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Seduction is an ability which allows a stealthy commander to use the "Seduce" command while in an enemy province. If the seduce order is given, and if when it resolves in the turn order there is at least one adjacent province controlled by the player (or the seducer has the flying trait), a non-hidden enemy commander will always be found (given there is one). This commander will roll a morale check against 9 for most seducers, and up to 15 for corruptors, which is effectively better a seducer. Depending on the outcome, three things can happen:

  • the enemy commander fails the morale check; the seduction is successful and the commander is stolen by the player back to an adjacent province chosen at random among the ones controlled by the player.
  • the morale check is a draw; the assassination does not take place, the seducer stays hidden.
  • the enemy commander succeeds on his morale check; an assassination battle ensues. This means that a unit with the seduction trait can effectively serve as an assassin.

Male commanders (commanders that lack the female trait) may only seduce females, and vice versa. If a commander tries to seduce another commander of the same sex, no check occurs and an assassination battle occurs immediately.

Dream Seduction works slightly differently: There is an MR check the seducer has to pass before the morale check, where the benefit is that the morale check is stronger. The Succubus rolls against morale 15 instead of the normal 9. If the MR check fails, nothing happens compared to failing the morale check which triggers an assassination battle.

Cat Charm and Bear Claw Talisman

Cat Charm make the wearer capable of seducing males (regardless of the wearer's gender), along with a slight bonus to said seduction attempts. Bear Claw Talisman instead made the wearer capable of seducing females (regardless of the wearer's gender), along with a slight bonus to said seduction attempts.

There are a rare few units that are specifically seduction immune, like the MA T'ien Ch'i eunuch. Mindless units are immune to seduction by default, as well as pretenders.

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