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Artifacts are Magic Items that can only be crafted at Construction Level 8. For reasons particular to each of them, only one of each Artifact can exist in the game at a given time; if you try to craft an Artifact that already exists, you will fail. If you Wish for an Artifact that already exists, you will be taking it from whoever had it before you.

The default game rules specify that you can only have one Mage forging Artifacts each turn, but this condition can be disabled before the game starts. Doing so has the side effect of letting someone delegate multiple mages to forge the same Artifact at the same time, for a better chance of getting it instead of another player attempting to get the Artifact in the same turn; which isn't super relevant in most games, but it can happen. Resources that go into an Artifact that cannot be crafted are wasted.

You can think of the list of Artifacts as a "ban list", like in Yu-Gi-Oh or other trading card games; that might help with understanding why some very powerful Items share this list with things that seem utterly pathetic.

List of Artifacts

One-Handed Weapons

Unquenched Sword fire 5540firegem
This obscenely-hot Broad Sword (Length 1) is actually fire, molded into a form that can ignore Fire Resistance.
AP SLASH, DMG 22, ATT +4, DEF +1, also does 14 AP FIRE DMG on hit (AOE 1), Heat from Hell spell (start), Berserker +1
Ember fire 22water 2210firegem10watergem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) bonds hot and cold in holy matrimony, much to everyone else's displeasure.
SLASH, DMG 15, ATK +5, DEF +4, also does 15 AP COLD DMG and 14 AP FIRE DMG on hit (AOE 1), FR +10, CR +10
Mage Bane earth 6660earthgem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) can win you any duel, if you pierce your foe's Protection with it.
SLASH, DMG 10, ATK +5, DEF +6, also deals 110 FAT on DMG, INSTAKILLS Magic Beings on DMG (MR negates),
MR +5, Tainted (10% chance per turn)
The Sword of Aurgelmer astral 6660astralpearl
This Broad Sword (Length 1) siphons good luck from those who touch it, and doles it out to its friends.
SLASH, DMG 13, ATT +2, DEF +2, Curses Luck on hit, Curses on DMG, Will of the Fates spell (start), MOR +4,
Lucky, adds Curse
Sword of Injustice death 4425deathgem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) boosts your "Holy" level, if you feel like admitting you're a priest of darkness.
SLASH, DMG 6, ATT +3, DEF +2, applies Decay on DMG (MR negates), Protection of the Sepulchre spell (start), holy 11 boost
Woundflame death 4425deathgem
This Short Sword (Length 1) is rather dangerous for the living to use, especially if they can't dodge.
PIERCE & SLASH, DMG 8, ATT +4, DEF +5, applies Plague on DMG (not to the Undead), adds Disease
Dawn Fang earth 11astral 115astralpearl5earthgem
This Extra-Long Sword (Length 2) predates Sun Awe, and thus works even in total darkness. Yay for oversights!
SLASH, DMG 10, ATT +3, DEF +3, each hit does x3 DMG to Demons & the Undead, MR +1, Awe +1, Affliction Resistance +1
The Sharpest Tooth nature 22astral 1110naturegem5astralpearl
It's not really a Dagger (Length 0), but it earns its club pass by being so over-the-top.
AP PIERCE, DMG 3, ATT +2, causes 75 POISON DMG on DMG, PR +25, Patience +2
The Summit earth 4425earthgem
For fair duels without any magical shenanigans, this Axe (Length 1) is unrivaled.
AP SLASH, DMG 28, ATT +12, DEF +6
Picus's Axe of Rulership death 22earth 1110deathgem5earthgem
This Axe (Length 1) can remove your arm without hurting you. How kind!
SLASH, DMG 12, ATT +5, DEF -2, causes "Lost an Arm" on hit, wield with Procas's Axe of Rulership for extra bonuses
Procas's Axe of Rulership blood 22earth 1110bloodslave5earthgem
This Axe (Length 1) can remove your arm without hurting you. How kind!
SLASH, DMG 14, ATT +3, DEF -2, causes "Lost an Arm" on hit, wield with Picus's Axe of Rulership for extra bonuses
Twin Spear astral 11death 115astralpearl5deathgem
Take care not to mix up this Spear (Length 3) with its twin.
AP PIERCE, DMG 10, ATT +2, DEF +2, UNLIFE, Leadership +50, Lucky, wield with the other Twin Spear for extra bonuses
Twin Spear astral 11blood 115astralpearl5bloodslave
Take care not to mix up this Spear (Length 3) with its twin.
AP PIERCE, DMG 10, ATT +2, DEF +2, Call Lesser Horror spell, Leadership +50, Lucky,
wield with the other Twin Spear for extra bonuses
O'al Kan's Sceptre fire 2210firegem
This Sceptre (Length 1) was made so an Abysian Warlord could pretend to be a mage.
BLUNT, DMG 0, also causes 10 FAT on hit (AOE 1), Fireball spell, CR +5, Leadership +50, Far Caster 1 (Fire)
Sceptre of Dark Regency death 6660deathgem
This Sceptre (Length 1) was made so a Death Mage could pretend to be Death itself. Death didn't appreciate it.
AP BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT +1, also does 10 LIFE DRAIN DMG on DMG, Far Caster 2 (Death), Fast Aging 3, death 22 boost
Sceptre of Corruption blood 4425bloodslave
Once you pick up this Sceptre (Length 1), you can't let it go!
BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT +1, Bane Fire spell, Leadership +50, Tainted (10% chance per turn)
Dimensional Rod astral 3315astralpearl
Choose the bearer of this Rod (Length 1) carefully. They will never return it while they live!
BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT +1, DEF +1, Banishes to the Void on hit (MR negates), Quickness, Far Caster 1 (Astral), astral 11 boost,
adds 1 Insanity each turn, Tainted (20% chance per turn)
Rod of Death death 115deathgem
This Rod (Length 1) does INTERNAL damage, ignoring all reductions! Many Undead Pretenders have replicas.
AN BLUNT, DMG 10, ATT +2, STR not added to DMG, Control the Dead spell, Undead Leadership +20
Winter Bringer water 2210watergem
This Wand (Length 0) makes it snow!
BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT -2, DEF -2, Falling Frost spell
The Sickle whose Crop is Pain death 6660deathgem
In theory, this Sickle (Length 1) can pay for itself!
AP SLASH, DMG 5, ATT +4, DEF +4, applies Decay on DMG (MR negates), melee kills give 1deathgem each
The Tartarian Chains earth 44fire 2225earthgem10firegem
These Chains (Length 2, 2 Attacks, +2 ATT vs. Shields) are too good for the living!
BLUNT, DMG 5, ATT +3, DEF -2, Enslaves on hit (MR negates), attracts hostile Ashen Angels

Double-Handed Weapons

Sword of Justice fire 33astral 3315firegem15astralpearl
This Great Sword (Length 2) is what every Arch Angel (even the bad ones!) wants for Christmas.
SLASH, DMG 15, ATT +3, DEF +4, also does 15 AP FIRE DMG on hit (AOE 1), Prison of Fire spell, FR +5,
Inferno Assistance +100, Kokytos Assistance +100, holy 11 boost
Tempest air 5540airgem
This Great Sword (Length 2) is essentially a Staff of Storms, but BETTER!
SLASH, DMG 15, ATT +5, DEF +6, also does 5 Bouncing AN SHOCK DMG on hit, Storm spell (start),
Thunder Strike spell, SR +15
The Stone Sword earth 5540earthgem
A tap of this Great Sword (Length 2) turns crowds into stone! So yeah, be careful with it.
SLASH, DMG 10, ATT +4, DEF +7, Petrifies on hit (AOE 5, MR negates)
The Sword of Many Colors earth 44astral 3325earthgem15astralpearl
A tap of this Great Sword (Length 2) unleashes deadly rainbows! Taste them at your own risk!
SLASH, DMG 17, ATT +3, DEF +5, also does 10 AN INTERNAL DMG on hit (AOE 5, MR negates), fire 11air 11water 11earth 11 boost
Sun Slayer death 6660deathgem
The Sun, infamous for judging books by their covers, avoids this Great Sword (Length 2) at all cost.
SLASH, DMG 13, ATT +5, DEF +6, also does 8 AN INTERNAL DMG on hit (AOE 5, not to the Undead), Darkness spell (start),
Drain Life spell, Fear Aura +5, death 11 boost
Infernal Sword blood 11fire 115bloodslave5firegem
This Great Sword (Length 2) is a one-way ticket to Heck!
AP SLASH, DMG 14, ATT +4, DEF +4, Banishes to the Inferno on DMG (MR negates), FR +5
Trident from Beyond water 33astral 2215watergem10astralpearl
You don't have to give this Trident (Length 3) to an Illithid, but it would fit.
PIERCE, DMG 13, ATT +2, DEF +3, Soul-Slays on DMG (MR negates, not for the Mindless), water 11 boost
Hammer of the Forge Lord earth 55fire 3340earthgem15firegem
This Maul (Length 2) is a Dwarven Hammer on STEROIDS! Use both if you can!
BLUNT, DMG 20, ATT +1, also does 14 AP FIRE DMG on hit (AOE 1), Forge Bonus +4
The Flailing Hands death 2210deathgem
This Flail (Length 2, 2 Attacks, +2 ATT vs. Shields) also hits with a touch spell not available to your mages!
BLUNT, DMG 10, ATT +4, DEF -1, also does 10 FEAR DMG and 20 AP COLD FAT on hit,
MR +1, Magic Penetration +1, death 11 boost


Barrier earth 4425earthgem
This Tower Shield (not for Mounted guys) is the ultimate protection against everything, other than cold winds, gas, and mean words.
PROT 40, PARRY 11, DEF -2, ENC +2, STR +4, FR +15, SR +15
Immaculate Shield fire 33astral 2215firegem10astralpearl
Heaven LOVES this Kite Shield (usable by Mounted guys)!
PROT 30, PARRY 9, DEF -1, ENC +1, Awe +2, Auto-Bless (EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT SACRED), holy 11 boost
Shield of the Dawn earth 33astral 2215earthgem10astralpearl
This Oval-ish Shield (usable by Mounted guys) probably goes with the Dawn Fang.
PROT 35, PARRY 9, DEF -2, ENC +2, MR +1, FR +5, Awe +1, Affliction Resistance +1
The Aegis earth 5540earthgem
This Round Shield (usable by Mounted guys) has Medusa on it, in case you were wondering where she is.
PROT 25, PARRY 7, DEF -1, ENC +1, Fear Aura +5, Petrifies attackers (MR vs. 13 negates, sprite direction matters)


Helmet of Perfection water 33air 3315watergem15airgem
It's… well… perfect. It's technically a helm, though.
PROT 25, Inspiring Leader +3, Awe +5, Sight Vengeance
Helmet of the Dawn earth 22astral 1110earthgem5astralpearl
This Helmet (no ENC) probably goes with the Shield of the Dawn.
PROT 23, MR +2, Awe +1, Affliction Resistance +1


Blacksteel Plate earth 115earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This Plate Cuirass isn't that much better than the rest, but not everyone starts with one.
PROT 17, DEF -1, ENC +2, MM -2
Blacksteel Full Plate earth 2210earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This is actually lighter than standard Full Plate Mail, but that stuff is quite rare. Its Map Movement penalty is the same.
PROT 24, DEF -3, ENC +4, MM -6
Enchanted Ring Mail Armor astral 115astralpearl
This Ring Mail Hauberk is just as heavy as the standard, but it doesn't impede Map Movement.
PROT 13, DEF -1, ENC +1
Berserker Pelt nature 115naturegem
These Furs make you rush into the melee right away. Don't put them on your Mages, even though they're light!


Boots of Water Walking water 115watergem
These let you cross Rivers at any time, regardless of the Temperature on either side.
Boots of Long Strides nature 115naturegem
These double your movement speed in battle, and provide a lesser-but-still-needed boost outside it.
MM +6, Swiftness 100

Miscellaneous Items

Atlas of Creation earth 33astral 3340earthgem40astralpearl
Makes the reader able to find all the more interesting places on the map. Makes horrors find the reader all the more interesting.
earth 11astral 11nature 11 boost, Spell: Record of Creation
The Manual of Cross Breeding blood 33nature 3315bloodslave15naturegem
Makes the user adept at animal husbandry until they are caught at it. BY HORRORS.
Adept Cross Breeder +20
The Tome of Gaia earth 22nature 2210earthgem10naturegem
By your Earthpowers combined!
earth 11nature 11 boost
Fever Fetish fire 22nature 115firegem5naturegem
Description is obsolete, gems are created even if bearer isn't really affected by the disease.
Diseases bearer, generates 2firegem each month
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