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List of Powerful Magic Items

Powerful Magic Items are Magic Items you can craft upon reaching Construction Level 6. These are the generic ones.

Some notes:

  • DMG is Damage, AP is Armor-Piercing (ignoring half of Protection), and AN is Armor-Negating (ignoring all of it).
  • FAT is Fatigue, and is Armor-Negating (AN) unless said otherwise.
  • Poison Damage is also Armor-Negating (AN) unless said otherwise.
  • Fear Damage lowers Morale instead of HP, and builds up to a rout. What it interacts with, and if it even DRN's, is uncertain.
  • Partial Life Drain Damage only does up to 5 actual points of Life Drain Damage; the rest is normal.
  • Other stats use Manual notation (STR is Strength, ATT is Attack, DEF is Defense, MOR is Morale, PROT is Protection, etc.).
  • Shatter Damage applies only to Inanimates, but I'll restate it anyway.
  • "Damage to Armor" can break it; like what normal Damage can do to Rusty Armor.
  • Capped DMG hits can never do more Damage than what the weapon says, though DRN rolls and Strength apply beforehand.
  • Bouncing DMG is also called "Chaining" Damage, and will never hit the same guy twice in a row.
  • Unlife DMG reanimates the target as a Soulless or Soulless Warrior on your side if it kills.
  • Weapons that inflict Soul Slay can't do that to the Mindless.
  • Stuff that "adds X" constantly reapplies "X" while held, if you somehow Heal it.
  • Holding 2 of an Item does not give you the item's out-of-combat effects Twice, aside from some Afflictions.
  • Damage Multipliers are applied after Strength and before DRN rolls vs. Protection.
  • Dealing "X" Points of Weakness reduces Strength by that much.
  • "MR negates each" means that a Magic Resistance roll is taken for each listed effect, until one roll succeeds; if the first roll succeeds, none of the effects happen, while only the first effect happens if the first roll fails but the second roll succeeds.
  • Research Boosters only work for those who can already Research (as in, those who already have Research Points).
  • The number after "Obfuscate" indicates the change in the Army Size that foes will see; negative decreases, positive increases.
  • Sailing (and "Air Sailing", which is just Flying with your troops) has two numbers; the number before the slash is the maximum size of any rider, and the number after the slash is the maximum added-up Size of everyone in the army (including the Commander) it can handle.
  • Items that provide a Magic boost (such as the Thistle Mace) will only do that if the holder innately has a level in that path.
  • Tainted Items, as mentioned in the Items page, have the listed chance to apply a Horror Mark each turn.
  • Bold text in the top line is supposed to indicate that the item is Cursed, or Unremovable, while an EVER is meant to specify that it is Unlootable (can't be picked up by other Commanders after the holder dies) if that isn't mentioned in the bottom line. Alternatively, it may mention something else that couldn't fit in the bottom line.

One-Handed Weapons

Fire Brand fire 11earth 115firegem5earthgem
Guild rules require that this Broad Sword (Length 1) be made Armor-Piercing with Earth Magic.
AP SLASH, DMG 8, ATT +3, also does 14 AP FIRE DMG on hit (AOE 1), Morale +2, FR +5
Shadow Brand death 11earth 115deathgem5earthgem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) is really cool, but its side effects won't affect Inanimates.
AP SLASH, DMG 12, ATT +4, DEF +1, also deals 5 AN DMG and 2 points of Weakness on hit (AOE 5, MR negates each)
Blood Thorn blood 3315bloodslave Cheap for LA Abysia!
This Dagger (Length 0) is also known as an Athame! It's a bit tough to clean.
PIERCE, DMG 4, ATT +2, PARTIAL LIFE DRAIN, blood 11 boost
Axe of Hate nature 2210naturegem
This Axe (Length 1) is made with Hate! It lowers your Poison Resistance, though.
SLASH, DMG 13, ATT +4, also deals 20 FAT & Disease on DMG (MR negates Disease), PR -15
Evening Star fire 11death 115firegem5deathgem
This Morningstar (Length 1, +2 ATT vs. Shields) applies both Fire and Weakness! Inanimates can't be Weakened, though.
BLUNT, DMG 10, ATT +6, DEF -2, also deals 12 AP FIRE DMG & 2 points of Weakness on hit (AOE 1, MR negates Weakness)
Star of Thraldom air 115airgem
This Morningstar (Length 1, +2 ATT vs. Shields) makes targets think they're stuck!
BLUNT, DMG 10, ATT +6, DEF -2, applies False Fetters on hit (AOE 1, MR negates)
Demon Whip fire 11blood 115firegem5bloodslave
This Whip (Length 4, Capped DMG) splashes Fire on foes!
SLASH, DMG 2, ATT +4, also does 14 Uncapped AP FIRE DMG on hit (AOE 1), Inferno Assistance +10
Dragon Sceptre fire 2210firegem
This is a Wand (Length 1), not a Sceptre. Drakes don't mind, though!
BLUNT, DMG -2, ATT -2, Dragon Master +1, Flame Bolt spell
Rod of the Phoenix fire 4425firegem
This is a Wand (Length 1), not a Rod, but almost no one can afford to point that out!
BLUNT, DMG -2, ATT -2, Incinerate spell

Double-Handed Weapons

Carmine Cleaver fire 22earth 1110firegem5earthgem
This Double Axe (Length 2) isn't done cooling yet! Be careful with it!
SLASH, DMG 18, ATT +4, DEF +1, also does 20 AP FIRE DMG on DMG, Fire Shield 9, FR +5
Demon Bane water 115watergem
This Great Sword (Length 2) keeps you safe from demonic stuff, such as fire and going to Hell.
SLASH, DMG 15, ATT +5, DEF +2, each hit does x2 DMG to Demons, HP +5, FR +15
Hell Sword blood 22fire 2210bloodslave10firegem
This Great Sword (Length 2) will try to keep you alive, but through sinister means.
SLASH, DMG 14, ATT +5, DEF +1, PARTIAL LIFE DRAIN, Berserker +3, FR +10
Gate Cleaver earth 3315earthgem
You could use this Great Axe (Length 2) for its intended purpose… sure.
AN SLASH, DMG 29, ATT -1, DEF -1, Siege Bonus +50
Wave Breaker water 3315watergem
This Trident (Length 3) stabs thrice, once for each of its points!
PIERCE, DMG 10, ATT +3, DEF +3, attacks THRICE, Friendly Currents spell (start), Water Breathing
Rime Hammer water 22air 1110watergem5airgem Cheap for EA Niefelheim!
This Warhammer (Length 3) forces Water and Air to work together! Mass hysteria ensues!
BLUNT, DMG 21, ATT +5, DEF +1, also spreads Freezing Mists on hit (AOE 3), CR +10
Staff of Elemental Mastery fire 44water 4425firegem25watergem
This Quarterstaff (Length 3) is very good for certain people!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATT +2, DEF +4, FR +5, CR +5, fire 11air 11water 11earth 11 boost, Far Caster 1 (Elements)
Staff of Storms air 5540airgem
If you're annoyed at how long Storm takes to cast, then this Quarterstaff (Length 3) is for you!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATT +2, DEF +4, also does 10 AN SHOCK DMG on hit, Storm spell (start), Lightning Bolt spell, Corpse Lord 5
Staff of Elemental Mastery air 44earth 4425airgem25earthgem
This Quarterstaff (Length 3) is very good for certain people!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATT +2, DEF +4, SR +5, Stoneskin, fire 11air 11water 11earth 11 boost, Far Caster 1 (Elements)
Treelord's Staff nature 5540naturegem
This Quarterstaff (Length 3) is alive, but it probably won't stab you in the back.
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATT +2, DEF +4, Forest Survival, nature 22 boost, Far Caster 1 (Nature), Ivy Lord 1
Banner of the Northern Star astral 4425astralpearl
Choose when to bring this Standard (Length 4) out carefully! It makes you weak to other Astral magic.
BLUNT, DMG 1, ATT -2, DEF -3, MR -2, Light of the Northern Star spell (start)
Standard of the Damned death 4425deathgem
The name of this Standard (Length 4) is what gives Dominions 5 its Adult rating.
BLUNT, DMG 1, ATT -2, DEF -3, Fear +5, Drain Life spell
Bow of War air 115airgem
This Short Bow (7 shots) fires enough arrows at once to have a chance at hitting something!
PIERCE, DMG 8, RANGE 40, 1/3 STR added to DMG, attacks THIRTEEN TIMES
Ivory Bow death 33air 1115deathgem5airgem
This Long Bow (12 shots) fires only THREE arrows at a time, but victims will either serve you or die horribly!
AP PIERCE, DMG 12, PRE +2, RANGE 50, 1/3 STR added to DMG, UNLIFE, causes Decay on DMG (MR negates)
Ethereal Crossbow astral 115astralpearl
This Crossbow (12 shots, shoots every other round) fires fake shots that seem VERY real to the stupid!
Applies Soul Slay on hit instead of doing regular DMG (MR negates), PRE +5, RANGE 45, works Underwater
Banefire Crossbow death 115deathgem
This Crossbow (14 shots, shoots every other round) splashes Decay everywhere. No one likes it!
AP PIERCE, DMG 10, PRE +2, RANGE 45, applies Decay on hit (AOE 3, MR negates), adds Curse


Scutata Volturnus air 11earth 115airgem5earthgem
It's a Tower Shield (not usable by Mounted guys) that shocks the uninitiated!
PROT 21, PARRY 9, DEF -2, ENC 2, SR +5, auto-casts Shocking Grasp
Shield of Gleaming Gold earth 11fire 115earthgem5firegem Cheap for EA Mekone!
This Roundish Shield (usable by Mounted guys) is too beautiful to harm!
PROT 23, PARRY 9, DEF -1, ENC 1, Awe +1
Lantern Shield death 22fire 1110deathgem5firegem
This Round Shield (usable by Mounted guys) is too spooky to swing at!
PROT 23, PARRY 6, DEF -1, ENC 1, Fear +5, Retinue of 3 Corpse Candles


Skullface death 5540deathgem
Bad at Death magic? Just wear another man's head as a Full Helm! Problem solved!
PROT 18, DEF -1, Undead Leadership +10, death 11 boost, Horde of Skeletons spell
Iron Face earth 4425earthgem
The Mod Inspector doesn't think this Half Helm works.
PROT 23, Ironskin (NAT PROT 20, or NAT PROT 3 if already 18 or higher, SR -5)
Spirit Helmet air 3315airgem
The Air Gem on this Helmet is the wrong color on purpose! This makes the spirit inside of it "uppity".
PROT 20, auto-casts Lightning Bolt
Starshine Skullcap astral 2210astralpearl
This Cap continuously emits sky-blue light! It might mess up your sleep, though.
PROT 8, MR +2, astral 11 boost
Crown of the Titans earth 22fire 1110earthgem5firegem
Is being half-Giant not enough for you? Wear this Crown WITH the Amulet of Giants!
PROT 9, Leadership +50, Inspiring Leader +1, Enlargement (Stacks with Limited Enlargement only)
Crown of the Magi astral 44water 2225astralpearl10watergem
This Crown makes your spells come out faster! Your "cooldown" period remains the same, however.
PROT 9, Magic Leadership +10, Fast Caster 30
Wraith Crown death 5540deathgem
This Crown gives you a dead lord's… err… life.
PROT 9, Undead Leadership +100, Etherealness, Retinue of 5-to-30 nationally-available Longdead


Marble Armor earth 2210earthgem
This Plate Cuirass makes you a mobile statue!
PROT 16, DEF -1, ENC +3, MM -4, Stoneskin (NAT PROT 15, or NAT PROT 2 if already 14 or higher, CR -5)
Stymphalian Wings earth 4425earthgem Cheap for EA Arcoscephale!
This Plate Cuirass lets you fly, at least in battle, and crash down on foes!
PROT 18, DEF -4, ENC +3, ATT -4, Fear +5, Flying, Trample, NOT FOR MOUNTED UNITS
Armor of Knights earth 115earthgem
This Full Plate Mail is about as perfect as it can be!
PROT 23, DEF -1, ENC +2, MM -2
Rainbow Armor air 11nature 115airgem5naturegem
This Scale Mail Cuirass probably shows its other colors when the light hits it just right!
PROT 11, DEF -1, ENC +1, MR +2, Reinvigoration +3
Rime Hauberk water 2210watergem
This Scale Mail Hauberk makes you chilly. Spread the chill with Water magic!
PROT 16, DEF -2, ENC +2, MM -2, CR +5, Cold Aura +1
Jade Armor water 22earth 1110watergem5earthgem Cheap for MA T'ien Ch'i!
This Full Scale Mail makes you pass through time faster. Be sure to take it off when the year changes!
PROT 16, DEF -1, ENC +4, MM -6, Quickness
Hydra Skin Armor nature 2210naturegem Cheap for EA Sauromatia and MA Pythium!
This Full Scale Mail makes you heal faster! It won't grow your head back, though.
PROT 12, DEF -1, ENC +1, PR +15, Limited Regeneration +10 (not for Inanimates)
Bone Armor death 4425deathgem
Hopefully you put this ribcage to good use, especially since it's someone else's.
PROT 0, DEF -3, ENC +3, MM -4, CR +5, auto-casts Soul Vortex
Robe of Invulnerability death 4425deathgem
These Heavy Robes will keep you safe from anything that isn't magical.
PROT 4, Invulnerability 25
Robe of the Magi air 55blood 5540airgem40bloodslave
These Robes haven't been thoroughly cleaned. You have been warned!
PROT 3, Reinvigoration +5, fire 11air 11water 11earth 11astral 11death 11nature 11blood 11 boost, Tainted (5% chance)


Boots of Stone earth 2210earthgem
These are the only Low Boots in the tier; the rest are High Boots.
Stoneskin, Mountain Survival
Boots of the Spider air 115airgem
What about spiders is Air-related? Is it that they ride the breeze with teeny webs?
Unhindered (Minimum 75% chance to escape Entanglement), Snow Move, All-Terrain Survival
Boots of Quickness water 2210watergem
Remember to take these off while Death is counting years.
MM +12, Quickness
Boots of Seven Mile Strides nature 2210naturegem
Don't wear these inside, unless you want to magically crash through your walls!
MM +18
Boots of Youth blood 2210bloodslave
These eternally keep both their New Boot Smell and their blood-soaked squish.
Reinvigoration +3, Unaging (90%)

Miscellaneous Items

Lightless Lantern fire 115firegem
I like to imagine that this just has a lighting error, and that the Horrors are just bug-fixers.
Darkvision +100, Research Bonus +12, Void Assistance +10, Tainted (3% chance per turn)
Skull of Fire fire 11death 115firegem5deathgem
This guy gets revenge for being trapped in his skull by making you less used to the cold.
CR -5, fire 11 boost
Barrel of Air air 4425airgem
Think of this as a nutritional supplement, with its crucial contribution being oxygen.
Gift of Water Breathing 150 (plus Self)
Mirror of False Impressions air 4425airgem
This makes everyone under the holder look like the holder, but is dispelled in battle because it's annoying.
Leadership -20, False Army
Water Bracelet water 115watergem
No, the water is not frozen.
water 11 boost
Bottle of Living Water water 2210watergem
Drink responsibly.
Retinue of 1 Size 5 Water Elemental
Sea King's Goblet water 3315watergem
Drink from the cup, and you will never drown, at least until next Sunday!
Gift of Water Breathing 100 (plus Self)
The Copper Arm earth 33fire 1115earthgem5firegem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This permanently makes one of your miscellaneous slots more useful!
Grants another Hand slot
Crystal Heart earth 22astral 2210earthgem10astralpearl
Wedging two Crystal Matrices behind your heart gives it magic powers! Don't take them out!
Provides 1 Extra Life, Communion Master, Unlootable, applies Chest Wound, not for Inanimates
Stone Idol earth 22astral 2210earthgem10astralpearl Cheap for MA Na'Ba!
Who would win; a bunch of Pretender Gods, or one stony boy?
Heretic 3
Eye Pendant earth 33death 3315earthgem15deathgem
This Urish disease-scaring tool is equally pricey for everyone, unfortunately.
Disease Healer 1, Patrol Bonus +10, Warning +5
Eye of Innocence astral 2210astralpearl
Nothing makes people look past you quite like a missing pupil. Don't take this eye out!
Stealth +40 (DOES NOT MAKE YOU STEALTHY), Unlootable, applies Lost an Eye
Arcane Lens astral 3315astralpearl
Finally, a crystal ball.
Far Caster 1 (All)
Ring of Returning astral 3315astralpearl
This probably shouldn't go on your thugs, unless they're of the "glass cannon" variety.
Returning (Teleports bearer back to their capital if injured, completely safe)
Ring of Sorcery astral 6660astralpearl
Is this worth the 60 Astral Pearls? Probably. But how will you craft it?
Magic Penetration +1, astral 11death 11nature 11blood 11 boost
Ring of Wizardry astral 7780astralpearl
Is this worth the 80 Astral Pearls? Well, I sure think so. But how will you forge it?
Magic Penetration +1, fire 11air 11water 11earth 11astral 11death 11nature 11blood 11 boost
Elixir of Life nature 22fire 2210naturegem10firegem
You don't even drink this stuff; you just rub its bottle fondly, so the liquid will save you when you need it.
Provides 1 Extra Life, Unaging (80%)
Pocket Ship nature 33air 2215naturegem10airgem
This ship has two sizes, big (but not super big) and pocket-sized.
Sailing (4/200)
Moonvine Bracelet nature 33astral 1115naturegem5astralpearl
They say this thing looks nicer than a tiny wreath while you should be sleeping.
nature 11 boost, Retinue of 1 Vine Man
Blood Pendant blood 2210bloodslave
Actual bloodstones are black with flecks of red, so this probably isn't one of those.
STR +1, Darkvision 50, Far Caster 1 (Blood)
The Black Heart blood 2210bloodslave
It's the heart of a chain-smoking Assassin! Don't drop it once you take it!
MOR +2, Assassin (DOES NOT MAKE YOU STEALTHY), Unlootable, applies Chest Wound, not for Inanimates
The Heart of Quickness blood 22fire 1110bloodslave5firegem
This artificial heart replaces your original, slow-pumping one. It might be bugged, by the way. No refunds!
MM +12, CR +5, PR -5, Reinvigoration +2, Quickness, Fast Aging +2, Unlootable, applies Chest Wound, not for Inanimates
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