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Immobile Commanders and Units

Immobile commanders and units cannot move between provinces. Immobile commanders can only be moved by casting Teleport. Examples of immobiles include some pretenders like the Monolith and Fountain of Blood, who are often cheaper than mobile pretenders. Some summons such as Jinn Blocks and Keledones are also immobile.

Immobile commanders cannot break a siege or storm, but they can patrol. Immobile commanders are also immune to seduction.

The only immobile units are Keledones, Watchers and immobile commanders who have been turned into units with e.g. Enslave Mind. Note that the Mod Inspector often mistakenly shows immobiles as having non-zero map move, but you can always see that they have the immobile tag.

Note that it is possible to have map move zero without having the immobile tag. Immobile creatures are the only ones allowed by the game to have no melee attacks.

Moving Immobiles

As mentioned, an immobile commander can move by casting Teleport. Trying to cast the other teleporting spellsGateway, Astral Travel, Faery Trod and Stygian Paths – just give the message that your commander "is unable to cast this spell right now".

If the commander is not size 6, ethereal or has high earth paths, a friendly mage can also move it with Wind Ride. Immobile commanders can also be snatched by Winged Monkeys, but as the monkeys can only target hostile commanders, this is of limited use.

Immobile units can, non-intuitively, follow a long a Stygian Paths caster, but will not join any other teleporting spells. If the units are bodyguarding a commander who is targeted by Wind Ride, there is also a chance that they will be moved with the target.

True Immobile

A small number of pretenders are not only immobile, but are also unteleportable or true immobile, and cannot be moved by most rituals. The exceptions to this are using Wind Ride (though they must not be size 6 or have earth 44 or higher) or a wish for "friends" randomly choosing the province they're in.

The only true immobiles as of patch 5.42 are the Monument, God Block, Stone Huaca, Betyl of the Sun, Betyl of Writing and Betyl of the Stars.

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