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EA C'tis Lizard Kings


C'tis draws from a range of historical influences, but is primarily based on Ancient Egypt. It is inhabited by two species of lizardmen.

C’tis is a swampy river valley surrounded by sandy deserts. In the fertile valley a sacred kingdom of lizard-like humanoids has formed. The kingdom is ancient by human standards and its wisdom and magical knowledge is great. At the top of the society is the Lizard King and his Royal Heirs. The king is the highest priest of C’tis. Under the king are the High Priests with their sacred serpents and the enigmatic Sauromancers, great mages of death and rebirth. The lizards are herbivores, but have enslaved a race of carnivorous lizardmen who serve as soldiers and workers. The C’tissians are somewhat slow in movement, but have thick hides that protect them from cuts and bruises. Both lizard races are cold-blooded and become exhausted very quickly when fighting in cold provinces. They have partial resistance to poison. The inhabitants of C’tis prefer to live in warm provinces.

General Overview

C'tis is a very fun and interesting nation to play. If you like lizards who raise hordes of undead, then C'tis is for you. They have plenty of death access and high-level priests for smiting beings of death as well. Most of C'tis's units and commanders can swim, so those pesky rivers are no problem (although they lack the ability to enter sea provinces). C'tis's mages are pretty versatile, cost-efficient for their power, and can fill the gaps in your lines with skeleton hordes. They pack some strong basic troops such as the falchioneer and the slave runner, slave warrior, and elite warrior in terms of troops. They all have devastating multi attacks that chew through indies making expansion easier they also have natural protection and poison resist. This paired with your natural access to nature, water, and death access can be a quite brutal combination.

You're one of the most dominant nation in terms of death mage and should have many undead summons in the late game.

Now to the drawbacks: First off, C'tis is a nation that is very dominion reliant. If you attack someone in cold dominion, your troops and mages will fatigue out significantly faster then your warm-blooded opponents. Another big drawback is that EA C'tis does not have a good sacred lineup to justify a blessing, making C'tis prone to sacred rushes. They like to play tall in a game that tends to play wide, and they tend to get attacked due to this.

National Features


Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Prefers Heat scales+2
swamp survival
poison resistance(5-10)
Near Poison Immune troops
Heavy Infantry(for EA)
Slave Warriors
Sacred Animals
Powerful Death Mages
Undead Hords and Thugs
Death (4, Rare 5)
Nature (2, Rare 3)
Astrial (1, Rare 2)
Water (1, rare 2)

Summable (3), (3)
Powerful(Lv3) Standard Forts( fortress)

Capital Special Sites

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The Temple City
Enables recruitment of Lizard King, Lizard Heir, and Serpent Dancer.
Generates 4deathgem2naturegem per turn.


FIXME General description of the units in the nations rooster, any standouts, shared qualities aka temperature, any foreign rec, what makes a good basis for planning around Commanders. description of the workhorse options, for the sake of sanity better skip the clearly subpar and generic stuff (no h1 unless special qualities, no 40, 60 leadership dudes that are average, no scouts

All national commanders and units have at least MR 11, cold-blooded, swimming, swamp survival and poison resistance(5-10).

Beware: despite having some poison resistance, they are not immune and may die if they accumulate too much poison damage.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Gold 30
Poison resistance 7
Taskmaster 2
Best leader for your lizard slaves in terms of morale but lacks the ability to set formations, only have 40 leadership, and dies to stray arrows.
Gold 30
holy 11
Poison resistance 7
A fairly cheap priest that is also not affected by your poison.
Commander of C'tis
Gold 40
Poison resistance 7 A cheap 60 Ld Commander that is not affected by your poison. Overshadowed by Lizard lords in many situations.
Lizard Lord
Gold 70
Poison resistance 7 Your better, more expensive, 80 Ld Leader who offers formations and only takes 1 commander point to recruit.
High Priest of C'tis
Gold 80
holy 22
Poison resistance 7
Temple Trainer: Sacred Serpent
Prophet Shape: Lizard King
A level 2 Priest that can lead some troops.
Can spend a turn in a temple to train a sacred serpent for free.
This is probably a good use of their time even without a big bless for the snakes.
Gold 90
astral 11nature 11 9
Poison resistance 5
Prophet Shape: Shaman
C'tis' second battle mage and most efficient researcher.
Shamans are cheap and can cast astral buffs such as Luck and Body Ethereal and
set up communions for big astral spells or Soul Slays and Charms. If you are fighting astral nations, keeping Shamans in your armies can save your astral Sauromancer from magic duels.

Very efficient researchers in magic dominion too thanks their low cost, sacred status for half upkeep, and utility in combat in an emergency.

Has a prophet shape with slightly higher leadership, but otherwise no boost other than the usual holy magic.
Gold 105
death 22 9
Poison resistance 7
Not as magically strong as Sauromancer, but they have their uses.
A lot of good Death magic like Shadow Bolt and Horde of Skeletons are death 22, and you can recruit two Reborn at the same time as one Sauromancer.
Lizard Heir
Gold 145
Capital Only
holy 11
Unsurroundable (1)
Poison resistance 7
Situational to recruit them over Lizard Lords or King.
They are good for having squadrons of chariots quickly roving your land to vanquish enemy raiders.
Can't Swim.
Gold 210
death 33nature 11random1100%
Invulnerability (15)
Poison resistance 10
The definite workhorse mage, for battles and Rituals.
They can put down many important spells, including Foul Vapors (with boosters), Horde of Skeletons, Shadow Blast, and battle enchantments.
They'​re also prime candidates to Twiceborn.
Lizard King
Gold 230
Capital Only
holy 33
Old Age (60/50)
Poison resistance 7
Prophet Shape: Lizard King
With leadership 120, Lizard Kings are excellent, albeit expensive, army leaders.
They can also claim thrones, and are strong preachers where your dominion falters.
Appointing a Lizard King as your prophet brings it to holy 44, which can be useful for both Banishment and Fanaticism.
There is also a special Lizard King prophet shape with a scepter and a fancy blue gown.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Gold 7
Poison resistance (7) Indie Militia with better MR, resistant to your own poison but with no armor other than their own scales.
Useful as cheap chaff, particularly for cracking forts but will die in drove during battles so keep them out of harm's way if you can.
Light Infantry
Gold 10
Poison resistance (7) Indie Light Infantry with better MR, resistant to your own poison and miasma. No armor except for a shield means that they die in droves but the javelins are nice at least.
Heavy Infantry
Gold 10
Poison resistance (7) Heavy Infantry and well armored with 16 protection even before being buffed with barkskin. The trade off for this is that they have some heavy encumbrance but they are still the best blockers around for EA C'tis and still only cost 10g.
City Guard
Gold 10
Poison resistance (7)
Castle Defence Bonus (1)
Fairly standard medium infantry with better protection, better MR, resistant to your own poison. Easier to mass then Heavy Infantry thanks to their lower resource cost and can hold lines almost as well. They have a castle defence bonus, but that is a pretty minor boon because C'tis has plenty of magical ways to make taking forts hell for the attackers. Still nice to have a way to turn Gold into even more Siege Defense.
Slave Warrior
Gold 13
Poison resistance (5)
Barbarians but in lizard flavor and generally better. Slave warriors are glass cannons with low defences and morale but has two strong attacks. Useful if killing power is needed quickly and cheaply.
Gold 13
Poison resistance (5)
Slave Warriors but trade high damage for speed. Useful as cheaper Lizard Chariot for flanking to hit mages and archers or to rush in and interrupt long buff cycles on enemy thugs.
Gold 13
Ambidextrous 2
Poison resistance (7)
Armored like city guard but with helmets and a pair of falchions instead of a shield and spear. Great damage output and attack density. A great blend of killing power and durability without breaking the bank. Be aware that they tire out quickly.
Elite Warrior
Gold 15
Poison resistance (5)
Better Slave Warriors with armor and improved stats. Their lack of a helmet is a bummer on a unit costing 15g but their low resource and recruitment point cost makes them easy to spam in an emergency if high quality troops are needed quickly.
Serpent Dancer
Gold 19
Capital Only
Poison resistance (15)
Not a great sacred, but they can be blessed to counter particular units. Decent defence but Low Prot and have a two handed staff that deals magic and poison damage. They don't trade well against ghosts, but with a proper bless and buffs, they can take down elite units like Sacred giants, or the Jinn of Ubar.
Lizard Chariot
Gold 45
Poison resistance (7)
Unsurroundable (1)
Among the best national chariots in the EA.
Although it requires good scales, having 8-12 can wipe most Indies.
They are also fairly good at flanking if you have standard troops.
Can't swim.
Sacred Serpent Sacred
Poison resistance (5)
Standard (1)
Produced for free in each temple by having a High Priest train them. They boost the morale of the squads they are attached to and can serve as decent troops in their own right with high attack skill and powerful poison- if not much protection, so their HP gets cut through quickly. They move quickly so they tend to run ahead of their squad mates and get killed so it is best to mix them in with slightly faster troops such as falchioneers or slave warriors.
By late game you should be able to crank out a pretty decent number of these each turn to leverage any bless you have. Casting Mass Regeneration and Stygian Rains on them is a boon.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Niklatu - Lizard Hero Poison resistance (5)
A 120 leadership commander with a absurdly high defence skill of 20.
Kabti'ili - Ancient Shaman astral 22nature 22holy 11 13
Poison resistance (5)
Supply Bonus (20)
Taskmaster (3)
A dedicated Starshine Skullcap and Moonvine Bracelet forger.
Udum'ukinna - Reassembled Prince holy 22
Unsurroundable (1)
Spirit Sight
Poison Resistance (25)
Cold Resistance (15)
Inspirational (1)
Zilammu - Consort of the Dead astral 22death 44nature 33 23
Poison resistance (10)
Supply bonus (30)
Your Strongest Nature mage (the power of hands) boostable to nature 66.
She will be doing a lot of your end game Death and Nature ritual casting like Contact Lamia Queen.


Magic Access

C'tis is a Sorcerous nation, with major focus on Death and consistent (if minor) Nature and Astral. Since your important mages have Nature magic, you can steadily build up random paths you need without too much fuss.

Death Level 4 is fairly common on your long-lived Sauromancers. Construction Level 4 elevates it to death 55, and Construction Level 6 makes it death 66.

Nature Level 2 is another path on your Sauromancers. Construction Level 4 makes it nature 33. Alternatively, your astral 11nature 11 Shamans can summon an astral 33nature 33 Couatl at Conjuration Level 7, who can in-turn bring you up to nature 44 at Construction Level 6. You can then outfit an nature 33 Ivy King with your Construction Level 6 boosters to acquire nature 55, giving you one last booster to get you all the way up to nature 66; if you have the Gems, of course.

Astral starts at Level 1, but Couatls bring you up to astral 33 at Conjuration Level 7; their inability to wear helmets prevents them from wearing their own booster items, but they can bring your other guys to astral 22 at Construction Level 6.

Water is the odd one out, starting at Level 1 on some of your Sauromancers, with Construction Level 6 elevating it to water 22.

C'tis has depth, which is very nice, but it runs into a couple of cross-path issues. It doesn't have a lot of astral 11death 11's, so Death Communions will be costly. It also doesn't have the paths necessary to cast Foul Vapors without a Thistle Mace or a good deal of luck with a 10% random, though an expensive option is better than no option at all.

Diversity Options

Air is found through the air 33 Faery Queen at Conjuration Level 8; she won't be able to Commune, unlike the Couatls, but she can turn your Chariots into Flying Chariots with the research you've been putting into skele-spam.

Earth (specifically earth 11) is found on roughly half of all Spectral Mages summoned at Conjuration Level 6, without any need for boosters.

That leaves Fire and Blood. Fire can be found by equipping a 1-in-16 earth 22 Spectral Mage with Earth Boots (Construction Level 4) and casting Hidden in Sand (Enchantment Level 6) for a good chance of a Dust Priest with the magic you want; it's quite expensive, but it's an option. Blood requires running the full gauntlet of Nature described above, giving the Treelord's Staff and the Moonvine Bracelet to a nature 22 Sauromancer, and having them contact a Lamia Queen for a roughly-50% chance of at least blood 11. Empowering an earth 11 to earth 22 will most-likely be cheaper than repeatedly rolling for the correct paths, while empowering the nature 22 Sauromancer to nature 33 will let you save 25naturegem if you're not planning on attaining nature 66.

National Magic & Summons

Pride of Lions: nature 22 Conj 3 10naturegem (summon 10+ Great Lion). Summons Fast moving animal chaff.

Sacred Crocodile: nature 22water 22 Conj 4 3naturegem (summon 1 Sacred Crocodile). Big, slow and sacred attack animals. A lot of their attributes make them fantastic Soul Slay magnets to take the pressure off your mages.

Summon Monster Toads: nature 22 Conj 5 8naturegem (summon 3 Monster Toad). Sacred Tramplers that spread poison with their poison cloud and Poison Skin. Likely to Die, but will kill formation as the toads will suicidally trample to the middle of it to spread the Miasma.

Contact Couatl: nature 11astral 11 Conj 7 40naturegem (summon 1 Couatl). Cost a lot of gems but any Shaman can summon this strong Flying Astral and Nature mage.

Contact Scorpion Man:earth 11fire 11 Conj 8 12earthgem (summon 1 Scorpion Man). Comes too late to be useful. Scaring away infantry is not so good when late game is purely mage dominated.

Notable Generic Magic

Combat Magic

Generally, the goal of your magic in combat should be to spam poison and undead, while buffing the resilient living troops.

Sauromancer magic randoms:

  • Nature randoms: Use for high-level Nature with a Thistle Mace and Moonlight Bracelet.
  • Water randoms: Needed to cast Foul Vapors.
  • Death randoms: Don't need communions for high death, with the two death boosters your death 66. It can make the immortal death thugs.
  • Astral randoms: Can join communions to cast higher level Death and Nature magic. Can cast Nether Bolt and Nether Darts.

Troop Buffs: Wooden Warriors, Army of Giants, Mass Protection, Stygian Rains

Chaff Summoning: Horde of Skeletons, Swarm, Creeping Doom

AOE: Poison Cloud, Enfeeble, Vortex of Unlife

Battlefield Globals: Foul Vapors, Howl, Darkness, Rigor Mortis, Relief, Plague, Life after Death, Undead Mastery

Area Fatigue or Immobilization: Shadow Blast, Syllable of Sleep, Storm of Thorns, Wild Growth, Stellar Cascades

Area Morale Reduction: Panic, Terror

Single Target Elimination: Curse of the Frog Prince, Charm, Disintegrate, Nether Bolt, Nether Darts, Astral Geyser

Thug/SC Self Buffs (summoned undead thugs): Soul Vortex, Invulnerability

Ritual Magic

Mother Oak



Well of Misery

Stygian Paths

Black Death

Summons Infantry- Revive Wights/Legion of Wights, Construct Manikin, Construct Mandragora, Reanimation, Pale Riders, Contact Lamias, Awaken Vine Men, Awaken Vine Ogres

Immortal Summons - Call the Worm That Walks, Call Wraith Lord, Lichcraft, Curse of Blood

Summons Other- Tartarian Gate, Summon Spectre, Summon Mount Fiend, Contact Lamia Queen

Magic Items

National Items

  • The Jade Mask: a Unique end game Helmet. Need death 66nature 33 and where must be cold-blooded (No Undead or most pretender chassis). Grants a lot of large array of good mage buffs. Is Notable a better Skullface with Regeneration and Auto cast Rigor Mortis


Amulet of the Dead Makes your reanimation casting more gem efficient.

Mage items: Clam of Pearls, Black Bow of Botulf, Amulet of Resilience, Coral Blade, Ethereal Crossbow, Ring of Regeneration, Skull Mentor

Thug Items: Vine Shield, Astral Serpent, Coral Blade/Duskdagger, Doom Glaive, Boots of Quickness, Robe of Invulnerability

Fear Thug Items: Horror Helmet, Spirit Mask, Skull Standard

Interesting Items: Effigy of War,


Power Curve

This is probably the most difficult section to get consensus for. Describe how strong the nation is during expansion, the early, mid and late game, and what makes it strong/weak at each of those points. This should give readers an idea of where the weaknesses of a nation lie (if they have not been shown already) and when to take advantage of a nation's strengths.

Expansion Strategies

List some example expansion strategies here. If a strong bless or pretender is required then leave the specifics for the pretender section.

Example Pretender Builds

List some example pretender builds. Try to use the following format to keep authorship and pretender design rationale clear.

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