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Style Guideline & Syntax

To make an amazing wiki , we try to keep a consistent style between the pages. For the nation pages, you can use the EA Ulm and Lanka pages as a reference. Try to keep that style and layout on the other nations.

In general, you can edit a page and see the syntax used there. If you use the preview button, you don't have to worry about messing anything up. If you'd like to, you could check out the entire syntax available at the syntax page. There's a couple dominons-specific extensions and syntaxes you can use too. Feel free to play around by editing the playground page.

The very first thing on each page should be a top-level heading containing the page's actual title (e.g. this page's ====== How to Contribute ======). This title is used automatically at a couple places in the wiki.

Any page can be divided into sections and subsections using ===== Section ===== and ==== Subsection ==== . These will automatically be added to a Table of Content dividers.



<WRAP box 800px center> ==== Mechanics Highlight ==== Math and other mechanics that needs highlighting should be presented in a centered box like this </WRAP>

Mechanics Highlight

Math and other mechanics that needs highlighting should be presented in a centered box like this

Writing Style

A few tips on writing style blatantly copied from the Paradox wikis.

  1. Write objectively, not in the first person.
    • Correct: Jotunheim has the option to focus on scales instead of a bless.
    • Incorrect: I always take scales on Jotunheim.
  2. Use a third person narrative when possible.
    • Correct: Troubadours give the Marignon player access to enemy score graphs.
    • Incorrect: You can use troubadours to get access to enemy score graphs.
  3. Use a semi-formal register.
    • Correct: It's recommended for … to attack a neighbour early.
    • Incorrect: … should obviously attack their neighbour at turn 8 at the latest.
  4. Dominions allow for limitless possibilities.
    • Correct: Ashdod can be played in several different ways…
    • Incorrect: The best way to play Ashdod is to go awake Quickness Regeneration and tank all your scales…
  5. Write in general, abstract terms.
    • Correct: Having access to stealthy sacred cavalry gives Vanheim a strategic flexibility…
    • Incorrect: Build exactly 4 Vans, use them to attack this province, etc…

Attribute wording

Note, for defense skill this wording does not apply for mounted units or units with shields. This wording is to describe units not commanders/mages.

Attack Skill/Defense Skill/Magic Resistance/Morale Description
<8 abysmal/terrible/worthless
8-9 below average/poor/bad/low
10-11 average/bland
12-13 good/decent/above average
14-15 elite/great/high
>15 amazing/superb/fantastic/godlike
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