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In Dominions Resistances can refer to three types of resistances:

  1. Magic Resistance (MR) helps protect a unit against spells or abilities with the Magic Resistance Negates keyword.
  2. Elemental Resistances protect against elemental sources of damage. Elemental resistance can be either Fire Resistance (FR), Shock Resistance (SR), Cold Resistance (CR) or Poison Resistance (PR).
  3. Physical Resistances halve damage, rounded up, from physical sources of damage which can be either Blunt, Slash or Pierce.

A key element in winning battles in Dominions is to mitigate your opponent's damage output by making sure your armies have access to the appropriate resistances. Resistances can be applied through taking a resistance bless, buffing your troops with magic spells that grant resistance, fielding units with inherent resistances and, in the case of commanders, equipping items that grant resistances. To learn more go the respective resistance page.

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