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Loggy's Afflictions and Healing reverse engineering notes

Looks like there is a defined (and unintuitive) order to healing afflictions.

There's some other stuff that seems to prevent units being healed but I don't know what that is about.

  1. Battle fright, 50%
  2. Feeblemind, 25%
  3. Dementia, 50% heal rate, only healed if unit is not feebleminded as well
  4. Disease, 50%
  5. Crippled, 25%
  6. Blind, 25%, only if lost head not also suffered
  7. One lost eye, 50%, only if lost head not also suffered
  8. Weakness, 50%
  9. Mute, 25%, only if unknown lost head not also suffered
  10. Lost head, 20%
  11. Lost weapon/bodypart (affliction 16), 25%
  12. One lost arm, 25%
  13. One lost eye, 50%, another chance
  14. Chest wound, 50%
  15. Limp, 50%
  16. Never healing wound, 10%

Gaining Afflictions when Damaged

  1. Calculate (damage done*1000)/max(unit's max hp, unit's current hp after taking the damage). Call this Value 1 and keep it for later.
  2. Calc value 2: Multiply value 1 by the value of unknown unit effect 0x12d (I have no idea what this does). Then divide this by 100.
  3. Final affliction value: Add 1 and 2 together
  4. If cursed, add 150 to this sum
  5. If active regen percentage is greater than 5, the value instead becomes (value * 100)/(regen percentage * 20)
  6. Get affliction resistance. If liquid body is active, add 1 to this.
  7. If (100/(affliction res + 1)) < random 0-99, set the value to 5.
  8. If the final value is 5 or less, set it to 5.
  9. First random roll: if the final value is not greater than a random number 0-999, do nothing. Otherwise, you get some kind of affliction (of which there are two different applying functions I don't yet know the difference between)

Practically, this means that regen reduces affliction chance to (500/regen %) percent.

God recall

(v5.53) God recall and a few other processes use a different procedure.

  1. Soul slay is always removed
  2. Battle fright is always removed
  3. Feeblemind is always removed
  4. Dementia has a 75% chance to be removed
  5. Disease is always removed
  6. 75% to downgrade cripple to limp
  7. If cripple wasn't downgraded this time, 25% to cure limp
  8. If you aren't blind or you're on a chassis with uncurable blind: 50% to cure a lost eye, so long as lost eye is also not uncurable
  9. If you are blind and your chassis is not uncurable blind, 90% to heal blind
  10. 50% to cure weakness
  11. 75% to cure mute
  12. 50% to cure chest wound
  13. 75% to cure one lost arm, so long as lost arm isn't uncurable
  14. 75% to cure lost weapon/bodypart
  15. Lost head always removed
  16. 10% to cure never healing wound
  17. Any uncurable afflictions are forcefully readded at the end

Lost bodypart/weapon

Candidate Affliction Name Effect
Gorgon Lost a few snakes Converts Snake Hair#358 to #38, going from 5 attacks to 3
Kraken Lost a tentacle Loses one Tentacle#85 attack
Removed unit #462 Lost his stinger Lose stinger#144
Abomination Lost some tentacles Seemingly removes weapon 63, which the abomination doesn't even have
Phoenix Beak chopped off Replace beak with useless kick
Treelords Lost some good attacking branches Lose one branch attack
Void Lord Lost his life draining tentacle Loses life drain tentacle
Scorpion King Lost his pincers Loses pincers
Units whose first two weapons include Barbed Tail#68 Tail chopped off Lose barbed tail attack
Units whose third weapon is sleep vines Lost some sleep vines Lose sleep vine attack
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