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FIXME Can a male unit seduce other male units?

A unit with the seduction trait can effectively serve as an assassin. If the seduce order is given, and if when it resolves in the turn order there is at least one adjacent province controlled by the player or if the seducer has the flying trait, a non-hidden enemy commander will always be found (given there is one). This commander will roll a morale check against 9 for most seducers, 15 for dream seducers. Depending on the outcome, three things can happen:

  • the enemy commander fails the morale check ; the seduction is successful and the commander is stolen by the player back to an adjacent province chosen at random among the ones controlled by the player.
  • the morale check is a draw ; the assassination does not take place, the seducer stays hidden.
  • the enemy commander succeeds on his morale check ; an assassination battle ensues.
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