.
This allows the two formations to simultaneously reach the closest enemy and use the mix of numbers and a higher attack/defense troop to break them.
Shrimp Soldier
Darkvision 100%
Void Sanity 10
+underwater Rec only
Will fight your underwater wars.
They have low attack skill swing their glaive underwater, but off-set by their armour and weapon damage and can take out the common units with endurance and number (Need high Productivity scales for that).
Void Sanity makes them the premiere troop during a war with R'lyeh.
Shark Warrior
Darkvision 50%
+underwater Rec only
After jumping through the hoops to build a fortress underwater, you gain access to the strongest of Jomon's troop lineup.
Sharks are well-armored giants and have stats firing for them. Also, to be a big HP bag, their two effective attacks can much through most troops.
Sharks should make up the main lines when they can.
They are also important when fighting LA Atlatnice underwater as Shrimps have trouble getting past their shielded units (Poison resistance is also recommended when fighting them).


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Hashi Saburo - Red Devil fear 5
Not to much to him exept being a good leader.
Kenji - Red Tengu sacred
storm immunity
Mountain Survival
A Flying Commander. At best he is someone you throw into Arean battles.
Ryutaro - Son of the Dragon King water 22
Why you would want luck Scales on Jomon, The easiest, least roundabout way for Jomon to get underwater.


Research Priorities

Conj 3- Powers, Bakenekos, Kappas
Alter 4-5 - Earth meld, WInd guild, Swarm, Maws, Wooden Warriors
Construction 2 - owl quills, Dwarven Hammers, Shambler Skin Armor
Enchantment 4 - Strength of Giants, Flaming Arrows
Thaum 2- Communions, Mind Burn.

National Spells & Summons

Monk Spells

These cross paths are available on any mage with priest paths. Often durable to make a Master Shugenga a prophet so he can cast some of them.

  • Fear-not Sign 1 1. give Air Shields to squares of your units. Neccesary for a shield less army.
  • Earth-touching Sign 1 1. A Situational short range spell that deals massive damage to Demons and Undead.
  • Welcome Sign: 1 1. A very short range Charm Spell. You would need a lot of buffs and fire monks to steal good units.
  • Meditation Sign: 1 1. removes 15 Fatigue from caster. Farly handy if you can get a caster into a Communions.
  • Teaching Sign holy 11nature 11, Acting as the nature version of Power of the Spheres that cost no pears. It Boosts the Caster's magic paths(except Holy) by +1 (this dose also affects communion slaves). On monks, this means their nature 22 in battle, but it's better on a Dia Tengu or a prophesized Master Shujenga with their bigger path spread.


Most summoned commanders havemagic Power.

  • Summon Kappa: water 11nature 11 Conj 1 for 3 (summon 3 Kappa). Despite having Land Encumberance, If your lucky and expenditure of water gems, they can break you underwater by year 1. With their High Strength, Natual protection, and Two attacks (one causes the limp affliction), a group can muscle out most Underwater Indis.
  • Ambush of Tigers: nature 33 Conj 3 for 10 (summon 10+ Tigers).
  • Summon Okami: nature 11 Conj 3 for 6 (summon 10+ Okami). more Gem efficient than Tigers, Okami is good guards for important mages. They can also be used like fast cavalry, especially in High Magic scales Providences. Difficult to use as Stealth raider as you don't have national Stealthy Commanders with Call of the Wild being your next best thing

They are Sacred storm immunity Flyers. They have high Att and Def skill with their two-handed Katanas, and they throw a single very weak Lighting bolt. Tengus Are not strong themselves, but they are an ok trick in your pocket. After stunning enemy chaff for around with their lighting, With some buffs and a minor blessing, they can kill mages and archers if they do not expect flyers.

  • Summon Karasu Tengus: nature 11air 11 Conj 1 for 3 (summon 3 Karasu Tengu). Your better tangu summon with the highest Attack and Defence Skill
  • Summon Konoha Tengus: air 11earth 11 Conj 3 for 5 (summon 5 Konoha Tengu) + 1/2*overcast). Weaker then Karasu but more gem efficient but counted by the fact Airgems are more valued for other more important uses.
  • Contact Dai Tengu: air 22earth 11 Conj 5 for 55 (summon 15 Karasu Tengu + 10 Tengu Warrior + a Dai Tengu). You get a lot of Tengu from this spell + a Flying air 33earth 11nature 11holy 22 mage. They can't cast spells that a Comunion of Onmyo-ji can't also do, but the Dai Tengu is still a power full mage that can bring down a surprise Storm and could boost him self up to air 55earth 33nature 22holy 22 in combat by combining it with Teaching Sign.

Most don't offer new magic diversity but give you a mage with an animal form with some of the highest stealth values, high Map move, and a slightly less stealthy humanoid form with other utility. They each excel at infiltrating and be disrupting in enemy territory. Beware, they are animals so susceptible to nature mages.

  • Contact Bakeneko: An important early and cheap summon at 2 Conj 3 for 8. Bakenekos are not menacing in a fight but half of them are 1 mages, so you can get a early start looking for while using the s to research.
  • Contact Mujina: 2 Conj 5 for 21. Mujinas are when Ninjas are not Cutting it. She has so much you may not feel it necessary to take gear on "lesser target". Has that combo of Blind, Spirit Sight, magic power, fear, thug paths in earth 11nature 22random150%, and 15 Shock Resistance. and then with gear, she can easily dual thugs.
  • Contact Tanuki: 2 Conj 5 for 26. Tanuki. Sneaky Master Shugenjas that are more likely to be an lv5 mage. They cause unrest and are Heretics, but you need a lot of them to hurt your opponent
  • Contact Kitsune: 2 Conj 6 for 30. Kitsune are the Highest level of the sneaky mages and are spys. The real appeal is if you can get a random, letting her participate in communions with boster and casting high-level Nature spells like Army of Rats

Again, most don't offer new magic diversity, but they do convert gems into a good leader or mage with a guaranteed higher-level cross-path. Many are not as good as spamming your mage recruits until you get the random you want, but most are Ethereal Sacreds with no upkeep and can be quickly conjured during a crisis.

  • Contact Jigami: 1 Conj 4 for 10. Jigami are sacred Ethereal nature 22 mages with a big supply bonus. Helpful to have the supplies for big armies + a mage for cheap. Also useful to increased your mage number during a war.
  • Summon Ujigami: 1 1 Conj 5 for 8. Ujigami are a 120Ld/80MagicLd Insperational leader. A step up from a Daimyo when leading armys.
  • Contact Mori-no-kami: 3 Conj 5 for 21. As long as they stay in forests, Mori-no-kami are earth 11nature 33 Master Shugenja but are worse Jigami outside. Summoning one is a question of if you can wait through the recruitment turns to get a Master Shugenja with the same paths or give a earth 11nature 22 a Thistle Mace.
  • Contact Nushi: 2 1 Conj 5 for 25. Need a Swamp. Nushi are basically Naiads with death 11nature 22 instead of nature 33. Homesickness prevents them from moving far. They are very useful in opening up your magic diversity with crosspaths. She can't be away from her home Swamp for long but can be defensive by casting Bone Melter and Foul Vapors At invading army. She can also help you climb other paths as she can cast Contact Naiad, Streams from Hades (with a boost), or Hidden in Snow (with Mapmove boosting boots).
  • Contact Kaijin: 3 Conj 5 for 25. Cast only underwater. Kaijins are Bone Melter and Foul Vapors Casters that can shy away from their home province, unlike Naiads and Nushi.
  • Contact Tatsu3 Conj 6 for 19. Tatsu are discount Ryujins when your can't get or don't have enough of them. Gets random2200%, which are thug paths. They are hurt by limited item slots and require precious . Can raid PD and lead a contingent with them.
  • Summon Kenzoku: 1 1 Conj 6 for 9. Kenzoku is a Raider thug that eats precious pearls.
  • Contact Yama-no-kami: 4 Conj 7 for 28. Summon in Mountains and Border Mountains only. Yama-no-kami He is strong but very situational for his cost. A regenerating kami mage with High HP that summon a few Wolfs but losses magic when way from home. His best use is a Defence tower during a siege that spams magic while staving off the effects of fatigue.

Death Summons

Units from old Yomi. The better summon Require a Bakenekos to find death sites to start the climb or have Death on pretender. Mostly made up of Oni, Undisciplined, Demon pillagers that cause unrest, have chaos power and need to kill them twice to put them down in battle.

  • Summon Ko-Oni 1 Conj 1 for 7 (summon 5 Ko-Oni + 1/2*overcast). You get a Death economy too late in the game for demon chaff with a ineficent modle/gem raitio to be effective.
  • Summon Ao-Oni 1 1 Conj 2 for 10 (summon 5 Ao-Oni + 1/2*overcast). Very situational and can be summon by Nushi. They are still naked demons but have a attack that inficts 20 Cold Fatigue Damage
  • Summon Aka-Oni 1 1 Conj 3 for 10 (summon 5 Aka-Oni+ 1/2*overcast). They Throw Armour pricing Fire.
  • Ghost General 3 Conj 4 for 10. Shura are ghost commanders that can lead undead Ld and are Ethereal with Cold Aura, Fear, and a Bane Blade. Ok for light raids and counter particular Super combatants.
  • Summon Oni 1 1 Conj 4 for 12 (summon 5 Oni + 1/2*overcast). Big Damons with a high damage sword.
  • Summon Kuro-Oni 2 1 Conj 5 for 10. (summon 4 Kuro-Oni). Oni but throw fire and spits poison
  • Summon Gozu Mezu 3 Conj 6 for 7. The point to summon ( Ox-head and Horse-face) is for thier polearms that inflict Trap Soul against thugs.
  • Summon Oni General 2 1 Conj 6 for 20. ( Oni Shugo) would have been a light thug in EA, but they are predominantly Death casters in LA. use the first one to find Death sights your Bakenekos misted and then they can cast higher level death and its cross paths with boosters
  • Summon Dai Oni 4 1 Conj 8 for 45. ( Dai Oni) would have been Super combating if most of their tricks are well known. Jomon makes the best use of them as powerful Death Casters casters.

Magic Access

Joman recruitable wizards gain two unchanged randoms plus 10% of the elements + nature magic. Often resulting in most magic not having magic above a two, but Jomon as a lot in terms of Combate versatility and can climb paths if given the time.

Highest single paths:

Common to get earth 22 and/or nature 22 on Master Shugenjas, with a rare few will get a 3 on one path, or Summon a Kitsune. Gain +1 earth from Earth Boots and +2 from Thistle Mace and Moonvine Bracelet. In combat, you can easily get earth 33 or earth 44 for the important earth army buff spells and Armour destroying spells. If they have a little earth, then they can get a powerful nature 55 in combat.

common get fire 11 and sometimes fire 22. with booster(especlay if you can get oni) They can do High Fire.

Getting a air 22 is uncommon in Jomon, with air 33 coming from casting Contact Dai Tengu or the more difficult to cast Faerie Court. Need a pretender for boosters but the Dai Tengu can cast Teaching Sign and Storm, boosting Air up to 5 in combat. Your Ommyo-Ji can conjure lighting, but the anti-arrow magic may come to late game to help.

It gets hard to get past water 11 early game, but Nushi will jumpy you into water 33 at least for lab work. Takes a Ryujin or making booster to have a combat water 33 or more.

you can summon death 11 early game but the stronger Onis require latter game summons like death 33 Kokythiad or Troll Shaman and a stockpile of gems to empower them. Once there, you can be a strong death nation late game.

astral 22 Onmyo-ji and can craft Starshine Skullcap and Crystal Coin for astral 44.

Lamia Queens can get Blood, though may have a quicker time collecting slaves with scouts then climbing up to nature 55death 22 without a pretender.

Combat Magic

Early game, you can always rely on having Earth and Nature magic during the early game.

As you progress the research trees, forge boosters, and recruit and summon more mages, you start to gain a very large arsenal of spells for many occasions.


Onmyo-Ji has the hall to make good communion masters by knowing some earth and nature and ok slaves with their 4 paths, but big communions are hard with how slow they are to recruit. Unless you make more forts, you can only get 6 per year you if nonstop recruit them (you need more in late-game wars).

Even then, they are good with how many Fegigue reducing spells they know and can perform many kinds of crosspaths, if not only cast the more conservative Soul Slay.

Notable crosspaths:

Can perform various weaker cross paths with elements + nature magic, and later game cast higher crosses with boosters, summons, communions, and adds Death + Fire + Wind + earth to the access.

You could get useful earth 22water 11 Rust Mist and nature 11fire 11 Seven Year Fever It was an early game way to remove difficult commanders.

Later on their is Foul Vapors, Rain of Stones, Bone Melter, Magma Eruption and Wailing Winds.

Ritual Magic

Mother Oak

Faery Trod

Path climbers: Contact Naiad, Sea King's Court, Streams from Hades, Faerie Court, Forest Troll Tribe, Contact Lamia Queen, Contact Bakeneko Contact Nushi, Summon Oni General, Summon Dai Oni, Contact Dai Tengu Contact Yama-no-Kami

Thugs: Call Wraith Lord, Troll King's Court, Contact Mujina, Shura, Kenzoku, Ujigami

Magic Items

Good at making Magic Boosters, and can thug Ryujin.


Thug Ryujin

Thug Crab General


Early Game


Mid Game


Late Game


Strategy Guides

FIXME Link here to guides for the nation, on and off(?) the wiki. This should likely include things like suggested pretender designs as well as strategy guides.

Overview and Basic Strategy Attica

Dominions 5 - LA Jomon: Dragons and Ninjas

pre addtional summons update


Jomon Dragon Daimyos by Darkwolf

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