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A unit with this ability may reincarnate upon death. Whether they reincarnate into the same or different form (or at all) depends on a number of factors explored by Loggy, but the main takeaways are:

  • Reincarnation can only occur inside the reincarnating unit's pretender's dominion.
  • Reincarnation delivers the reincarnating unit to their pretender's home citadel.
  • Units can reincarnate even if Soul-Slayed, and recover from Afflictions much like a Pretender being recalled.
  • Units need to have a certain level of Experience for a chance to come back as a unit; at least 11 XP and no greater than 99, with 40-to-50 XP being the surest bet.
    • The number in brackets after this ability's name indicates the chance of a successful reincarnation after the unit's Experience is checked; it's the maximum percent chance of coming back as a unit.
    • With Experience higher than 50, there is a chance of the Reincarnating unit returning as a point of Dominion somewhere on the map instead of returning as a unit; this is guaranteed to happen if your XP is 100 or higher. On top of that, if any of the reincarnating unit's magic paths exceed its Pretender's magic paths, there is a chance the unit will boost one such magic path for the pretender as well.

The Path to Reincarnation

Numerous dice rolls are involved in deciding what happens.

First the universe checks if your unit becomes one with their Pretender. A 1d50 roll is made against the unit's XP minus 49, winning ties; if the roll wins, your unit doesn't become one with their Pretender.

If the unit does become one with their Pretender, a 1d8 is rolled to pick a random Arcane Magic path. The level that unit has in the resulting path is then set against their Pretender's level in that path. A 1d3 roll is made against the unit's level, plus one, minus the Pretender's level; if the roll loses, winning ties like the last roll, the Pretender gains a +1 level boost in that path.

No matter what happens, if the unit does become one with their Pretender, they generate another Temple check for their Dominion that turn; this effectively adds another Dominion candle somewhere on the map, unless the Dominion is already at its limit or especially weak.

If the unit does not become one with their Pretender, the universe checks if it deserves to reincarnate. First a 1d30 roll is made against the unit's XP minus 9, winning ties. If this first roll loses, a separate 1d100 roll is tossed against the value of their Reincarnation trait to determine if the unit will actually do it; if this second roll wins, your unit does reincarnate.

If the unit does reincarnate, by succeeding in that first large roll, failing the second, and succeeding in the third, it heals Afflictions as a Pretender being recalled would. Its form is then picked from one of three "castes", decided by smaller rolls.

Caste 1: The Lowest

A 1d4 is rolled to see whether or not the unit is eligible for Caste 1; I suppose the same judge doesn't handle all of these cases. If this is a 1, the universe checks how many the unit has directly killed (their kill stat, listed in their XP menu), adds 1 to it, and compares it to another 1d4 roll; if the roll wins, and it always wins ties, the unit is reincarnated as a member of Caste 1.

It should be noted that Late Arcoscephale has a different list of Reincarnation forms from the other three nations that have Reincarnating units; Caste 1 for them is the Bandar, while Caste 1 for the Monkey Kingdoms is the Markatas. Alternatively, Reincarnating non-Commanders have a 1-in-3 chance to come back as an utterly-unequipped Vanara.

Caste 2: The "Highest"

If the unit is not eligible for Caste 1, or was eligible for Caste 1 but won their roll, another 1d4 roll is done against their kill stat plus 1; if this roll loses, and it always wins ties, the unit is reincarnated as a member of Caste 2.

For Late Arcoscephale, Caste 2 is Mankind, specifically the Hoplite or Hypaspist Commanders. For the Monkey Kingdoms, Caste 2 is the Bandar.

Caste 3: Yourself

Those who stay out of Caste 1 and win their roll for staying out of Caste 2 get reincarnated as a member of Caste 3; their form before dying, to be specific. Is this reincarnation, or resurrection? Probably somewhere in between.

Caste 3 is the only Caste that lets you keep your Magic paths, by the way. Commanders who reincarnate into Caste 1 or Caste 2 lose theirs. A mage with Reincarnation thus needs to have fewer than 3 kills if they wish to return as a mage, though they'll still risk the 25%-at-most chance of returning as something less than ideal.

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