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This guide started in January 2020 as one of the earliest pages on the wiki. I (Maerlande) frankly forgot all about it but have since been prompted to start it up again.

My purpose for this page is to provide a first stop for someone who has just bought the game. I was working with some goals:

  1. avoid all jargon, acronyms or shorthand language
  2. be sure to discuss each feature or even each click you make when starting play
  3. minimize opinion and make this generic information
  4. use a structure that this page is limited to basic information but freely link pages with more depth. Some examples are already in place such as more map information.

For a structure, I was literally starting up Dominions 5 with no mods loaded and the bare game. And the writing each step down as I made it. I think that's a valid basic structure. As a very long time player, I find it easy to jump past steps a beginner may need to know. As mentioned on Discord, I have put a rough section in place to move the discussion from single player to multiplayer. Multiplayer is a large topic and may need a new page.

It would be very helpful if any new players put questions here so they can be added to the outline and answered.


I think it would be useful to mention the map filters and nation summary menus, even if just to let new players know to press ? so they can see the options. They are extremely helpful and not obvious.

Talk about Gems, you probably want to include the basics of site searching and casting rituals, maybe crafting and combat spells as well.

Talk about Buildings, how to make them and what they do, you mention laboratories for research but that's it so far.

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