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The capital of a nation is usually its most valuable province. It can identified by having the same name as the nation (i.e. "Ermor" for MA Ermor, etc.). A nation always starts with a capital province with a fort of the appropriate level for the age, unless otherwise specified.

Population & Income

The capital's province population, resources and gold income are not affected by the terrain of the province. Unless the nation has a specific effect reducing the starting population it always has 10 * (2950 + closed d100), so between 29500 and 30500 population, and 78 to 82 resources.

Magic Sites

A capital province never starts with undiscovered magic sites, so site searching there is useless. Events may add additional sites during the game.


Many nations have special recruitment opportunities in their capital. These are visible on their special capital magic site(s). Another nation conquering another capital province does not get access to these recruitment opportunities.

Pretender Awakening and Recall

Upon awakening or being recalled, a pretender always (re)spawns in their nation's capital province, even if it is owned by another nation. If the capital is under siege when the pretender appears they join inside the fort. If the capital is owned by another nation they spawn outside the fort and fight the province defense and any patrolling armies. If the pretender wins they place the province under siege.

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