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Damage tags

Any attack may have one or more properties that alter the damage roll or apply additional effects to the target besides reducing hit points.

Armor Negating

Armor Negating completely ignores the target's Protection. Depending on the damage type, effects such as elemental and physical resistances still apply.

Armor Piercing

Armor Piercing reduces the target's protection by 50%. This stacks with piercing damage for a combined reduction of 60%.

Fatigue Damage

Adds to the target's fatigue instead of lowering their hit points, though hit point damage from excessive fatigue will apply. Elemental resistance counts double against fatigue damage of their respective element.


The damage is considered from a magical source. Etherealness and invulnerability do not apply.

Life Drain

Life drain restores the attacker's hit points by half the damage inflicted, and fatigue by double the damage inflicted. Inanimate units can steal life, but not have life stolen from them.

Partial Life Drain

As Life Drain, but is capped at 5 points of life draining.

Paralysis damage

Rather than dealing hit point damage, the damage is instead converted into some number of rounds of paralysis. Repeated applications of paralysis deal small amounts of hit point damage.

Soul slaying

This applies the same effect as the damage-tags spell meaning that resurrection effects like Twiceborn or Phoenix Pyre do not work.

Ignores Shields

Many spells and effects have the Ignores Shields tag, meaning Shield Protection will be set to 0 when making the Protection roll.

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