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Gem Generator

This icon, which is abysmally small in-game due to the blank space it gets, gives Commanders real Gems each turn.

One who has it will receive the specified Gems each turn (FIXME about Turn Order), directly into their inventory, even when near a Lab.

This is not a common trait; some Artifacts give it, and several Pretender forms have it innately, but your other options are slim.

  • Sea Kings generate 1watergem each turn. They cost 55watergem each, however, not to mention their Upkeep.
  • One of the three Earth Kings generates 1earthgem each turn. Each attempt to get him costs 50earthgem, however, not to mention the path investment.
  • One of the Arch Devils generates 1firegem each turn. There are five Arch Devils, however.
  • Two of the Demon Lords generate 3bloodslave each turn, but those are Blood Slaves.
  • Late-Age Arcoscephale always gets two Water-Priests that each generate 1watergem each turn. Not very fair, if you ask me.
  • Late-Age Phlegra's capital will eventually spit out someone who generates 2firegem each turn, and they get another if they find another Volcano.
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