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Poison Cloud

Not to be confused with Poison Cloud, an Evocation spell.

Units with this ability generate a green smoke effect either on the tile they occupy, or one of the eight tiles immediately surrounding them. Any unit caught in the effect accrues 1 point of AN nonmagical poison damage in its poison damage pool. The effect lasts for two rounds and stacks, meaning a unit exposed to the effect of three different poison clouds on the same tile will take damage from each. Note that while the manual mentions accruing 2 points of damage, it does not take into account the fact that cloud damage is divided by 3.

Poison Cloud is an Aura, like Heat Aura and Chill Aura, so its value (listed in parentheses) is how many squares the effect will hit roughly each round. It is not the aura's actual AOE, though; each square the Aura effects is technically affected one at a time, and the Aura value has to have values well beyond the scope of actual gameplay to graze past the 3x3 square centered on the unit. A Poison Cloud will thus have a chance to affect the same square multiple times in a round.

Here's a visual aid!

As shown above, an aura is just as likely to affect the Aura-propagator's square as it is to affect a specific square next to it; fortunately, units with Poison Clouds often have substantial Poison Resistance.

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