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There's plenty of hotkeys to navigate Dominions 5 through the keyboard or access otherwise hidden functions. Most of them can be found in-game by pressing ? at different screens. This page tries to list all of them.

On the map screen

Key Function
b bid for mercenaries
c view casualty report
d recruit province defence
e end turn
f fort info
h hide menu
i show province history
m read messages
o temple and dominion
r recruit units
t transfer units
ctrl+t transfer units among selected commanders
v view battle
y transfer units among those going to selected province
a select / deselect all
n next
j previous
+,- scroll
return deselect all
>,< grow or shrink commander tokens
shift click select range
ctrl click add to (or remove from) selection
alt click add all of same type
alt+shift click add all of same magic skills
ctrl+home select pretender
alt+home select prophet
Statistics and magic screens
F1 nation overview
F2 score graphs
F3 hall of fame
F4 pretenders of the world
F5 research
F6 global enchantments
F7 magic resource treasury
F8 magic item treasury
Map View
right click select province
arrows scroll map
home go to capital
end zoom x0.5
ins zoom to cover whole screen
del zoom to view entire map
pgup,ctrl+up zoom in
pgdn, ctrl+down zoom out
#,g go to province number
Map Filters
1 flags and forts
2 armies
3 dominion
ctrl+3 dominion candles
4 income box
5 thrones & events
6 my troops in allied provinces
8 province connections
ctrl + 8 show impassable province connections too
9 province names
ctrl + 9 province numbers
0 labs, temples and magic sites
Unit Orders
space menu
A reanimate, call spirits
B blood hunt
C cast ritual spell
D defend
E break siege
F forge item
G call god
I assassinate
J seduce
K blood sacrifice
L pillage
M monthly ritual
O monthly forge
P preach
Q capture slaves
R research
S search for magic sites
T storm castle
U summon allies
V pool blood slaves
W wait
X patrol
Z send all blood slaves to lab
click map move or sneak to province
ctrl + click map move to province (don't sneak)
alt + click map set multi move destination

On the Army Setup screen

Key Function
Unit Selection (Hold mouse over a squad)
a select all units in a squad
c select all crippled units in a squad
d select all diseased units in a squad
e select all experienced units in a squad
l select all limping units in a squad
s select all starving units in a squad
w select all wounded units in a squad
alt+click select all of same type
double click select all of same type
shift+click select a range of units
ret deselect all units
Battle Orders (Hold mouse over a battle order)
a attack
c cast
d advance and cast
e fire and keep distance
f fire
g guard commander
h hold and attack
j hold and fire
n none
r retreat
s stay behind troops
x repeat last order (for commanders)
q/del delete orders
ctrl + 1-9 copy order
1-9 paste order
ctrl + s view saved orders
Battle Order Targets
A archers
C closest
M large monsters
N no special target
R rear
p put selected units in garrison
z hide/show researchers
Tab show afflictions
< zoom down
> zoom up
esc exit screen

On the Transfer item screen

l put in the lab
d delete item

Undocumented hotkeys

  • Network games list: Hover mouse over a game and press delete to remove it from the game list.
  • Map: Ctrl+m: show movement costs at each province.
  • Map: Ctrl+o: move commander to province number.
  • In combat: Ctrl+c: Show combat round and position info.
  • Selecting an age for a new game: e, m and l chooses early, middle and late ages.
  • In the Lab Shift+drag to move items around.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I accidentally turned off the UI! How do I get it back?
    • Press h
  • How do I remove games from the network games list?
    • Hover mouse over a game and press delete.
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