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Exe strings dump

I'll dump this string dump from pencils here. A project for whoever Wishes would be to go through and test these, figure out what they give and put them in the right row on the main page. –Timotej

nothing cancel to die my death a swift death divine power divine authority strength physic hitpoint hit point defense defence attack stronger power magical power magic power magic skill magic master magic might ultimate power armageddon genocide world everyone everything slaves blood uncurse remove curse removed horror scary monster troops military units militia provinces lands large nation supply supplies broth starv population people populace enemies friends peasants commoners pretender leader experience combat skill fighting skill artefact artifact sword staff Staff of Storms weapon Sword of Sharpness money wealth riches silver copper dough something anything whatever

"I think it ends here but the next part is also interesting: enchmight (%d %d) %d Longdead Soulless Ghoul summonbonus mnr %d = %d demon throne verdant throne ice throne throne of darkness twisted pillar"

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