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Temperature fluctuates away from the temperature set in pretender creation according to the season. In general winter will reduce temperature by 1 and summer will increase it by 1. In midwinter and midsummer temperature will decrease/increase by an additional scale. Because of these fluctuations temperature does not consistently cause its income loss effects of 5% per scale. Over a period of 12 months, you will suffer the following province income loss if you are at your preferred temperature.

Nation preference Cold scales3 Cold scales2 Cold scales1 Heat scales0 Heat scales1 Heat scales2 Heat scales3
Base income loss 1.67% 2.92% 3.33% 3.33% 3.33% 2.92% 1.67%

These seasonal changes also causes the amount of income you lose per scale taken to be inconsistent. You can find the approximate amount of income you lose by inspecting the table below. If you choose the column that corresponds to your nation's heat preference you can see the income you lose from going up or down a single scale. For example, a nation with a Heat1 preference going from Heat1 to Heat2 will lose about 2.08% income, and an additional 2.92% for going from Heat2 to Heat3

Nation Preference
Cold scales3 Cold scales2 Cold scales1 Heat scales0 Heat scales1 Heat scales2 Heat scales3
Scale Cold scales3 Base -1.25% -2.92% -3.75% -4.50% -3.75% -3.75%
Cold scales2 -3.75% Base -2.08% -3.75% -4.58% -4.58% -4.58%
Cold scales1 -4.58% -2.92% Base -2.50% -4.17% -5.00% -5.00%
Heat scales0 -5.00% -4.17% -2.50% Base -2.50% -4.17% -5.00%
Heat scales1 -5.00% -5.00% -4.17% -2.50% Base -2.92% -4.58%
Heat scales2 -4.58% -4.58% -4.58% -3.75% -2.08% Base -3.75%
Heat scales3 -3.75% -3.75% -4.50% -3.75% -2.92% -1.25% Base

Note that because scales are multiplicative, not additive, this table is just an approximation(See the FAQ below for more details)

For Underwater Provinces

NONE OF THE ABOVE APPLIES UNDERWATER. For regular Seas, only the Midsummer and Midwinter deviate temperature scales, by Heat1 and Cold1 respectively. For Deep Seas, the seasons don't have any effect.

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