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Mekone Discussion

This page was created by Eerywax to keep track of changes I am making to the Mekone page. Since it's less about adding info, but rephrasing things, I wanted to keep a record of what was said before so that I'm not just taking liberties with someone else's work, and it can be reverted if need be. I'll put the original versions here, anotated with italics where I plan to rephrase things. Small changes like removing an 's' I won't mention.

General Overview

Mekone is a nation of Hoplite giants on a personal crusade against other gods and uses the dispised human as slaves chaff. Anything good in Mekone is expensive, and money can be hard to gather.

Although they try to compete with other giant nations like Niefelheim and Hinnom, but are nerfed by how gold caped you are even before adding the Unrest, limited recruitment*, and expensive forts. Your Also strapped for end game magic.

  • *Changed to explain the limits on recruitment and (sorcery) magic paths rather than listing much of their problems at the beginning of the page. Just to not discourage people from trying them, even if the consensus is they suck.

National Features

All forts cause unrest. In addition every Autumn, The Krypteion event chain happens. Your forted Provence gains +15 unrest, and if you have a Ephor there, then -40 or -50 unrest and a small chunk of the population is removed until the Krypteion ends and spawns a Kryptes at the end of the chain.

  • Reformatted into list, added "passively" to the first form of unrest mentioned. Added sub=header for Krypteion
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