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List of Trinkets

Trinkets are Magic Items you can craft without Research. These are the generic ones.

One-Handed Weapons

Fire Sword fire 115firegem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) isn't on Fire, but it does do a bit more damage than other Sword trinkets.
SLASH, DMG 10, ATT +1, DEF +1
Ice Sword water 115watergem Cheap for MA Caelum!
This Broad Sword (Length 1) doesn't do Cold Damage, but it does have good Defense!
SLASH, DMG 6, ATK +1, DEF +3
Blacksteel Sword earth 115earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This Broad Sword (Length 1) gives you a superior attack boost and good balance elsewhere.
SLASH, DMG 9, ATK +2, DEF +2
Enchanted Sword astral 115astralpearl
This Broad Sword (Length 1) is straight-up worse than Blacksteel, but we can't all have Earth.
SLASH, DMG 8, ATT +1, DEF +2
Ice Lance water 115watergem Cheap for MA Caelum!
This Light Lance (Length 3, Charge bonus) provides some ability, at least.
Enchanted Spear astral 115astralpearl
A Spear (Length 3) with good stats is a surprisingly-rare thing.
Hardwood Club nature 115naturegem
This Club (Length 1) isn't super exceptional, at least when compared to other Trinkets, but it bonks.
BLUNT, DMG 5, ATT +1, DEF +1
Sling of Accuracy air 115airgem
This Sling (15 shots) might actually hit something. It also has 33% more range than other Slings.
BLUNT, DMG 12, PRE +5, RANGE 40, 1/3 STR added to Damage

Double-Handed Weapons

Enchanted Pike astral 115astralpearl
Does this Pike (Length 5) give you survivability against arrows? Not really. It can hit, though.


Blacksteel Tower Shield earth 115earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This Tower Shield (not for Mounted guys) provides excellent protection against shots, but is quite heavy.
PROT 23, PARRY 9, DEF -2, ENC +2
Blacksteel Kite Shield earth 115earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This Kite Shield (usable by Mounted guys) is thicker than the Tower Shield, but it provides less coverage.
PROT 29, PARRY 8, DEF -2, ENC +2
Enchanted Shield astral 115astralpearl
This Round Shield (usable by Mounted guys) is reasonably effective for its low weight.
PROT 17, PARRY 7, DEF -1, ENC +1
Raw Hide Shield nature 115naturegem
Some might appreciate that this Hide Shield (usable by Mounted guys) has no drawbacks.


Blacksteel Helmet earth 115earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
For a Helmet (no ENC), this thing's protection is astounding.
Enchanted Helmet astral 115astralpearl
This Helmet (no ENC) lets you dress up as a historically-accurate Viking.


Blacksteel Plate earth 115earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This Plate Cuirass isn't that much better than the rest, but not everyone starts with one.
PROT 17, DEF -1, ENC +2, MM -2
Blacksteel Full Plate earth 2210earthgem Cheap for MA Ulm!
This is actually lighter than standard Full Plate Mail, but that stuff is quite rare. Its Map Movement penalty is the same.
PROT 24, DEF -3, ENC +4, MM -6
Enchanted Ring Mail Armor astral 115astralpearl
This Ring Mail Hauberk is just as heavy as the standard, but it doesn't impede Map Movement.
PROT 13, DEF -1, ENC +1
Berserker Pelt nature 115naturegem
These Furs make you rush into the melee right away. Don't put them on your Mages, even though they're light!


Boots of Water Walking water 115watergem
These let you cross Rivers at any time, regardless of the Temperature on either side.
Boots of Long Strides nature 115naturegem
These double your movement speed in battle, and provide a lesser-but-still-needed boost outside it.
MM +6, Swiftness 100

Miscellaneous Items

Ring of Fire fire 115firegem
This adds Fire Resistance, and a lot of it; you might want a little more, though.
FR +15
Ring of Tamed Lightning air 115airgem
This adds Shock Resistance, enough to brave Lightning Bolts.
SR +15
Ring of Frost water 115watergem
This adds Cold Resistance, enough to tank a Frozen Heart.
CR +15
Bear Claw Talisman earth 11nature 115earthgem5naturegem
This grants a significant boost to damage output, and is supposed to make you a dude.
STR +5, Morale +2
Rabbit Foot Charm astral 115astralpearl
This will protect you from the first thing to damage you each turn, as long as it's not an instakill.
Twist Fate
Skull Talisman death 115deathgem
This will give you a nationally-Reanimated Longdead protector at all times, and the means to lead it.
Undead Leadership +5, Retinue of 1 nationally-available Longdead
Snake Ring nature 115naturegem
This adds Poison Resistance, enough to handle all but the nastiest of sources, and an icky finger.
PR +30, Poison Touch Spell
Slave Collar blood 115bloodslave
This makes Commanders braver and Assassins calmer, but don't put it on Mages! It won't come off!
Morale +20, Patience +1, adds Feeblemind, Unlootable
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