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Wiki Future Plans and Dreams

This is a list of future plans and dreams for the wiki and Illwiki site. If you have an interesting or useful idea, please feel free to just add it to the list, or edit an idea, or flesh one out.

  • an "FAQ-with-tags" system that lets us enter tagged questions and answers. Then the pages can list FAQs with relevant tags, and questions can show up on multiple relevant pages.
  • games have wiki pages with start dates, end dates, who won, etc. maybe?
  • research diaries / lab reports. a namespace to put experiments, such as tests on how much luck vs. growth affect income, calculations on how temperature scales affect income, tests on how likely it is that storm power gives the boost if a spell is cast just when storm goes off, etc. The conclusions from such tests would be put into other articles, but details could be useful to record, especially for poorly-understood mechanics.
  • Set up a Call of Elysium 4 wiki when the dom5 one is further along
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