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this is a work in progress. your input is most welcome! 7thPath on discord

Typically in communions, once your slaves reach 200 fatigue they start taking damage when masters cast spells and soon die. In turbo communions, your means of keeping your slaves alive is not to keep fatigue low. Rather you let your fatigue climb to 200 and deal with the damage using regeneration. The cannonical chassis for turbo communion batteries is the Skratti.

Part 1: Regen. The werewolf form is accessed by the "Change shape" command and has 53 HP and regenerates at 10% for 6 HP/round. Jotunheim and Niefelheim get Irminsul, the preeminent Regen pretender chassis. So slap a shroud of the battle saint on a werewolf once you reach construction 4 for another 10% regen bumping us up to 12 HP per round. It is expensive but you can also put a ring of regeneration for +10%. Finally, you can cast personal regen with a communion or sabbath master for a grand total of 40% regen and 24 HP per round. This can be improved further with coral blades (construction 2) which give +8 HP and +4 HP per combat round for 30 HP per round.

Part 2: Number of masters.

Beware of using small numbers of these batteries. The fatigue a master gets from casting a spell is divided evenly among herself and the slaves. So if you have one slave, you're only avoiding 50% of the fatigue going to the master. With two slaves, the master receives only 33%, and so forth. So bear in mind that although a single battery can support 30 masters in theory, it's not always good to do so. Finally, masters get a boost to their magic paths equal to 2^n where 'n' is the number of slaves. So e.g. at 2, 4, and 8 slaves you get +1, +2, and +3 path boost, respectively.

Part 3: The demo.

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