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Elemental Resistances and Vulnerabilities

Fire resistance
Shock resistance
Cold resistance
Poison resistance

Fire vulnerability
Shock vulnerability
Cold vulnerability
Poison vulnerability

Elemental Resistance is one of three types of resistances in the game, the others being Physical Resistances and Magic Resistance. There are four elemental resistances and, correspondingly, four elemental vulnerabilities

The elemental resistances provide a flat reduction to the elemental damage suffered. The appropriate resistance ability reduces fatigue damage by double these values– like the damage from heat and chill auras. There may be exceptions to this.

The damage reduction takes place after DRN is rolled but before any multipliers are added. This is most commonly the case with Fire spells that often do Fire AP (armor piercing) damage.

  • E.g. a unit with 5 FR and 20 prot is hit with 20 Fire + AP damage. First the damage is reduced to 15 because of the Fire Resistance. The unit ends up taking (15 - 20/2 = ) 5 damage.

FIXME Someone confirm this calculation

Elemental vulnerablities double the relevant damage received, with the maximum increase being the size of the vulnerability. In the case of poison damage, only the initial poisoning is affected, rather than each subsequent poison tick.

When considering capped damage, vulnerability to the relevant damage type does not increase the damage cap. For example, 1 capped armor negating shock damage can never deal more than 1 damage, even to a unit with shock vulnerability.

Buffing Elemental Resistances

Just like MR, Elemental Resistances can be buffed in a number of ways:

  • A bless can give access to increased resistances.
  • Items can provide elemental resistances. Note that duplicates do not stack, while resistance from different items do stack.
  • Certain thrones can provide elemental resistances, such as the Throne of Thorns (+10 PR).
  • A number of spells provide elemental resistances. These spells provide either +5 or +10 elemental resistance. Note that spells that provide the same amount of elemental resistance do not stack, but a +10 spell will stack with a +5 spell. I.e. if a commander casts Protection from Lightning and is then buffed with Ground Army they get a total of +15 SR.
  • A mage with fire 33+, air 33+, water 33+ or nature 33+ will get a small bonus to elemental resistance against the corresponding element.

When buffing resistances with spells it is important to be aware of the quirks of the Dominions casting AI. Before casting a spell the casting AI will take a unit's current resistance into consideration. If the AI considers the unit's elemental resistance to be high enough it may refuse to cast the resistance buffing spell.

E.g. a commander with high inherent CR (like a Jotun Skratti), a magic item that grants CR (like a Ring of Frost) or CR from a bless might skip casting Protection from Cold or Winter Ward. To avoid this it can be useful to cast battlefield-wide resistance spells or to cast resistance spells before blessing.

Spells that buff elemental resistances

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Fire resistance

+5 FR

  • Temper Flesh
  • Phoenix Power
  • Resist Fire
  • Flame Ward
  • Fire Resistance
  • Fire Fend
  • Warriors of Niefelheim
  • Army of Gold

+10 FR

  • Protection from Fire

Shock resistance

+5 SR

  • Resist Lightning
  • Thunder Ward
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Thunder Fend
  • Ground Army

+10 SR

  • Protection from Lightning

Cold resistance

+5 CR

  • Breath of Winter
  • Resist Cold
  • Winter Ward
  • Cold Resistance
  • Frost Fend
  • Warriors of Muspelheim

+10 CR

  • Protection from Cold

Poison resistance

+10 PR

  • Poison Ward
  • Serpent's Blessing
  • Purify Blood
  • Gift of the Sacred Swamp¹
  • Poison Resistance²

+15 PR

  • Resist Poison
  • Poison Resistance²

All resist spells

  • Elemental Fortitude
  • Gaia's Blessing

+5 FR, +5 SR, +5 CR
+5 FR, +5 SR, +5 CR, +10 PR

Spells that add elemental vulnerabilities

FIXME fill in all the different spells

Fire Vulnerability

-5 FR

  • Barkskin
  • Wooden Warriors
  • Mass Protection
  • End of Weakness¹

-10 FR

Shock Vulnerability

-5 SR

  • Ironskin
  • Army of Lead
  • Army of Gold

-10 SR

Cold Vulnerability

-5 CR

  • Stoneskin
  • Marble Warriors

-10 CR

Poison Vulnerability

-10 PR

-15 PR


¹These are national spells; only LA Pythium has Gift of the Sacred Swamp, while only EA Yomi has End of Weakness.
²Poison Resistance provides +25 PR; it effectively grants both the +10 and the +15 bonuses.

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