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Unit Age

Commanders and other units age one year every time Late Winter comes around, i.e. every 12th turn. At a certain age, called the max-age, they gain the Old Age attribute:

  • (Str -x, Att -x, Def -x, Prec -x/2, Enc +x, HP -5%*x, CS -5%*x, MM -2x)

x is (potentially) calculated with: x = (current_age / max_age - 1) / 0.2 and rounded up.

So basically for every 20% of age rounded up the unit is over the max age, the unit gets one "stack" of old age. For basic humans, this starts at 50 years and increases every 10 years.

(ie. Old Age(65/44) = 48% over old age (x=3) = (Str-3, Att-3, Def-3, Prec-1, Enc +3, HP -15%, CS-15%, MM-6))

They also risk gaining an affliction every late winter, including deadly diseases.

Recuperation cannot heal afflictions from units suffering from old age.

Some units start with old age and most of the time will be shown in the recruitment screen. This can sometimes be false, as it doesn't factor in age modifiers like magic sites or random paths.


Random paths (shown as ) are not shown in a unit's starting age on the preview. This is because their effect depends on whether the path turns out to be a Priest level or a regular Mage level; which isn't actually an issue in unmodded Dominions 5, but still. Both Mage and Priest levels will increase your starting age, but only the type that increases it the most will be factored in. The impact of levels on age is then determined by the unit's max age, ignoring changes brought by Magic paths or sites at this step, adjusting max ages to fit between 40 and 750.

For standard humans, who have a max age of 50 (without magic messing with it),

  • The addition from each Mage level is the unit's max age divided by 7, so a Mage level adds 7.14 years.
  • The addition from each Priest level is the unit's max age divided by 5, so a Priest level adds 10 years.
  • However, if the added level doesn't make the added age from that profession (Mage or Priest) higher than the added age from the other profession, then the added level has no effect.

You see this in MA Uruk, where the Entu (max age 50) with water 11astral 22holy 33random1100%
has a somewhat-accurate preview regardless of what the 100% path random becomes (since 7.14 × 4 = 28.56 while 10 × 3 = 30), but has around 5-6 years added on with their 10% random (since 7.14 × 5 = 35.7). The dividers are different for different max age brackets, by the way; they're 9 and 6 for units with a max age between 199 and 400 (not inclusive), and they're 12 and 8 for units with a max age of 400 or greater.

After these calculations, whatever is added to the starting age by Mage-or-Priest levels is given a random multiplier that is decided by what is added, the rate of aging (i.e. from sites, traits, and the Unaging Bless), and a roll. The math here is tough to understand, but the multiplier seems to be between 70% and 130% without aging modifiers.

Max Age Modifiers

A unit's max age is modified by the following (though only the first that applies is used):

  • Demons have their max age increased by 50% per point of Blood magic.
  • Undead creatures have their max age increased by 50% per point of Death magic.
  • Inanimate creatures have their max age increased by 50% per point of Earth magic.
  • Living units, i.e. not inanimate, undead or demon, has their max age increased by 50% per point of Nature magic.
    • Living units also have their max age reduced 5% per point of Fire magic.

Tricks and Gotchas

FIXME boosters/empower to remove old age or make recuperation work, accidental F old-age, old age making non-old-age afflictions unhealable

There are ways to "cure" old age.

  • The Unaging Nature Bless. Note that this won't always be enough to make sacreds start young. Testing it with your nation is advised. It will still likely reduce the old age penalties, or allow nature randoms to start without the tag.
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